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Results - 2010 USHA One-Wall Big Ball Championships - August 12-15th, 2010 - Victory Field - Queens, NY  The winner of the Men's Open Singles was PeeWee Castro defeating Han-Ching Lin in the Finals 25-6. The winner of the Women's Open Singles was Brenda Pares-Dubose defeating Karen McConney 25-7. The winners of the Men's Open Doubles were Tim "Timbo" Gonzalez and Michael Olarte defeating PeeWee Castro and Ray Lopez 25-22. The winners of the Women's Open Doubles were Karen McConney and Adrian Floyd defeating Brenda Pares-Dubose and Bernice Torres 25-15. View Full Results

Results - 2010 USHA National One-Wall Championships - August 4-8th, 2010 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY  The winner of the Men's Open Singles was Tyree Bastidas defeating Willie Polanco. The winner of the Women's Open Singles was Sandy Ng defeating Theresa McCourt. The winners of the Men's Open Doubles were PeeWee Castro and Willie Polanco defeating Giovanni "Gio" Vasquez and Joshua Garcia. The winners of the Women's Open Doubles were Sandy Ng and Danielle Daskalakis defeating Dori Ten and Barbara Canton-Jackson. View Full Results

Article - King of the Courts: Street Handball in NYC - Tuesday, July 27, 2010 - By Marlon Bishop

Results - USHA 1-Wall Northeast Regional Big Ball Championship - May 1st - 2nd, 2010 - Jordan Park, Allentown, PA

The event winners were:

Open Singles: John "Rookie" Wright

"C" Singles: Rey Pierluisse

Women's Open Singles: Sophia Murphy

Open Doubles: John "Rookie" Wright & Christopher Miranda

"C" Doubles: "Mad" Max Guzman & Luis "Lil-Louie" Justo

Women's Open Doubles: Maggie Crespo & Sophia Murphy


Results - PHA Men's "B" Doubles and Men's "C" Doubles - Saturday April 24th, 2010 - John Burns Park, Massapequa, Long Island, NY

Camacho/Fish d. Carlos R./Al G. 21-10
Jay/Jose d. Santiago/Brian 21 -13
Mike T./Nery C. d. Chris M./Anthony W. 21-18
Larry/Miguel d. Thomas G./Sean F. 21-2
Arnold/Rob d. Lefty Mikey/Paz Andre 21-12
Casey/Matt d. Lil Carlos/Butter 21-18
Ronald F/Baseball Chris d. Thomas B./Kenneth E. 21 -19
James/Ardit d. Tim P./Raphael R. 21 -7
Papaswing/Miguel d. Anthony T./Gus O. 21-16
Adam/Gabriel d. Lowveens/Micky (Bx) 21 -10
Billy/Milton d. Ray R./Corey 21-12
Jonathan Manny d. Dan R./Par 21-8
Lil Rob/Justin d. Eddie K./Kevin H 21-14
LI Baseball Chris/Mike d. Anthony/Bryan 21-20
Camacho/Fish d. Jay/Jose 21-7
Larry/Miguel G. d. Mikey/Nery 21-2
Casey/Matt d. Arnold/Rob 21-20
Ronald/Baseball Chris d. James/Ardit 21-17
Papaswing/Miguel d. Adam/Gabriel 21-17
Tyson/Will P. d. Alex/Han 21-16
Jonathan/Manny d. Billy/Milton 21-12
LI Baseball Chris/Mike d. Lil Rob/Justin 21-11
Camacho/Fish d. Larry/Miguel G 21-16
Ronald/Baseball Chris d. Casey/Matt 21-6
Tyson/Will d. Papaswing/Miguel C. 21-19
LI Baseball Chris/Mike d. Jonathan/Manny 21-9

Ronald/Baseball Chris d. Camacho/Fish 21-15
LI Baseball Chris/Mike d. Tyson/Will 21-13

The results of the C DOUBLES are as follows:
1st Round
Alex C./Chris W. d. Michael M/Chris M.
Chris M./Travis d. Johnny J./Josh M. 21-7
Oscar/Brian d. David B./Jeffrey P/ 21-11
Joe R./Brian C. d. Wallace/Pablo 21-12
Larry/David d. Danny P./Efrem R. 21-5
Troy/John d. Brian B./Frank C. 21-4
Nathaniel/Doug d. Will P./Alex M. 21-20
Angel M/Bartolo d. Matt/Will D. 21-15

2nd Round
Alex/Chris d. Chris/Travis 21-5
Joe R./ Brian C. d Oscar/Brian 21-13
Troy/John d. Larry/David 21-19
Nathaniel/Doug d. Angel/Bartolo 21-15
Joe R. /Brian d. Alex/Chris W. 21-10
Troy/John d. Nathaniel/Doug 21-8

Results - WPH Fireball Classic 1-Wall Open - April 3-4th, 2010 - Khalsa Montessori School, 3701 River Rd., Tucson, AZ   The winners were: Open Singles - Willie Polanco defeated Robert Sostre 21-3, 21-18. In the semifinals, Polanco defeated Tyree Bastidas in a thrilling tiebreaker 21-19, (11-21) and 11-9. Sostre had to comeback to defeat Emmett Peixoto (10-21), 21-11, 10-6.
Full Results

Results - Joe Amacio Memorial 1-Wall Doubles - HES, Brooklyn, NY                        The Men's winners were Cesar Sala and Joe Kaplan defeated Willie Polanco and Pee Wee Castro 25-16. The Women's winners were Danielle Daskalakis and Sandy Ng defeating Tracy Davis and Theresa McCourt 25-17.
Full Results

by S. Terio

For most people, handball is just a game played at inner city parks. The object is simple - strike the ball with either hand, keep it within the lines, and if an opponent misses or is unable to return a shot, a point is scored. Do this 21 times and you win. And it's affordable! All you need is one dollar for a ball, a pair of hands, and a wall. Fortunately, we had all of these, but what none of us knew is that when these ingredients got mixed together a strange alchemy took place and we all became a family. William Daniels, or Will as we always called him, was and always will be our brother in this family created by concrete, paint, and rubber, but held together by love. For well over 20 years we played together, laughed, loved, won and lost, supported one another, cried and hugged each other, celebrated the births of our children, ate and drank together, competed and fought with each other, and we all smiled at the end of a match, shook hands and saw each other the next day to do it all over again, because we are a family and this is what families do. Will knew this better than any of us. He could look right at you, smile warmly, and instantly you knew it was your brother welcoming you home.

Will was a gifted athlete - tall, powerfully strong and agile; he was a large and imposing figure, but no one feared him, because the source of his strength came from a peaceful heart loved and fashioned by his Creator. Will knew God well.

There are probably no walls in Heaven, but guaranteed there are handball courts, because God is a player. Why else would He have made the earth round and blue? Will, if you're playing with the angels right now, save us a next, tell them we will all be there soon when it's our turn. We love and miss you, Will , and we will never forget all you gave us. God Bless and Keep You Always.

Your Brothers and Sisters from 85th Street Park


Puerto Ricans Rock at World Handball Championships by Raquel Murphy

(This article written in 5 languages posted last week to a newsgroup for Handballers around the world) special thanks to Brenda and Bernice for letting me interview them

For the past 5 years, Brenda Pares-Dubose and Bernice Torres have been a force to be reckoned with on the asphalt courts in New York City. Their reputation as one of the best handball teams culminated with their victory at the World Handball Championships late this past year. They came together as team accidentally while practicing at an indoor handball facility in Brooklyn, New York. The two exude chemistry that repeatedly ricochets them to victory on court. “I don’t have enough fingers and toes to account for the number of times I have seen them in the finals …” stated a handball fan. During a recent interview, these ladies told me that the secret to their success is to compete against players that are better than them while never displaying fear on the court.

The journey to the Worlds began as the two veteran competitors placed as semifinalists in the 2009 USHA Big Blue Handball Championships held annually in Coney Island, Brooklyn. This qualified them to be part of Team USA’s Handball Team which competed at the Waterford World Handball Championships and Federation Cup in Portland, Oregon at the illustrious Multnomah Athletic Club with over 1000 athletes in attendance. During the World Handball Championships, the women competed in the Big Ball Women’s Doubles. In the first round, the team of Pares-Dubose/Torres annihilated ODuill/Doyle (15-3,15-3)from Ireland; they went on to defeat (Murphy/Melendez) from New York, (15-2, 15-1) in the quarter finals, and devastated Mc Conney/Vega from New York (15-2, 15-11) and rose to victory in the finals in straight sets!

Brenda Pares-Dubose an accomplish singles champion placed 2nd at this past year’s Waterford World Handball Championships to her teammate Karen McConney. Pares-Dubose greatest moments in handball include victories at the USHA nationals, Queen of the Court (largest women singles event in New York), and Mayor’s Cup (New York City Open tournament). She has competed for the last 10 years professionally, and played for fun for a total of 23 years. Her parents are from Mayaguez and San Juan. She mentioned that young girls learning the sport should …“play the sport because you have a love for the game and don't get caught up in the trash talking part of it. Play with a lot of heart, show no fear and play to prove something to yourself - not for anyone else. Most of all - enjoy yourself! Currently, Mrs. Pares-Dubois works in the trademark field for an Entertainment Law firm and resides in Staten Island, New York.

Bernice Torres a veteran of the sport has played for 26 years and competed with her partner Pares-Dubose for 9 of those years. Torres felt that her individual success came from believing in herself which proved to be true when she became a finalist in a Men’s tournament and was inevitably ousted of the amateur women’s division. When asked what advice she had for young girls starting out, she said that “anything can be accomplished when you set your mind to it”. She went on to say … “knowing what her partner next shot was going to be proved to be advantage”. Her parents are from Ponce and Vega Baja. Ms. Torres currently works as a court officer for the Unified Court system of New York, and she resides in Endicott, New York with her two children.

Both women show remarkable sportsmanship, and style. They were dressed the same in each round adorned with matching Nike emblems reminiscent of the Williams sisters of Tennis. Much has to be praised of the pair’s performances in the sport as they have etched themselves into history with their career in handball and recent title of World Champions. Congratulations!


Profile By Ben Brighton

There is an expression “behind every successful man there is a strong woman”. While usually remaining in the background they make their presence felt during presidential elections. Jackie Kennedy set trends in fashion, elegance and style for American women during her years in the white house. Michelle Obama’s charm and personality won over the public and helped garner votes for her husband.

If you go back in history to the great explorers and adventurers, they were often gone on their journeys for months, even years. They often left wives who now became the wage earner – farming, sewing, taking in laundry from neighbors; whatever it took to keep the family whole.

The wives of professional athletes play an important role in their husband’s success. While the perks of fame and fortune are exhilarating, it does come with its own unique set of problems. The average working man has good days and bad days which he’ll share with an understanding wife. For a pro its different if your husband has struck out with the bases loaded in front of thousands of booing fans.

Which now brings us to the topic of marriage and handball. If you scan the list of singles champions for the last decade most of them were single. It takes a lot of dedication, time, focus and in some respect selfishness to become great not just in sports but in any worthwhile endeavor. That is why perhaps many successful people put off marriage until they’ve achieved their career goals.

Joe Kaplan is unique among champion players as he has successfully balanced family (his wife Carmen and two young sons Joe Jr. & Rafael), his physical job as a glazier and still managed to carve out a remarkable handball career. He is a multi-time champion. Last month, in Portland , at the World Championships Kaplan won the singles title and lost in the tie-breaker of the doubles final. Joe has done all this while balancing and giving equal attention to areas of his life.

Despite his diminutive stature; he is a powerhouse on the court, excelling in all phases of the game. Proficient on both offense and defense his aggression to win is tempered by his sportsmanship on and off the court.

One thing that I’ve enjoyed is the good natured kidding that Joe and I engage in regarding the merits of big vs. small ball. When Kaplan comments on the craziness and chaos that accompanies most big ball games in Coney Island , I’ll say to him “At least our games have color and excitement. You small ball games are so devoid of emotion they could be played in a library, hospital or church without disturbing anyone.” That always brings a laugh to those hearing the conversation.

In doubles he has had a successful partnership with long time friend Cesar Sala. The two represent all that is good about the sport which is often faced with criticism that it will never rise above a street game.

Joe, if it is tough juggling fatherhood and handball; think about when your kids are old enough to drive and borrow the car. You’ll have to lug your toolbox on the train.


Profile by Ben Brighton

The history of sports is filled with those athletes who reached the heights of their sport but failed to repeat that success. Injury or complacency are often cited as reasons for failure to repeat success. In having achieved your goal and not willing to sacrifice and dedicate to repeating is often the case. Sometimes its a magical journey like the 1969 Mets who did not win again until 1986. Sometimes its one great night like the one Buster Douglas had against Mike Tyson before descending into the category of “what ever happened to Buster Douglas?”

PeeWee Castro won the USHA National 1-wall Handball Singles Championship in 2002 but has not added another singles title. But to define PeeWee by that single entry in the record book would be a huge mistake. In the past decade PeeWee has carved one of the most successful careers in handball.

Let’s examine and compare the career paths of current singles champion Satish Jagnandan and Peewee. Satish only plays small ball singles. So I would consider him a specialist devoting his energy, time and skills to his best event. Whereas PeeWee is all over the handball map, playing with both the big and small balls and excelling in singles and doubles. He has won multiple doubles titles including but not limited to:




In addition, he came in second in the big ball singles (to Rookie Wright) and came within a hair of defeating Satish in the semis of the small ball singles. He has competed in international competition and even tried his hand successfully at Frontball (a newly created 1-wall version of pelota). At 30, and still in his prime, Castro already has amassed quite an impressive handball resume.

A crowd pleasing performer he is a fan favorite, always jovial and easily accessible to fans who approach.

An aggressive attacking player I would say his signature is his serve. While most top players spend years developing a low power serve PeeWee defies conventional wisdom and critics with his power overhand serve which when struck to the left sends opponents scrambling off the court in a vain attempt to return.

In music they refer to the singers or groups who had only one hit in their careers as “one hit wonders”. So while PeeWee only has that one singles title he has been making great handball “music” for a long time and will be for a long time to come.

Tyree Bastidas - "The Greatest Junior Player"

Results - USHA Big Blue Nationals - Sunday August 23rd, 2009 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Men's Pro Singles
Preliminary Round: Matthew Kudrick (Woodside) d. Anthony Lopilato (Farmingdale), 8; Charlie Caruso (HOward Beach) d. Emmett Peixoto (Watsonville), def.; Dennis Bouderau (Rockaway Park) d. Adam Gittlitz (Kew Gardens), 3; Thomas Schacor (New York) d. Abe Mantell (East Meadow), 5.

Round of 16: John "Rookie" Wright (New York) d. Kudrick, 14; Tyrone Snell (Queens Village) d. Han-chin Lin (Ozone Park), 15; Ray Lopez (Brooklyn) d. Milton Bullock (Brooklyn), 21; Andres Calle (East Elmhurst) d. Caruso, 9; Yuber Castro (Far Rockaway) d. Bouderau, 5; Eric Cruz (Brooklyn) d. Harry Velez (Ridgewood), 4; Ervin Irizarry (Bronx) d. Jose Caballero (Flushing), 22; William Polanco (Brooklyn) d. Schacor, 6.
Quarterfinals: Wright d. Snell, def.; Calle d. Lopez, 13; Castro d. Cruz, 20; Polanco d. Irizarry, 10.

Semifinals: Wright d. Calle, 7; Castro d. Polanco, 15.

Final: Wright d. Castro, 7.

Men's Pro Doubles
First Round: Josef Malkis/ Eric Cruz d. Michael Rivera/ Eduardo Santiago, 12; Harry Velez/ Tony Ferruggia d. Ervin Irizarry/ Oscar DeJesus, 22; Andres Calle/ Eddie Neville d. Wai Ng/ Charlie Caruso, 4, def.; Yuber Castro/ Ray Lopez d. Carlos Lopez/ Carlos Lopez, 4; Pete Pelligrini/ Eddie Petrizzi, def.; Dennis Bouderau/ Jay Santos, def.

Quarterfinals: William Polanco/ Steve Robalino d. Malkis/ Cruz, 14; Calle/ Neville d. Velez/Ferruggia, 15; Castro/ Lopez d. Pellegrini/ Petrizzi, 11; John Wright/ Henry Santiago d. Bouderau/ Santos, 13.

Semifinals: Polanco/ Robalino d. calle/ Neville, 12; Castro/ Lopez d. Wright/ Santiago, 18.

Final:  Castro/ Lopez d. Polanco/ Robalino, 20.

Women's Pro Singles
Preliminary Round: Melissa Smoker (Bronx) d. Jennifer Pineda (Maspeth), 14.

Quarterfinals: Anastasiya Oleynik (Brooklyn) d. Smoker, 17; Karen McConney (Jamaica) d. Dori Ten (Brooklyn), 21; Brenda Pares-Dubose (Staten Island) d. Theresa McCourt (Staten Island), 2; Maggie Crespo (Brooklyn) d. Raquel Murphy (Corona), 6.

Semifinals: McConney d. Oleynik, 6; Pares-Dubose d. Crespo, 22.

Final:  McConney d. Pares-Dubose, 18.

Women's Pro Doubles
First Round: Gladys Miranda/ Tamiko Pearson d. Tracy Davis/ Theresa McCourt, 23; Brenda Pares-Dubose/ Bernice Torres d. Barbara Canton-Jackson/ Dori Ten, 15;

Semifinals: Maggie Crespo/ Anastasiya Oleynik d. Pearson/ Miranda, 24; Karen McConney/ Adrian Floyd d. Pares/ Torres, 17.

Final:  McConney/Floyd d. Crespo/ Oleynik, 7.
View Full Results

Article - Bailey Park is where handball king holds court - The Riverdale Press - August 13th, 2009 By Kate Pastor

Results - USHA 1-Wall Nationals - Sunday August 9th, 2009 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY 

Open Singles:
First Round: Cesar Sala, bye; David Chapman (St. Louis) d. Jonathan Iglesias (Aventura, FL), (20), 13, 7; Alvaro Rebaza d. Michael Wu, 11, 3; Rookie Wright d. Jonathan Milman, 10, 9; Joe Kaplan, bye; Kendell Lewis (Charlotte, NC) d. Jonathan Lee, 15, 4; Robert Sostre d. Jurell Bastidas, 18, 17; William O’Donnell, bye; William Polanco, bye; Michael Schneider d. Albert Apuzzi, (19), 20, 5; Milton Jones d. Ronald Florez, (15), 12, 6; Tyree Bastidas d. Zeav Robbins, 13, 5; PeeWee Castro d. Saul Gonzalez, 13, 3; Emmett Peixoto (Berkeley, CA) d. Eliel Torres, 20, (17), 8; Luis Moreno (Tucson) d. Raul Retian, 9, 19; Satish Jagnandan, bye.

Round of 16: Sala d. Chapman, 11, (15), 0; Wright d. Rebaza, 11, 11; Kaplan d. Lewis, 14 ,12; O’Donnell d. Sostre, 20, 2; Schneider d. Polanco, (11), 13, 8; T. Bastidas d. Jones, 14, 16; Castro d. Peixoto, 8, 2; Jagnandan d. Moreno, 7, 16.

Quarterfinals: Sala d. Wright, 15, 5; O’Donnell d. Kaplan, (20), 8, 10; Bastidas d. Schneider, 8, 14; Jagnandan d. Castro, 18, 20.

Semifinals: Sala d. O’Donnell, 17, 9; Jagnandan d. Bastidas, 19, 15.

Final: Jagnandan d. Sala, 7, 9.

Open Doubles:
First Round: PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco bye; Mike Schneider/Bill O’Donnell d. Francisco Carbuccia/David Rodriguez, (14), 12, 3; Robert Sostre/Tony Roberts d. Pete Pellegrini/Paul Lonergan, (16), 6, 3; Rookie Wright/Dave Rojas d. Saul Gonzalez/Joshua Garcia, 17, 10; Alvaro Rebaza/Victor LoPierre bye; Tyree Bastidas/Joe Durso d. Luis Moreno/Jon Iglesias (AZ/FL), 10, (14), 1; Dave Chapman/Emmett Peixoto (MO/CA) d. Jonathan Lee/Jurell Bastidas, 11, 14; Joe Kaplan/Cesar Sala bye.

Quarterfinals: Castro/Polanco d. Schneider/O’Donnell, 10, 11; Rojas/Wright d. Roberts/Sostre, 20, (20), 6; Bastidas/Durso d. LoPierre/Rebaza, 13, 16; Chapman/Peixoto d. Kaplan/Sala, 7, 16.

Semifinals: Castro/Polanco d. Wright/Rojas, 9, 20; Bastidas/Durso d. Chapman/Peixoto, (11), 9, 2.

Final: Castro/Polanco d. Bastidas/Durso, 8, 11.

Women’s Open Singles:
First Round: Tracy Davis, bye; Shirley Chen, default; Sandy Ng d. Anna Khait, 5, 11; Dori Ten, bye; Danielle Daskalakis, bye; Anna Engele (St. Paul) d. Kristina Chan, 5, 4; Na Liu vs. Cheryl Chen on Thurs.; Theresa McCourt, bye.

Quarterfinals: Davis d. S. Chen, 5, 4; Ng d. Ten, (20), 18, 5; Daskalakis d. Engele, 10, 10; McCourt d. Liu, 13, 4.

Semifinals: Davis d. Ng, 12, 5; McCourt d. Daskalakis, 11, 14.

Final: Davis d. McCourt, 7, 8.

Women’s Open Doubles:
First Round: Tracy Davis/Theresa McCourt bye; Sandy Ng/Tamika Pearson d. Anna Engele/Sydell Smith (MN/NC), 8, 7; Barbara Canton-Jackson/Dori Ten d. Na Liu/Annie Huaing, 7, 10; Danielle Daskalakis/Brenda Pares-Dubose bye.

Semifinals: Davis/McCourt d. Ng/Pearson, 13, 17; Daskalakis/Pares-Dubose d. Canton/Ten, (15), 14, 9.

Final: Davis/McCourt d. Daskalakis/Pares-Dubose, 6, (13), 10.

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Article - Talk to the Hand - Cesar Sala and Satish Jagnandan are the Nadal and Federer of handball. - New York Magazine - Sunday August 2nd, 2009 - By Peter Duffy

Results - 2009 USHA National 3-Wall Juniors - Venice Beach, CA  Junior star Tyree Bastidas continues to dominate winning his 7th consecutive Juniors singles title. Bastidas slammed the Boy's 19-Singles and 19-Doubles. Bastidas defeated Fergal Collins, 21-8, 21-19 to capture the singles, and in the doubles teamed up with partner Ricky Ortiz to defeat Fergal Collins and Ryan Sutherland, 21-7, 21-7 in the Finals. Full Results

Results - 2009 Allentown Sportsfest

Big Blue Men's Open Singles
1st Place Gary Szwie
2nd Place Jose "Che' Cruz
3rd Place Fireman Los

Small Ball Men's open Doubles
1st Place Jose "Skinny" Perez & Jose "Che' Cruz
2nd Place Randy Wolfe & Kevin Gibson
3rd Place Anthony & Vincent Caravello

Senior's Classic Smallball
1st Place Tio Jimenez & Dick
2nd Place Joe Palermo & George Snyder
3rd Place Randy Wolfe & Kevin Gibson

Womens Open Singles - tie for 1st Place due to darkness.
1st place Tabitha Diaz & Mari Rivera
2nd Place Cheyleen Cruz

Womens Open Doubles
1st Place Mari Rivera & Rosie Diaz
2nd Place Sara Sookdeo & China Pizarro
3rd Place Cookie & Itzia Leon

Men's Open Doubles
1st Place Los & Coach (philly)
2nd Place Che & Danny (Atwn)
3rd Place Billy & Geo (Reading)

Mixed Doubles:
1st Place Tabitha Diaz & Rick Medina
2nd Place JoeG & Cassandra
3rd Place Melo & Mari (Bronx)
Kids Klassic
13 and under doubles
1st Tony Velez and Natalie M
2nd Justin Diaz and Matthew Diaz
3rd Marcus and Liana
Singles 13 under
1st. Tony V
2nd Matthew D
3rd Natalie M
and a game 4th place effort Justin D.
14-17 Singles
1st Max Guzman
2nd Luis Justo
3rd Walter
Juniors doubles
1st Max Guzman & Luis Justo
2nd Tony & Bibi Alex
3rd Matthew Diaz &  Alex

Results - Sky Bounce Big Blue Championships - Saturday July 18th, 2009 - Central Park, NYC  The winner of the Men's Open was John "Rookie" Wright defeating PeeWee Castro 25-17. The winner of the Women's Open was Taraisha "TeeTee" Simmons defeating Maggie Crespo 25-19. Upsets off the day were Andres "Playstation" Calle defeating King of the Courts Champion Giovanni Vasquez 21-18 and Han-Ching Lin defeating Willie Polanco 21-18. Remember the name Han-Ching Lin, everyone who watched the event live at Central Park sure will. Han not only defeated top open player Willie Polanco, but then zipped his next opponent Tyrone Snell, then gave a tremendous effort against the winner John "Rookie" Wright in the semifinals but came up a tad short and lost 21-17. "Rookie" yelled out to the crowed...soaked in sweat and exhausted from the match..."this kid is an A PLAYER". View the draw sheets.

Chatter Box - Due to a number of complaints the Handball City Chatter Box was removed from the website. This was very unfortunate that a tool that was meant to communicate with other Handball players and fans was being used to slander people. The Chat module did post users IP addresses, but many would just post anonymously.

Results - The King of The Courts - Saturday July 11th, 2009 - Edison Park, Queens, NY  The winner was Giovanni "Gio" Vasquez aka "the Human Torch" defeating John "Rookie" Wright in the Finals 21-17. The top 8 who placed: 1-Gio, 2- Rookie, 3-Tavito, 4- Steven, 5- Joshua, 6- Pooch, 7-Carlin and 8th Timbo. If anyone would like to submit photos, please email: jimmy [at] handballcity.com

Results - 15th Annual Mayor's Cup - June 27-28th, 2009 - Central Park, NY  The winners were: Men's Open Singles: Satish Jagnandan defeated William O'Donnell 21-26, 21-1 Women's Open Singles: Danielle Daskalakis defeated Sandy Ng (13),9,9 Men's Open Doubles: Alvaro Rebaza/Victor LoPierre defeated Eddie Styles Santiago/Francisco Carbuccia 21-18,21-7 View Full Results


Results - 2009 One-Wall Junior Championship - June 28th, 2009 - Queens, NY
  • Boys 19 and under : Tyree Bastidas
  • Boys 19 and under A: Jason Yip
  • Boys 19 and under B: Ricardo Rodriquez
  • Boys 19 and under doubles: David Cao/Jason Yip
  • Boys 17 and under : Joshua Garcia
  • Boys 17 and under A: Eric Brandman
  • Boys 17 and under B: Deshaun Turner
  • Boys 17 and under C: Andrew Liu
  • Boys 17 and under doubles: Eric Brandman/Andres Paz
  • Boys 15 and under : Andy Chen
  • Boys 15 and under A: Jaideep Singh
  • Boys 15 and under B: Boris Yunatanov
  • Boys 15 and under C: Herman Wu
  • Boys 15 and under doubles: Wei Zhang/Andy Chen
  • Girls 17 and under: Sandy Ng
  • Girls 17 and under doubles: Sandy Ng/Amy Li
  • Girls 15 and under: Jane Chen
  • Girls 15 and under doubles: Jane Chen / Samantha Feng

View the draws here

Results - "B" Doubles - Sunday June 14th, 2009 - Castle Hill courts, Bronx, NY  The winners were Timbo and Carlito defeating Dito and Will in the Finals.

Results - Open Doubles - Saturday May 23rd, 2009 - Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY  The winners were Willie Polanco and Steve Robalino defeating Snuka and Lenny (Bronx) in the Finals 21-13.

Handball for Autism - Handballer's Please come out show support for a good cause - Autism Awareness Tournament - Help raise money - "A/B" Doubles - Saturday April 25th, 2009 - Liberty Park, Jamaica, Queens, NY  1 in 150 Children have been diagnosed with Autism. Proceeds of this event go toward research.

Results - 2nd Annual Joe Amacio Memorial Tournament - Sunday April 19th, 2009 - HES, Brooklyn, NY

2ND ANNUAL JOE AMACIO MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT was held at the H.E.S.. Thanks to Artie Fuchs, Jack Feldman, Juned Khan, Ron Florez, and others for all their help. Also to Adam Gittlitz for his donation which helped offset the cost of the hospitality.

MENS PRO-DOUBLES – By Albert Apuzzi

In the semis PeeWee and Willie jumped out to a 6 point lead. The rest of the match was played about even but Dave and Rookie were unable to close to gap and fell 25-16. On the lower half of the draw the kids, Saul and Luis, broke out to a 8-0 lead.  The veterans, Tony and Rob, caught them at 12 and ultimately won the match 25-20.

In the final Roberts and Sostre lead 11-6. Then Castro and Polanco caught up and raced ahead to 18-12 before Roberts and Sostre were able to close the gap at 19 all. At that point it appeared that Sostre’s layoff caught up with him as he seemed to be fatigued. PeeWee and Willie were able to end the match without their opponents earning another point.

ROUND OF 16 – PeeWee Castro/William Polanco d. Jim Martini/Mike Velasquez 25-10, Andre Calle/John “Butter” Mantilla d. Emilio Sierra/Juned Khan 25-23, Ron Florez/Nick Roman d. Josef Malkis/Pete Pellegrini 25-22, Dave Rojas/Rookie Wright d. Zeav Robbins/Rob Robinson 25-14, Saul Gonzalez/Luis Rodriguez d. Paulie Angel/Victor LoPierre 25-15, Jurell Bastidas/Tyree Bastidas d. William Huazcho/Vlad Klym 25-8, Tony Roberts/Robert Sostre d. Johnathan Davila/Jose Garcia 25-11, Joe Kaplan/Alvaro Rebaza d. Jose Donado/Denny Wu 25-4

QUARTERFINALS – Castro/Polanco d. Calle/Mantilla 25-7, Rojas/Wright d. Florez/Roman 25-19, Gonzalez/Rodriguez d. Bastidas Brothers 25-24, Roberts/Sostre d. Kaplan/Rebaza 25-15

SEMIFINALS – Castro/Polanco d. Rojas/Wright 25-16, Roberts/Sostre d. Gonzalez/Rodriguez 25-20

FINAL – Castro/Polanco d. Roberts/Sostre 25-19


The final pitted Rene Caraballo and Al Torres versus Matt Abbatiello and Mike Grabowski. The lead changed hands early until Caraballo and Torres opened up a commanding 22-7 lead. Al's serve and Rene's steadiness proved to much as they went on to prevail 25-18.

ROUND OF 16 - Al Nelson/Frankie Rivera d. Jeff Kleinberg/John Murdoch 25-15, Milton Jones/Aaron Rodriguez d. Jim Martini/Zeav Robbins 25-17, Matt Abbattiello/Mike Grabowski d. Mike Angley/Armando Duchesne 25-15, Rene Caraballo/Al Torres d. Pat Reddy/Tom Rudzewick 25-5, Steve Berger/Paul Lonergan d. Rob Robinson/Marcello Rodriguez 25-13, Mike Lipman/Felix Zilberbrand d. Dwayne Sampson/Al Weinstein 25-16,

QUARTERFINALS - Reggie Langston/Jason Morgan d. Nelson/Rivera  25-17, Abbatiello/Grabowski d. Jones/Rodriguez 25-23, Caraballo/Torres d. Berger/Lonergan 25-17, Lipman/Zilberbrand d. Angel Marquez/Mike Velasquez 25-16.

SEMIFINALS – Abbatiello/Grabowski d. Langston/Morgan 25-22, Caraballo/Torres d. Lipman/Zilberbrand 25-6

FINAL – Caraballo/Torres d. Abbatiello/Grabowski 25-18.

For more info check out "We Play Handball's" Forums - Albert Apuzzi is the moderator of the One Wall Handball section.

Results - Big Smurf "B" Doubles - Sunday April 19th, 2009 - Marble Hill, Bronx, NY  The winners were Timbo and Lefty Danny (BX) defeating Lefty Jimmy and James (Reyer Park, Bx)

Results - PHA "B" Singles - Saturday April 18th, 2009 - Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY

PHA would like to thank all of the participants that played in today’s tournament and to further thank them for their courteous and reserved behavior despite some very tough games and some very tough calls. Overall the players handled themselves like gentlemen and we again thank them for their respectful behavior. We would also like to thank the referees for all of their hard work. They helped us in completing a tournament that included 64+ players! Congratulations to the winners and we will list the top 16 players that will be invited to our season ending championship to contest the B singles again! Here are the results of today’s tournaments.

1st Round:
Justin R vs. Anthony F 21-9
Timbo vs. Alex M 21 – 11
Ardit B vs. Rob F 21 – 12
Rob “Juniper” vs. Steven M 21-13
Johnny G vs. Jeffrey L 21 – 12
Eddie R vs. Frank M 21 – 8
Manny S vs. Ron B 21 – 6
Jonathan P vs. Miguel C 21 – 15
Tes H vs. Marcos S 21 – 10
Papa Swing vs. Adam G 21 – 3
Han L vs. Victor B 21 – 10
Will C vs. Hector V 21 – 16
Andrew A vs. Pablo R 21 – 11
Thomas B vs. Christopher M 21 – 11
Ralph R vs. Tito M 21 – 3
James R vs. Michael M 21 – 9
Juan C vs. Miguel C 21 – 12
PSP Mikey vs. Nathan S 21 – 6
A.B. vs Bernie “The Hurricane” 21 – 20
Sam C vs. Kenny M 21 – 12
Vladimir A vs. Anthony C 21 – 16
Jorge N vs. Dito G 21 – 16
Jose C vs. Tyson R 21 – 6
Robert S vs. David R 21 – 1
Jimmy A vs. Mickey M 21 – 3
Carlos M vs. Robert L 21 – 2
George “Bam Bam,” vs. Samantha T 21 – 6
Will “Wolf” vs. Chris I 21 – 14
Milton B vs. Lorenzo B 21 – 1
Danny G vs. Gito S 21- 7
Charles R vs. James A 21 – 8
Izzy R vs. Gordon Y 21 – 9
Nick A vs. Marea R 21 – 5

Timbo vs. Justin R. 21-20
Rob “ Juniper” vs. Ardit B. 21 -18
Johnny G, vs. Eddie R. 21 – 8
Manny S. vs. Jonathan P. 21 – 12
Papa Swing vs. Tes H. 21 – 15
Han L. vs. Will C. 21 – 15
Thomas B. vs. Andrew A. 21 – 19
Ralph R. vs. James R. 21 – 15
PSP Mikey vs. Juan C. 21 – 6
Sam C. vs. A.B. 21 – 17
Vladi A. vs. Jorge N. 21 – 20
Jose C. vs. Robert S. 21 – 9
Carlos M. vs. Jimmy A. 21 – 6
George “Bam Bam” vs. Will “ wolf” 21 – 9
Danny G. vs. Milton B. 21 – 20
Izzy R. vs. Nick A. 21 - 4
Charles R. vs. Izzy R. 21 -12

Timbo vs. Juniper R. 21 -3
Manny S. vs. Johnny G. 21 – 5
Han L. vs. Papa Swing 21 – 5
Ralph R. vs. Thomas B. 21 – 11
PSP Mikey vs. Sam C. 21 – 11
Vladi A. vs. Jose C. 21 – 4
Carlos M. vs. George “Bam Bam” 21 – 6
Charles R. vs. Danny G. 21 – 15

Timbo vs. Manny 21 – 14
Han L. vs. Ralph R. 21 – 7
PSP Mikey vs. Vladi A. 21 – 15
Charles R. vs. Carlos M. 21 – 9

Timbo vs. Han L. 21 – 8
PSP Mikey vs. Charles R. 21 – 14


1. Timbo
2. PSP Mikey
3. Charles Rowe
4. Han Lin
5. Vladimir Amezquita


CESAR SALA  By Ben Brighton

2 SINGLES (2001 & 2008)
3 DOUBLES (2000, 2006 & 2007)
SINGLES (2000)
SINGLES (2003)

There is an expression about a person entering a room whose presence lights up the area. Whether it is their smile, personality, or accomplishments. They are noticed and command attention and respect. Handball certainly has had its share of charismatic figures such as
Joe Durso or “Rookie”. But while these stars are noticed for their brashness, boldness and outspoken behaviors current USHA National Singles Champion Cesar Sala commands the same respect and admiration with his quiet understated and humble nature.

He has already built an impressive resume. Two USHA National singles titles and 3 doubles with longtime partner Joe Kaplan. He has also represented the USA in competitions around the world and is a great ambassador for the sport. Sala also has a YMCA singles and doubles title as well as a World singles championship.

A combination of natural athleticism, supreme skills and great work ethic have him at the top of his game. Entering his prime years a string of titles is within his grasp. That would cement him as one of the all time greats. But more than his caliber of play, it is his approachable, friendly and innate goodness that makes him a fan favorite wherever he travels... At his home courts in Coney
Island he elevates the status of routine games by his participation as other players are inspired by his presence. When not playing he can be found coaching the next generation of young players that come down to Coney Island .

As a member of the NYPD he is one of NY’s finest on and off the court. I once anointed Al Torres as the Joe DiMaggio of handball. Well I’d like to pass the torch to Cesar Sala for the dignified way he perfects his craft and conducts his life on and off the court.

Results - Mixed Doubles - Saturday April 4th, 2009 - Performance Sports Club, Queens, NY  The winners were Justin Ritchie and Stasi Oleynik defeating Gio Vasquez and Lefty Jessica 21-14.

Results - "B" Doubles - Saturday March 14th, 2009 - West 4th Street Courts, NY  The winners were Carlito and Timbo defeating Tato and Vladi 25-14.

Results - Women's Doubles - Saturday March 7th, 2009 - Indoor Handball, Queens, NY  The winners were Maggie Crespo and Melody Ruiz defeating Stasi and Angela (88th)

Results - Open Doubles - Sunday February 22nd, 2009 - Indoor Handball, Queens, NY  The winners were Tato and Vladi (a buyback team) defeating Golan and "Filipino" James in the finals 25-17.

Please join Handball Showdown, CPQ, LTHA, PHA, SAHA, and West 4th Handball Association in welcoming the new 2009 "A" Level Players. Ladies: 1. Evette Amador, 2. Christina Bunch, 3. Jackie Echavarria, 4. Daneisha "Ruby" Lloyd, 5. Melissa Smoker, 6. Quasia Watson  Men: 1. Andre "Playstation" Calle, 2. Lefty Charlie Caruso, 3. Esteban "Steve" Colon, 4. Tywan Cook, 5. William "Chilly Willy" Garcia, 6. Victor LoPierre, 7. Eddie "Lefty" Neville, 8. Gustavo "Tavito" Ruiz, 9. Carlin Rosa, 10. Samuel Sanford (Philly), 11. Eduardo "Local Homie" Santiago

Results - "A/B" Doubles - January 5th, 2009 - Performance Sports Club, Queens, NY  The winners were Lefty Charlie Caruso and Wildman Rick Montalvo defeating Lefty Eddie and PSP in the finals 21-2. On the way to victory they also defeated "Rookie" and Phat Kat, Carlin Rosa and Oscar DeJesus, and Tony Roberts and Baseball Chris.

Results - Women's Doubles - January 5th, 2009 - Performance Sports Club, Queens, NY  In the finals it was Tomiko and Jackie defeating Lori and Ruby.

Article - NY Daily News - Tuesday, January 6th 2009 - Rapid ascent for Midwood's handball star Tyree Bastidas - by Eric Faynberg  More Info on Tyree from the WPH discussion boards.WPH discussion boards.

Article - ESPN.com: Page 2 - Monday, November 10, 2008 - Where in the world is Jake Plummer? Playing handball - By Anna Katherine Clemmons

Results - 1st USHA One-Wall Big Ball Championships - September 12-14th, 2008 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY  Draw Sheets will be updated throughout the event.

Men's Singles Open - Single Elimination
Round of 32: Manny Sanchez (Flushing, N.Y.) d. Robert Salazar (Staten Island, N.Y.)
Joseph Priolo (Whitestone, N.Y.) d. Abe Mantell (East Meadow, N.Y.)
Jorge Negrete (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Adam Gittlitz (Kew Gardens, N.Y.)

Round of 16: John Rookie Wright (New York, N.Y.) d. Jorge Negrete (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 25-18
Giovanni Vasquez (Accord, N.Y.) d. Joseph Priolo (Whitestone, N.Y.)
William Polanco (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Manny Sanchez (Flushing, N.Y.) 25-22
Satish Jagnandan (Yonkers, N.Y.) d. Paul Williams (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Nick Roman (New York, N.Y.) d. Cesar Sala (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 25-22
Andres Calle (East Elmhurst, N.Y.) d. Joseph Durso (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Article - Street Smack - Written by Brian Goslow - Wednesday August 27rd, 2008 -  Worcester Magazine - view cover photo

Results of the Allentown-Lehigh Valley Sportsfest Handball Tournament 
2008 Kids Klassic Singles Big Blue Handball Championship
1st Place Cup Steven Jimenez
2nd Place Bronze Gabriel Velez
3rd Place Joshua Ferra 
2008 Kids Klassic Doubles Handball Championship
1st Place Cup Steven Jimenez & Gabriel Velez
2nd Place Silver Medalists  Joshua Ferra & Jovan Perez
2008 Big Blue Handball Juniors Doubles Championship
1st Place Cup Luis Morales & Chuck Rockmore
2nd Place Silver Medalists Max Guzman & Taylor Riggleman
3rd Place Bronze Joel Falu & Eddie "Tito" Jimenez
2008 C&D Singles Championship
1st Place Cup Champion Ricardo Medina
2nd Place Silvermedalists Angel Porterrock
3rd Place Bronzemedalist Santos R. Vazquez
2008 C&D Doubles Championship
1st Place Cup Champions Geo Rodriguez & Mike Rodriguez (Reading) 
2nd Place Silvermedalist Pablo Jimenez & Papo
3rd Place Bronzemedalists Angel Porterrock & Angel Ramos  
2008 Women's Open Doubles Championship
1st Place Cup Champions Tabitha Diaz &   Cheyleen Cruz
2nd Place Silvermedalists Barbara Vega & Iris Pizzaro
2008 Women's Open Singles Championship
1st Place Cup Champion Barbara Vega
2nd Place Silvermedalist Cheyleen Cruz
3rd Place Bronzemedalist Tabitha Diaz
2008 Men's Big Blue Open Doubles Championship
1st Place Cup Jose Perez & Keith Vassal Allentown/Bethlehem, Pa
2nd Place Silver Medalists Jose Cruz & Gary "Mr. Zswa" Szwei   Allentown/Jim Thorpe 
3rd Place Bronze Medalists Joe Gritter & Max "Mad Max" Guzman Allentown
2008 Big Blue Men's Open Singles Championship
1st Place Cup Champion Gary Zwsei  (JimThorpe)
2nd Place  Silvermedalist Joe Gritter (Allentown)
3rd Place Bronzemedalist Geo Rodriguez (Reading)
2008 Senior's Doubles Small Ball Handball Championship:
1st place Cup Champions John Jimenez & Frank Zuercher  Allentown, Pa
2nd Place Silver Medalists Randy Wolfe & George Snyder Allentown, Pa
3rd Place Bronze Medalists R.P. Keiper & Leo Todd Allentown, Pa
2008 Men's Open Doubles Small Ball Championship
1st Place Cup Zeav Robbins &  Jimmy Martini Staten Island, NY
2nd Place Silver Medalists Jose Cruz & Juan Valdez  Allentown
3rd Place Bronze Medalists Keith Vassal & Gary Szwei  Allentown

Results - Allentown Big Blue-Pennsylvania 1-Wall Opposites Hand Singles Tournament - Sunday August 17th, 2008  The winners were: 1st Place Joe "the Cup" Gritter Opposite Hand Champ, 2nd Place Gary "Mr. Zswa" Szwei, 3rd Place Hector "Repoman" Diaz

Results - Sky Bounce Open Singles - Saturday August 16th, 2008 - Central Park, NYC  The Men's winners were: 1st John "Rookie" Wright, 2nd Justin Richie, 3rd PeeWee Castro, 4th Gio Vasquez  View draws   The Women's winners were: 1st Anastasiya Oleynik, 2nd Karen McConney, 3rd Lori Acevedo, 4th Maggie Crespo  View draws

Results - LTHA "Big Blue Ballers" Open Singles - Saturday August 9th, 2008 - Lincoln Terrace, Brooklyn, NY  The winners were: 1st John "Rookie" Wright, 2nd Justin Richie, 3rd & MVP Tywan, 4th Wildman Rick Montalvo, 5th Geo Vasquez, 6th Joe Thompson, 7th Tavito, 8th Lefty George Figueroa

Results - PHA "B" Singles - Sunday August 3rd, 2008 - Edison Park, Queens, NY  The  winners were : 1st Tavito, 2nd Armando, 3rd Smiley, 4th Carlos 5th Steven

Results - 48th USHA National One-Wall Championships - July 30th-August 3rd, 2008 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY  The winners were: Men's Open singles - Cesar Sala defeating Satish Jagnandan 21-20, 21-10, Men's Open Doubles - PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco defeating Cesar Sala/Joe Kaplan 2, (13), 9. Women's Open Singles - Tracy Davis defeating Theresa McCourt (17), 7, 7. Women's Open Doubles - Tracy Davis/Theresa McCourt defeated Lori Acevido/Maggie Crespo 16, 15. Full Results

Article - NY Daily News - Tuesday July 29th, 2008 - Veteran handballers ousted early at King of Courts - by Ebenezer Samuel

Article - NY Daily News - Tuesday July 29th, 2008 - Storied King of the Courts tourney brings the buzz back to Jamaica - by Ebenezer Samuel

Article - NY Daily News - Tuesday July 29th, 2008 - Tournament's return gives newcomers, old pros real reason to feel royal by Ebenezer Samuel

Results - Return of the King of the Courts - Saturday July 26th, 2008 - Edison HS, 164th St. & Grand Central Pkwy. Queens, NY  In the semifinals it was Justin Richie defeating John "Rookie" Wright 21-14 and PeeWee Castro defeating Gio Vasquez 21-17. In the Finals it was Justin Richie defeating PeeWee Castro 25-17.

Article - NY Daily News - Tuesday July 15th, 2008 - Hands with a plan: Seeking to introduce structure to city game - by MATT GAGNE, DAILY NEWS SPORTS WRITER

Results - “Make A Name For Yourself” Open Singles - July 19th 2008 - 88th street and Atlantic Ave. Ozone Park, Queens  The winners were:

1st Place: Justin Richie $600
2nd Place: Jonathan $150
3rd Place: Mike Falcis $50
4th Place: Super James $50

Results - Mayors Cup Championships - Sunday July 13th, 2008 - Central Park, NYC The winners were: Men's Open Singles - Satish Jagnandan defeated Tyree Bastidas 10-21, 21-13, 11-1, Women's Open Singles - Tracy Davis defeats Theresa McCourt 11-9 in the tiebreaker, Men's Open Doubles - Cesar Sala & Joe Kaplan defeat Willie Polanco & Peewee Castro 11-2 in the tiebreaker, Women's Open Doubles - Lori Acevedo & Maggie Crespo defeat Theresa McCourt & Tracy Davis 11-6 in the tiebreaker. Full Results will be posted when they become available.

Results - PHA Men's "A/B" Doubles - Sunday July 13th, 2008 - Coney Island, NY  The winners were: 1st place - Pauly Yagual and Playstation, 2nd place - Steve and Pablo, 3rd place - Justin Richie and Eddie

Results - "B" Doubles - Saturday July 12th, 2008 - 126th & Amsterdam Courts, NYC  The winners were: Will "Chilly" Garcia and Lefty Eddie defeating Pete Martinez and Calin in the Finals 25-14.

Draws - 2008 Mayor's Cup Championships - 7/12/2008 - 7/13/2008 - Central Park North Meadow, NYC

Results - Open Doubles - Sunday July 6th, 2008 - Arthur Park, Bronx, NY  The winners were Lefty Charlie Caruso and partner Tango (Bronx) and the team of Lenny the human racquet and the Whip...due to darkness they split prize money between both winning teams.

Results - "B" Doubles - Saturday July 5th, 2008 - Queens, NY  The winners were Pete Martinez (207th) and Calin defeating Ronald and Tyson in the finals 21-14. Pete and Calin also defeated defending champs Lil Jay Santos and Allen Sanchez 21-20 and received extra cash for winning the match.

Results - Wei's "B" Doubles - Sunday June 29th, 2008 - Queens, NY  The winners were Lefty Charlie Caruso and Pete "Hustle" defeating Lefty Eddie and Edgar 25-24 in the finals.

Results - SLAP Energy 9.0 Handball Tournament Open Singles - Saturday June 28th, 2008 - Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY  In the semis it was John "Rookie" Wright defeating Lil Jay Santos and Lefty George Figueroa defeating Jay aka Galarza, In the Finals Rookie and Lefty George split the prize money due to the rain.

Results - USHA Junior Nationals - Queens, NY  The winners of the 19 and under singles were: Women's winner - Sarah Au defeated Danielle Daskalakis, Men's winner - Andres Calle defeated Alex Gavryushenko Full Results

NY Times Article - Vic Hershkowitz, Dominant Handball Star, Dies at 89

Results - 9th Annual Citywide Championships - June 14-21st, 2008 - Queens, NY
June 21 History was completed as the 9th Annual Citywide Championships was concluded with 54 year old Fred Lynch and the great John "Rookie Wright win their 1st Citywide Doubles Championship. Justin stopped Rookie's dominance in the Open Singles by winning soundly 21-10 in a match where Rookie seemed injured and may have just saved his energy for the doubles in which he stopped Justin and Henry from making history by winning 3 Citywide Doubles Titles in a row.
On the women's side, Lori Acevedo did the incredible feat of slamming like her partner Maggie Crespo did in 2004, in the same park. Lori conquered all in the Women's Open Singles, then stomped the rest of the competition in the doubles.
In the B-Divisions newcomers and journeymen set their names in the record books as lefty Charlie Caruso teamed with Junior from Lincoln Terrace to beat out tough kids Tywan/Vladi to take the B Doubles Title.  Top B-Pyramid veteran Sean Conrad finally achieved the ultimate goal by defeating top ranked Tavito in the finals of the B singles to become Citywide B Champion. On the women side, Mickey M from the Bronx dominated all in the Lady's B-division to get welcomed into the Open side of the draw in next year's Citywide. 88's very own Jasmina and Julie came out of nowhere to comeback and beat Mickey and Samantha in the Women B doubles and win the overall Women B Doubles Crowns.
The C division was added back into the Citywide for 2008 to give everyone a chance to shine in this prestigious tournament. New players from all over were playing for the chance of winning this event and graduating to the B side.
C singles winner Wolf won by default
C doubles claimed new champs as Bloody/Nigel went all out to win the C championship.
Raquel Garcia claimed another 17 and under singles title while her brother was stopped by Jason Gonzalez who claimed the 17 and under boys division. 15 yr old Ingmar claimed 15 and under singles.
Bob won the 50 and over singles over Jeff by def
This year's Citywide was huge with over 400 people attending the finals. Pre-registration has always been a necessity for this event and it wasn't done properly for 2008. Players in 6 of the 8 parks did not pre-register at all, which cause some confusion in the draws and management. Players must do what's necessary to keep the Citywide fun and what handball should be about. Thanks goes to LTHA, Ace, Tony/Melody, Tito, Roland, Wai, Shaheem, Ronald, Byron, W4th, BJ and especially Evette who handled the women at both sites.
More complete results soon and to be laid out in the next issue of Inside Handball Magazine.

Article provided by Tyrone Snell - OOHA President

Photos - Bronx Location - Big Blue Citywide Championships - Saturday June 14th, 2008 - Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY

Vic Hershkowitz 1920 - 2008 - Handball Hall of Famer Vic Hershkowitz passed away Monday June 23.  Updates and funeral arrangements will be posted on the USHA website when they receive more information.

Vic Hershkowitz was considered the greatest all-around player in handball history and was one of the early players inducted in the Hall of Fame as a player (1957).  Read Vic Hershkowitz's Hall of Fame Bio and titles here.


Results - Cedar Creek Challenge Invitational Doubles - 35 Plus Small Ball Doubles - Sunday June 22nd, 2008 - Cedar Creek Park, Seaford, Merrick Rd. East of Wantagh Ave., Long Island, NY

The first annual 35 plus Invitational small ball doubles was held at Cedar Creek Park in Seaford NY. The finals pitted Dave Sheldon/Mike Lipman versus Jason Morgan/Dwayne Sampson. Dave and Mike cruised to a 9-2 lead. Jason and Dwayne came roaring back taking a 12-11 lead...The game changed hands numerous times and was tied at 18-18 when Mike's
hook serves and Dave's steadiness proved to much as they prevailed 25-19.

The rest of the results were as follows:
Preliminary Round
M. Abbatiello/R.Rodriguez d.E. Brown/R Lopez,11
J. Costanzo/J. Murdoch d. A. D'Auria/V. Ruggiero,15
M. Grabowski/R. Pescatore d. N. Adler/J. Martini,8
J. Morgan/D.Sampson d.R. Caraballo/A. Rodriguez,15
A. Carranza/A.Marquez d.S. Berger/ Dan Danilcyck,16
L.Drago/M.Rodriguez d. Z. Robbins/R.Robinson,Def
S.Cataudella/P.Reddy d. F. Rivera/F. Zilberbrand,22
M.Lipman/D.Sheldon d.S. Bonafacio/D. Roth,2

Abbatiello/R.Rodriguez d.Costanzo/Murdoch,9
Morgan/Sampson d.Grabowski/Pescatore,11
Carranza/Marquez d.Drago/M.Rodriguez,15
Lipman/Sheldon d.Cataudella,Reddy,14

Morgan/Sampson d. Abbatiello/R.Rodriguez,22
Lipman/Sheldon d.Carranza/Marquez,16

In the finals Dave Sheldon/Mike Lipman defeated Jason Morgan/Dwayne Sampson 25-19.

Many thanks to Jack Feldman, Butch D"Auria and Ron Lopez for all their

Written by: Artie Fuchs

More info on http://courtplay.net/cms/

Results - 58th USHA National Four-Wall Championships 6/16/2008 - 6/22/2008, Athletic Club of Overland Park - Overland Park, KS, USA

Photos - From the 2007 Smack it Sports Open Doubles Tournament (better late then never)

Results - "A/B" Doubles - Sunday June 8th, 2008 - West 4th Street Courts, NYC  The winners were Lori Acevedo and Ruby defeating Maggie Crespo and Lian Chan in the Finals.

Results - Ace Handball Tournament - Sunday June 8th, 2008 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY The Men's Open winner was Cesar Sala defeating Satish Jagnandan in the Finals 25-7. The Women's Open doubles winners were Tracy Davis and Theresa McCourt defeating Dori Ten and Barbara Canton-Jackson 25-24 in the Finals.

Results - Women's Singles - Sunday June 1st, 2008 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY 

Round of 8
Patty Cardona d. Myo Hwa Hwee 21-12
Sarah Au d. Maggie Crespo 21-17
Sandy Ng d. Lori Acevedo 21-5
Tracy Davis d. Janet Yuan 21-11

Semi Finals:
Sarah Au d. Patty Cardona 21-4
Tracy Davis d. Sandy Ng 21-14

Tracy Davis d. Sarah Au 21-10, 21-13

Results - The Slap Energy 9.0 Handball Tournament "B" Doubles - $2,500 Guaranteed Prizes - Sunday June 1st, 2008 - London Planetree Park, 88th St. & Atlantic Ave., Queens, NY  In the Finals it was Tavito and Victor LoPierre defeating Pete Martinez and Lefty Danny (Bronx) 21-8.

Results - Open Doubles - Saturday May 31st, 2008 - Queens, NY - The winners were Justin Richie and Jay Santos defeating PeeWee Castro and Pauly Yagual in the Finals.

Results - Next Level "B" Singles - Saturday May 24th, 2008 - Massapequa, NY  The winners were: 1st place - Charlie (Lincoln Terrace), 2nd place - Lefty Charlie, 3rd place - Vlady (Lincoln Terrace), 4th place - Joe (Long Island)

Results - "B" Singles - Saturday May 10th, 2008 - Grand Street Courts, NYC  The winners were Tavito and Victor LoPierre defeating Playstation and Eddie in the Finals.

Wall of Hope Project - by Kathleen M. Rice, District Attorney Nassau County, NY

Results - Backesto Handball Tournament (Jr./SR Doubles - 2 divisions 13-19 years old & 20 years old and up.) - April 26th, 2008 - Backesto Park, San Jose, CA

The Results:

Angel Chaires and Gabriel Garcia defeated Carlos Flores and Arturo (Lefty) Suarez, (21-15).

Sherman and Joseph Cardenas defeated Victor Legaspi and Diego Salazar, (21-16).

Last year was the First Annual: San Jose Open Handball Tournament. This year, Vidal has decided to run two major handball tournaments. One in the spring and the other in August.
The tournament has increased in participants, sponsors, resources, and in the level of competition. Vidal Santellano, Howie Eisenberg (USHA) and Felix. Osorio, along with the assistance of HandballCity.com, intend on making these tournaments two of the major events in the west-coast!


A performance by Pedro Antonio Garcia
Saturday, June 21 – Opening Night Performance at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday June 22 at 2:00p.m. & 6:00p.m.
Monday, June 23 at 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, June 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Seventy year old handball players settle a fifty year old grudge match, but will they ever survive? Cantankerous curmudgeons from the Bronx wrangle with each other, their families, and their mortal enemies, Brooklyn Handball players, for the love of the sport and the affection of a woman.

"Handball" is a must see for all players and fans of this great sport and your friends and family will also enjoy it. It also Received rave reviews by Handball Magazine.

The play Handball is being presented at the 47th Street theater (aka The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, 304 West.47th Street, NYC) for a limited 5 show run from June 21 to June 25, at $10 a ticket, which is incredibly cheap for a legitimate, actors equity, showcase production. Tickets can be obtained at www.prtt.org (212 354-1293) http://www.prtt.org/season.html

New - Handball Website - Pro Handball Alliance www.prohandballalliance.com

Results - PHA "B" Doubles - Saturday April 19th, 2009 - Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY The winners of the Pro Handball Alliance "B" Doubles (64 entrees) were Tavito (102nd St.) defeating Lefty Armando (Grand St.) 21-4 in the Finals. Path Way to the Finals for our 1st Pro handball Alliance Champion:

Tavito 21 – 13 Play Station
Tavito 21 – 8 Calin
Tavito 21 - 12 Selvin
Tavito 21 - 5 Mark
Tavito 21 - 13 Danny St . James Park
Tavito 21 - 4 Lefty Armando

Lefty Armando 21 - 12 Chris Irons
Lefty Armando 21 - 11 Jerome
Lefty Armando 21 - 13 Smiley
Lefty Armando 21 - 12 Pooch
Lefty Armando 21 - 15 Charlie
Lefty Armando 4 - 21 TAVITO

Lefty Charlie
Danny St. James
On Behalf of the members of Pro handball Alliance we would sincerely like to thank everyone for coming out today to make our inaugural event a HUGE success!!! It was a crazy day but due to the professionalism of the players and good sportsmanship everything ran smoothly. A special thanks to Geo, Ric, Shaheem for reffing when they could have simply said no, sat back and watched. A special thanks to Adam (madeyelook) for reffing as well as Tito and Lance thank you for canceling your trip to attend the tournament and ref. All of the players support was appreciated and we look forward to you joining us for our next event! Info provided by Shena


Dear 1-Wall Organizer:

The USHA Board of Directors has voted to hold the first National USHA 1-Wall Big Ball Championships with final rounds to be held the weekend of Sept. 13, 2008 at the Municipal handball courts at West 5’th Street in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. It has been decided to hold preliminary rounds as satellite tournaments in various locations throughout the country as well as internationally. The locations identified so far are

London - Los Angeles -  Philadelphia, PA or nearby Harrisburg, PA -  Allentown, PA -                       Orlando, Fl - Boston - Brooklyn -  Bronx - Queens - Manhattan  -   Staten Island -                            Nassau County - Suffolk County

These satellite events can be held on dates from June to August 31’st selected by each tournament director. The intent is to provide as much flexibility as possible while complying with USHA sanctioning guidelines. The tentative set of divisions to be fully or partially offered at each location are men's, women's open/pro, B, C singles and doubles; men's 45+ singles, doubles. Additional divisions may be offered. The goal is to have all of the semi-finalists from each division in each satellite location compete at Coney Island for the championships. Two men’s singles players and 1 men’s doubles team will be selected from the best finishers to represent the US competing against 15 other countries at the Federation Cup in Nizzo Monferratto, Italy near Milan in November. Hotel and meals will be supplied by Italy. One of our goals will be to raise enough money for airfare.

If you are interested in possibly being a tournament director for a satellite event in any of the locations listed or any other location, please contact me and/or Ken Davidoff, We will provide you with details and welcome your opinions on the means of running both the satellite events and final rounds.

Thank you for your interest.

Howie Eisenberg                                  Ken Davidoff

USHA 1-Wall Commissioner                1-Wall Tournaments Chair

hpeisenberg@sbcglobal.net                   kdavidof@verizon.net



Draws - USHA Pro Handball - Sunday February 17th, 2008 - H.E.S. 9502 Seaview Ave., Brooklyn, NY
Men's Doubles
Women's Doubles
as well as a
35 Plus Invitational Doubles
Draws will be updated during the tournament, so check back often.


What The Next Level Association is About! - The Next Level is an organization started by Henry Santiago (The Champ) and Dawn Dobies (The 100% payout queen)!   In this organization, we are trying to accomplish many goals to make the sport of handball grown and hopefully become professional. There is a $25 Membership fee, good for one year. We are trying to accomplish paying referees, paying line judges, making the events huge so that the 100% payouts will be huge. The player's behavior is very important to this organization. We are hoping that huge sponsors will pick us up and turn this into a professional sport. In order to do that all players must behave themselves.   Rules and regulations will be enforced, as well as gloves. Yes, all players must wear gloves for the simple fact that it looks more professional for the sponsors. We will be taking pictures and videos of the games and the players. Those will be posted on the Next Level's Smack it Sports page. Eventually all events that we are planning will posted on there as well. Come Aboard...the "Next Level Association". We guarantee you will not regret it. The Next Level Association doing things in 2008!!!


Donations Welcomed: For Michael Alguera - Freshman Michael Alguera was fatally stabbed in the torso during a robbery on the school Handball court off Peninsula Boulevard at about 3:30 p.m. Friday January 18th, 2007 45 minutes after school dismissal. Nassau police have said seven to nine men in their late teens or early 20s ambushed Alguera, 15, and two teenage friends. They robbed them of their cell phones and mp3 players. Police said they have not ruled out the possibility that the crime was gang-related, and ask that anyone with information call Crime Stoppers at 800-244-TIPS.

His brother speaks out - "My little brother wanted to make a handball team for the school," said Steve Alguera, 20. "That was his dream, having a handball team and him being the captain."

Michael started playing handball around age 12, as he watched his two older brothers take to the sport, Oscar said. The boy played alone on the walls of his apartment building, with friends in an underpass at school, and even on vacation in Orlando last spring.

Funeral arrangements have been set for Michael Alguera. Viewing will take place Sunday and Monday, 2-5 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. at Hempstead Funeral Home on Peninsula Boulevard. A funeral Mass will be celebrated Tuesday at 10 a.m. in Our Lady of Loretto at 104 Greenwich St. in Hempstead, with burial to follow in Greenfield Cemetery on Nassau Road in Uniondale. Donations to the Alguera family may be made through Hempstead Funeral Home, 89 Peninsula Blvd., Hempstead, NY 11550.

It would be great for the  Handball Community to help his family with donations. Tony Lopilato email tonytlc2000@yahoo.com or his cell (917)653-0888 has started a fund in which he will deliver to the family from all of us.

Please make donations to: "The Alguera Family", and send to:

Tony Lopilato/Michael Alguera Fund
228 Plitt Avenue
Farmingdale, New York 11735

He will put it all together with a letter of condolence or a card from us, The "Handball Player's Community".

More info on Streetplay/discussions and Newsday.com

All who gave/will give checks, they will go together directly to the family. Along with all cash pledges, which will be put into one money order, made out to the family directly too.
All contributors should give me their first and last names and any organization they want listed next to it.
Thank you again.
Tony Lopilato/The Handball Players Community

Handball Video Game - WII Playground - Released October 2007 - click on games, then click on the Wallball link. You can also view the trailer here. It is the closest video game that resembles the sport of one-wall Handball.

Information about Knee injury prevention - curtsey of  the WOR website.

Exhibition Match - 4 Wall Handball Superstars - Emmett Peixoto (USA) vs. Eoin Kennedy (Ireland) - January 12-14th, 2008 - Japan  More info at WPH website!!!


The sport of Handball was introduced to Japan in 1927, after the first court was built at the Kanda YMCA in Tokyo. Although the Kanda YMCA is no more, the game continues to be played at various venues around the country. In recognition of all those who have taught, played, and promoted the game over the years, the Japan Wall Handball Association is planning a Pro Handball Exhibition, clinics, and a novice tournament, to be held in Tokyo and Yokohama in January of 2008. Eoin Kennedy will represent Ireland and Emmett Peixoto the U.S. in this match between two of the worlds top handball pros. Both of the players are known not only for their exceptional handball skills but also as generous promoters of the game among youth in their countries and abroad. We have high expectations that this event will promote new interest in the sport in Japan as well as encourage those who have already taken up the game.


Sponsors and Supporters

Sponsor: Japan Wall Handball Association

Supporters: Tokyo YMCA Toyocho Wellness Center; Gold's Gym (Bashamichi, Yokohama)



1.    Big Blue Ball Tournament (soft ball for novices)

2.    Pro Exhibition Match

3.    Teaching Clinics by the Pros

4.    Pro/Am doubles

5.    Reception and Party



January 2008

12        Clinic and Pro/Am at Golds Gym (Bashamichi, Yokohama)

            Welcome party in Chinatown

13        Clinic and Pro/Am at Tokyo YMCA  (Toyocho)

14        Novice BB Tournament and Pro Exhibition at YMCA         

            Ceremony and Reception / Buffet at Hotel East 21


The events are open to all handball players or those interested in learning the sport.. There is no charge for the exhibition.  A novice tournament including teaching time with the pros will also be held the day of the exhibition, for which participants must pay one thousand yen. No experience is necessary. There will be a charge of seven thousand yen for the reception/buffet party after the exhibition. Reservations may be made the day of the event, though prior notice would be appreciated if possible. Please contact John Dolan for further information.  jd@gol.com






Results - The "Next Level Association" Zerega Invitational Tournament -  Friday January 4th, 2008 - Zerega Indoor courts, Bronx, NY  The winners were: Pete Hustle and David Pena` defeating Lil Jay Santos and Edgar Duche in the Finals. The "Next Level Association" is signing up new members now and have goals to bring the sport of Handball to the next level. Co-founders Lefty Henry Santiago and Dawn "Blonquita" Dobies

Blog - The Sartorialist Blog posts NYC Handball photo and gets many positive responses.

Video - John "Rookie" Wright receiving his 1st place metal in Spain.

Photos - 2 Group Photos from the International Spain Tournament - forwarded by Brenda Pares

Results - AZKOITIA INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT - November 30th-December 2nd, 2007 - Jorge Oteiza Memorial Basque Pelota National Center of Azkoitia, Spain 

Team USA Medals/Basque Champion Berets Singles: 4 Gold; 3 Silver; 1 Bronze Doubles: 4 Gold

Final Results for Team USA: Girls:  Sarah Au: 1st Place Singles and 1st Place Doubles, Danielle Daskalakis: 2nd Place Singles and 1st Place Doubles,  Boys: Joe Priolo: 1st Place Singles and 1st Place Doubles,  Alex Gavryushenko: 3rd Place Singles and 1st Place Doubles,  Women: Brenda Pares: 1st Place Singles and 1st Place Doubles, Tracy Davis: 2nd Place Singles and 1st Place Doubles,   Men: John "Rookie" Wright: 1st Place Singles and 1st Place Doubles,  Andres "Playstation" Calle: 2nd Place Singles and 1st Place Doubles

The final program with results and pictures can be found here: Final Program with Pictures & Results

The Best Hand Picked Handball Videos on the Planet - courtesy of You Tube.

The Coolest Hand Picked Handball Videos on Earth - courtesy of You Tube.

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