NEWS: March 10th through July 21st, 2002

updated 7/22/02

Pete Garcia’s 4th Classic Tournament – Bailey Park, Bronx, NYC – Sunday July 21,2002.                                                   Open singles, Open doubles, women’s Open singles.

This tournament was the last small ball tournament before the Nationals, many top players were present displaying their physical abilities, in 90 degree weather. Top players attending were Satish, Cesar Sala, Joe Kaplan, Kendell Lewis, Rookie, Ervin Irizarry, Eddie Maisonet, Paul Williams, Robert Sostre, Albert Apuzzi, Willie Polanco, Tony Roberts, Pee Wee, Joe Durso, and Alvaro Rebaza. “B” players who entered were spotted points depending on their Handball skills. The tournament coordinators were Pete Garcia and Satish Jagnandan. The tournament was run smoothly, and all players were provided with free food and drinks. Tourny had over $1,200 total prize money. The fan favorite to win the men’s singles today was Satish Jagnandan. Bailey Park is his home park, and Satish also was the winner of last weeks Mayor’s Cup, men’s singles championship. The duo of Cesar Sala and Joe Kaplan were the favorites to win the doubles, since they have won 5 tournaments in a row. The Mayor’s Cup showcased many Big Blue Handball players crossing over and playing small ball, well many of those players showed up today. In fact the 2 players who won the doubles were Big Blue Handball players. John “Rookie” Wright and Ervin Irizarry were the winners of the doubles Championship today. Rookie and Ervin played like superstars, each taking turns killing the ball today. The finals were Rookie/Ervin d. Tony Roberts/PeeWee 25-23. Rookie and Ervin played with lots of energy and heart throughout the day, and have emerged to be a top doubles team in future events. They beat the best of the best competition today. Rookie/Ervin d. Satish/Carlos Lopez, and Rookie/Ervin d. Kendell Lewis/Robert Sostre (last years winners) to get to the finals. I hope to see Rookie (raw power) and Ervin (cool consistency) team up in the Nationals this August. The men’s singles finals were not completed due to darkness. The finals will be last years defending champion Satish Jagnandan vs. Kendell Lewis, a repeat of last years match up. The final game will be held on Sunday July 28th. The semi-finals were Satish d. Willie Polanco and Kendell d. Robert Sostre. The women’s singles finals were Brenda Pares d. Sydell Smith. More info. Coming soon!!!! RESULTS, Bailey Park Handball Association Points Race.

Cisco's 2nd Classic "B" Doubles Tournament of 2002 at 127/Castle Hill Park, Bronx, NY-July 20th, 2002                          The Tournament results were 1st place-Henry Tifa/Snuka, 2nd place-Steve/Anthony(Queens/Brooklyn), 3rd place-Mack/Eric. More coverage of this tournament coming soon!!!!

"B" Pyramid Singles Tournament - Liberty Park, Queens, NY - July 20th, 2002                                                                   The winner of the "B" Pyramid Tournament was Shaheim. Shaheim defeated Sean in the Finals. The semi-finals games were Shaheim d. Joe and Sean d. Jose O. Another big win for Shaheim, he will be respected as an "A" player after this year. We will see what happens at the next "B" Pyramid tournament on August 31st. Hopefully we will see Shaheim vs. Eric Cruz in the finals. Looking forward to seeing both of these young players at the King of the Courts tournament on July 27th.

QBHA Diva Women's Open Singles Tournament - Saturday July 20th, 2002 at Liberty Park, Queens, NY                          The tournament results were 1st place-Gladys Miranda, 2nd place-Taraisha "Tee Tee" Simmons, 3rd place-Veronica Figueroa, 4th place-Audrena Best.

  updated 7/14/02

NYC Mayor's Cup Handball Championship Finals-Sunday, July 14, 2002 at Orchard Beach, Bronx, NY                              The Mayor's Cup tournament was the most exciting tournament of the year so far. Orchard Beach was packed with spectators from different parts of New York City. Many Big Blue players are crossing lines and playing in small ball tournaments, this is good news. As more players and fans get involved in the sport of Handball, sponsors and the media will take notice. Once Handball becomes more popular we will have bigger prize money, this tournament had $3,000 in total prize money and trophies. The Men's open singles winner was Satish Jagnandan, 2nd place winner was Eddie Maisonet. This is how the men's singles played out: Satish Jagnandan d. Cesar Sala 25-17, Kendell Lewis d. Eric Klarman 25-10, Eddie Maisonet d. Eddie Archibal 25-20, and Joe Kaplan d. PeeWee Castro 25-24. Semi-finals: Jagnandan d. Lewis 25-13, and Maisonet d. Kaplan 25-17. The finals: Satish Jagnandan d. Eddie Maisonet 15-5, (15-5), 11-3. In the finals the player who started off good took control of the game. Satish and Eddie both have monster ace serves. Today was Satish's day, he was on a mission. The men's open doubles champions were 1st place winners Cesar Sala/Joe Kaplan, 2nd place winners were Satish Jagnandan/Carlos Lopez. Sala/Kaplan d. Jagnandan/Lopez 25-14. Some great doubles games Sala/Kaplan d. Perez/Fitzpatrick, Satish/Lopez d. Maisonet/Williams, Irizarry/Lewis d. Rookie/Rojas, Apuzzi/Polanco d. PeeWee/Roberts, Satish/Lopez d. Irizarry/Lewis, Sala/Kaplan d. Apuzzi/Polanco. The women's open singles winners were 1st place Tracy Davis, and 2nd place winner was Dori Ten. Davis d. Ten 15-6, 15-5. The women's doubles finals was not completed yet duo to time restrictions at Orchard Beach. The players who are in the finals are Dori Ten/Barbara Canton-Jackson vs. Tracy Davis/Gladys Miranda.

There has been much talk about the players of different locations. Brooklyn and Queens players were thought to be stronger than Bronx players, etc. Looks like things are changing, the players from Bailey Park in the Bronx have stepped up and played to a higher level. Satish Jagnandan winning the singles, Satish/Carlos Lopez coming in 2nd place in the doubles, Eddie Archibal upsetting last years champion Rookie, and the B players going a little further this year. Also "Cisco the Bronx Monster" paying Dwight for the King of the Courts today, he said the Mayor's Cup inspired him to start playing in tournys again. This should make everything even again. It really does not matter where you play the game, it is how you play the game. Handball players all know one another, we are all family. We should stop all the negative talk and keep promoting Handball in a positive manner. 

NYC Mayor's Cup Handball Championships-Saturday, July 13, 2002.                                                                                Preliminary rounds in every borough, Coney Island,Bklyn, Van Cortlandt,BX, Far Rockaway,Qns, and Central Park,Mn      Coverage of the Van Cortlandt preliminary rounds. Top players who played at this location were Satish Jagnandan, Kendell Lewis, Tyrone Snell, Ervin Irizarry, and Alvaro Rebaza. Many big blue players entered this small ball tourny for the 1st time. Last year's winner was John "Rookie" Wright one of the top Big Blue Handball players. Rookie has inspired many of these players to start playing small ball. Many old timers from Bailey Park were present to cheer for their favorite players. Here are some of the players who qualified to play in the finals on Sunday. Men's open singles: Satish Jagnandan and Kendell Lewis, Men's open doubles: Satish Jagnandan/Carlos Lopez and Kendell Lewis/Ervin Irizarry (Ervin filled in for Robert Sostre who could not make this tourny, Ervin played like a superstar). Men's B singles: Carlos? and Ervin Irizarry (Ervin is an "A" player), Men's B doubles: Carlos?/Joey (Spiderman) and Abe/Joe Agusto(Bailey Park). Men's C singles: Orlan? and Patrick? Many of the old timers who played complained about the one 15 point game. They believe the coordinators did not want to stay and run the tourny all day long. They felt they have earned the respect to play a 21 point game,  they only been playing over 40 years. Overall it was a nice day with no upsets. Although we could not say that about other locations, a cell phone rang at Van Cortlandt Park and the news was announced. At the Central Park location John "Rookie" Wright the defending champion was defeated by Bailey Park player Eddie Archibal 25-24 (WOW this is a huge win). Players to advance from this location were Men's open singles: Eddie Archibal and Eddie Maisonet, Men's open doubles: Eddie Maisonet/Paul Williams and Rookie/Dave Rojas.

Small article on the basics of Handball....also some song lyrics using Handball.
1. "Smack your head up against the wall, like playin' handball"--The Roots, "The Lesson (part 1)"
2."You hate it when it's a ball, right? Ladies this ain't handball, nigga hit these walls right before I call Mike"--Foxy Brown, "Ill Na Na"
3. "Straight smack a nigga right in the face like this was handball, or make a mural out his face up on a damn wall"--Busta Rhymes on Wu-Tang Clan's "The monument"

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NYC Mayor's Cup Handball Championship (small ball) - application

                                                                                                                             updated 6/29/02

The St. Albans Handball Assoc. "B" Singles Tournament - Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, NY - Saturday June 29, 2002             Cash and trophies (1st-$500, 2nd-$200, 3rd $100, and 4th-$50 not bad!!!) This tournament was run very well, Dwight did a great job. Karen and Miles BBQ was a big hit too with cold drinks for a buck. It was a great turnout with many players, here are the results. The semi-finals were Shaheem defeating Kenny and Lil Pauly defeating Life guard Eddie. The final was set Shaheem (playing on a mission) vs. Lil Pauly (who is playing great). The 3rd place match was Kenny (who was one of the favorite's to win) vs. Life guard Eddie (who upset Rookie in the Citywide). This was a tough fought game with Kenny defeating Eddie 21-19. The final game was intense with fans cheering for both players. Shaheem was on fire all day with both hands, and  proved today about his future quest of becoming an "A" player. Shaheem (Tyrone's student) defeated Pauly 25-21. Rookie's student Lil Rookie was defeated earlier by Kenny (Elmhurst). Today also had interesting $$$ games at the back courts. Herman/Henry P. defeating Rookie/Cricket and Rookie/Buddy(Hall of Fame) defeating Herman/Henry P.

Citywide Big Blue Championships - Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, NY - Saturday June 29th, 2002                                           The Tournament finals were supposed to be played in Central Park. For some strange reason they moved the tournament to Roy Wilkins Park, and players had to be there at 8:00 am sharp. The reason why they had to start so early is because another tourny was scheduled at this park the same day (a "B" singles tournament, coordinated by the St. Albans Handball Assoc.). Why would the Citywide coordinators schedule their tourny at this park??? This makes no sense at all. Why should the Citywide Open players have to suffer. Get up at like 6:00 in the morning, not eat a good breakfast, and try to find this park. Roy Wilkins Park is not easy to get to.  Public transportation will take forever, you must take a train to a bus, etc. If you decide to drive and you are not familiar with Queens, you should give yourself lot's of travel time. The Citywide should be held in the boro of Manhattan. Manhattan is the most convenient for all players and spectators. The center of the world is New York City (Manhattan), this is where all the action takes place. All major tournaments should be played in Manhattan. The politics of Handball must change!!!!!!!!      The winners of the Big Blue Citywide "Open" doubles were, 1st place Lefty Henry Santiago and Lil Eddie Styles, 2nd place was Ray Lopez and Willie Polanco, semi-finalists were Robert Sostre/Ervin Irizarry and PeeWee Castro/Tony Roberts. The women's Open doubles were won by Gladys Miranda and Cheryl Howard.

West 4th "A/B" Tournament, NYC - Sunday June 23rd, 2002        updated 6/24/02                                                 Tournaments at West 4th street courts are always exciting, with many spectators, and surprise players. This was the most exciting tournament that I have witnessed this year so far. All the usual suspects were present, Rookie, Dave, Emmitt, Tony Roberts, Tyrone, Oscar, Cesar, Pee Wee, Lefty Henry, Little Eddie, etc. The only catch was they all had to find "B" players to play with. The tournament coordinator was BJ, he did a good job. Thank you Mountain Dew for stopping by and giving out drinks (Code Red tastes real good, when it's free). The best match of the day was Pee Wee/Shaheem vs. Little Eddie/Lefty partner? This match was close throughout, they could have charged a fee to watch. The semi-finals were PeeWee/Shaheem d. Lefty Henry/Joe and Dennis/Urkel d. Tyrone/Sean. The Finals was not a let down, a great match between PeeWee/Shaheem vs. Dennis/Urkel. PeeWee/Shaheem played strong throughout the tourny, but Dennis bought back in with Urkel after losing in the 1st round. The Finals: Dennis/Urkel were cruising with a 14-2 lead, and then came a great comeback by PeeWee/Shaheem. PeeWee and Shaheem were both slamming the ball so hard and taking turns hitting flat line killers/rollers. PeeWee then hit the best shot of the tournament, a spike in Urkel's left corner that seemed to land on 6th Avenue. This shot tied the game at 14-14, PeeWee/Shaheem then took the lead 20-17. It is now getting dark and hard to see the ball, but BJ said play ball. Dennis and Urkel pulled the game out and won 21-20. WOW.

"Come Strong or Don't Come at All" Philly $1,000 winner take all tournament Saturday June 22nd, 2002 - Philly, PA.           For a city with no courts Philly has some great up and coming players. Hopefully Migdog is able to get some new courts built soon. This tournament attracted all of New York City's top players. I am sure some of these players figured they would come to Philly and win easily, fat chance. The word of this doubles tournament (one thousand dollars) spread quick. I was a little surprised at first when I heard who were the winners. To win a tourny like this you have to be at the top of your game. The winners were 1st place Herman Mendez and Henry Prieto, 2nd place Ernest and Jose, 3rd place winners were little Rookie and Danny aka Black from Philly (both 17 years old).

The “B” Pyramid Singles Tournament June 22nd, 2002 at Liberty Park, Queens, NY                                                           The winner of the “B” Pyramid singles was Eric Cruz. Eric Cruz is the player who made a name for himself by upsetting "Rookie" in last years King of the Courts Tournament. The semi's were Eric Cruz defeating Shaheem and Pauly defeating Sean. In the Finals Eric Cruz defeated Pauly 21-8. This win makes Eric an open player, and from now on he will have to play with the big boys. Good luck.

The Citywide 2002 Big Blue Handball Championships!!! June 16th at Central Park, NYC.  The men's open singles results are: 1st-place ROBERT SOSTRE, 2nd-place GEORGE FIGUEROA, semi-finalist Emmitt Fitzpatrick, semi-finalist Tyrone Snell   Strong favorite "Rookie" was upset by Life guard Eddie Crespo in the early rounds.  More info. COMING SOON!!!  Due to rain the tournament will continue on June 29th.

                                                         UPDATE 6/9/02    

CISCO'S 1st CLASSIC "B" DOUBLES TOURNAMENT RESULTS  DATE: June 8th, 2002  LOCATION: 127th, Castle Hill Park, Bronx, NY. (FREE T-SHIRTS to the first 30 paid entries) PRIZES: First prize trophy and cash, Second prize trophy and cash, and third prize trophy only. Cisco had a great turnout with players from all parts of  NYC and Philly too.   The tournament was run well and the "A" players who did show up were not allowed to enter. The only "A" player who was allowed to play was Anthony Fiorino who is one of the top Paddleball players. We must give him a lot of credit for his performance since he does not even play Handball. Also we must thank Ritchie from 102nd for the delicious BBQ.                1st place - Henry Tifa and Snuka,  2nd place - Ernest and Anthony Fiorino, 3rd place - Mack and Eric                                  More information about this tournament coming soon!!!!

The Citywide Big Blue Handball Championship application

West 4th Street "A/B" doubles Tournament Results from Saturday May 11th, 2002                       UPDATE 5/18/02

1st Place - Ervin Irizarry and Shaheem, 2nd Place - Rookie and Lil Rookie, 3rd Place Ray Lopez and Ernest                       The winners of  the Tournament were shaheem and Ervin beating Rookie and Lil Rookie in the Finals, 21-11.
But let me tell you something the greatest witnessed was Ray Lopez & Ernest -vs- Rookie & Lil Rookie
in the semifinals the score was 19-8 in Ray Lopez & Ernest favor and Ray was serving, some how rookie's
will to win at all cost's got ray and Ernest down to make a huge run. There was no stopping rookie as he first took
the serve and took every ball off the wall without letting it bounce, and murdered it killer after killer not letting lil rookie touch
the ball and at that point the score was tide at 19-19, then there came a nice hanger off the wall and Rookie for some
strange reason allowed lil rookie to hit the ball, maybe he let him hit it cause he was winded from that great comeback
and lil rookie flat killed that ball to make it match point.. The next point rookie served the ball and did not take any
chances, he wanted to finish the game so he took it off the wall and killed it in front of himself to end it at 21-19
great comeback . I'm sure that had something to do with Ervin/Shaheem winning so easily I guess.                                       Information provided by Ervin Irizarry

                                                                                                                      UPDATE 5/15/02

CISCO'S 1st CLASSIC "B" DOUBLES TOURNAMENT - Absolutely no "A" players, No Cisco!!, single elimination, and Henry's on his own for this one!! DATE: June 8th, 2002 (RAIN DATE: June 23rd) LOCATION: 127th, Castle Hill Park, Bronx, NY. (Castle Hill Avenue between St. Raymond's Ave. & Glover Street) Any questions call Cisco at (646)281-7030 TIME: Sign up time is 9:30am to 10:30am (no entries after 11:00am) FEE: $30 per team (FREE T-SHIRTS to the first 30 paid entries) PRIZES: First prize trophy and cash, Second prize trophy and cash, and third prize trophy only. Come experience how a real tournament is supposed to be thrown, it will be fun to crown new Bronx Kings. So come and compete for the title, cash prizes will depend on amount of entries. Cisco's tournament article!!!

VERMONT STATE 4 WALL DOUBLES 2002                                             UPDATE 4/17/02
Vermont Handball Association Finished the 2001/2002 season with the Bill Martin Vermont State Championship Doubles Tournament. Turnout was excellent, filling three divisions A,B,and Cs.
As always three tap lines were offered and Guinness Stout was added to the fine selection of ales including Vermont's very own Long Trail Ale. Hey, these things are important. Bill Martin himself showed up for the "A" finals and proceeding VHA (Vermont Handball Association) annual banquet and member meeting. Bill recently returned from a WWII reunion where he met up with former members of his crew. Bill flew bombers in the old days and women still dig him.
"A" Division - Ken Munson and Tom Wayland.
Ken's youngest son David won the US Collegiate Doubles this year and was named an all-American. He has three Pictures in the current US Handball Magazine. Believe it or not Vermonters can play!
"B" Division - Howard Landis and Ed "Sweet shot" LaCroix
I was on the courts playing my own match, but word has it that nothing could get by Landis during the match. Well done!
"C" Division, Glenn Steinman and Richard Farrell
It is pretty common up north for Munson to win both singles and doubles in the "A" division, but not so in the Bs and Cs. This year The Rabbi and Howard Landis pulled it off. Great tournament all around and congratulations to Ralph Abling for doing another great job.
Annual Meeting Awards:
Vermont State Handball Association Sportsman of the Year in memory of Robert Donahugh went to
Gary Morgan for his personal commitment to advocate for the sport of handball!
VHA Most improved Player of the Year in memory of Rolf Stanley went to Dennis Dees.
Play handball,
Glenn Steinman

3/30/02 WEST 4TH STREET HANDBALL TOURNAMENT “B DOUBLES”                UPDATE 4/2/02                        This was the 1st outdoor tournament of the New Year. Many players and spectators showed up, and the courts were in good condition. This tournament showcased lots of young athletes, and some old timers too. It seemed like no doubles team was too strong, and anyone of them could have won today. Most of the players were from Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. I did not notice any Bronx players though. The Bronx has many good “B” players; maybe they will make it to the next tournament. “Smash” was the tournament coordinator.

The final results were 1st place – BJ and PEBBLES, 2ND place – Lifeguard ED and SHAHEEM,  3rd place – LARRY AND DONNELL. Lifeguard Ed and Shaheem were the strong favorites to win, but were upset by BJ and Pebbles (25-24).

Besides the tournament there were some fun money games too. Dave R./Cricket vs. Herman/Tyrone. Dave R./Cricket won both games. Herman/John vs. Killer Joe/Tyrone. Killer Joe/Tyrone won.  Killer Joe also defeated John in singles twice.

Vermont Four Wall                                                                                    UPDATE 3/28/02
  The "Bill Martin" Vermont State Singles Championship was held this past weekend March 22nd - 24th at Racquet's Edge in Essex Jct, VT. It should be pointed out that handball is the only sport this author knows of that holds memorial tournaments for guys that are still living. Hey it had to be said.
  Wild Bill Martin has played this great game all over the country and even overseas during "WW2" when he wasn't searching for enemy sub's. So every year we pay our respect to the players that paid their dues years before us young bloods were around. In Vermont we do this the way the old timers would have enjoyed it. Days of free beer, free food and a ridiculous amount of handball. Turnout was just enough to play three divisions, here are the final results:
Finals - Division "A" Kenny Munson d. Jeff Shulman (21,12 - 21-16)
Division "B" Howard Landis d. Mike Rossi  (21,0 - 21,16)
In Mike's defense he had played three matches, two of which went to tie breakers that day, and his party the night before went to at least 3:30 am. In fact we are not so sure it ever really ended it was just kind of interrupted by some handball. Not to knock Landis, but the goose egg had to be complete exhaustion. Hey these aren't my words this was a quote from Landis himself, who is a solid player, but no question the match should have been closer.
Division "C" Glenn Steinman d. Gary Morgan (21,14 - 21,8 )
That's right Rabbi got a trophy. Still making the adjustment from one wall to four wall. Next year the "B,'s"
Doubles Weekend April 12-13
Play Handball, Glenn Steinman (Rabbi)

May 18th: /Rain Date May 19th 2002            June 22nd: /Rain Date June 23rd 2002        
July 20th: /Rain Date July 21th 2002              August 31st: /Rain Date Sept 1st 2002
Invitational Season Final September 14th: /Rain Date Sept 15th 2002
Sign up time for all B-Pyramid tournaments is 10:00 AM -11:00 AM. Tournament fee is $15.00 for on-site entry. After 11:00 AM the sign-up fee is $20.00. NO EXCEPTIONS.(This sign up fee does not including the invitational. More details later).
All B-Pyramid Tournaments will be held at Liberty Park, Queens NY. 173rd St and Liberty Ave. Directions. E Train to last stop, take Q5 or Q85 bus to Merrick Blvd and Liberty Ave. Walk to 173rd St.
If you plan to participate you can pay a pre season fee of $40.00. which is a $5.00 discount off the on-site sign up. Any questions please see Milton or you can e-mail me at amj67@hotmail.com. I will have information on the B-Pyramid season. We have a lot of things planned including the ranking system. We look forward to the players participating and having a great Handball season.

QUEEN BEE SINGLES June 22, 2002: Rain Date June 23, 2002 $15.00 per player Sign up time 10:30 am - 11:40 am
$5.00 late fee after 11:45 am
DIVA WOMEN'S OPEN SINGLES July 20, 2002: Rain Date July 21, 2002 A-players $20.00. B-players $15.00 per player
Sign up time 10:30 am - 11:40 am $5.00 late fee after 11:45 am
WOMEN'S OPEN DOUBLES HANDICAP Aug 31, 2002: Rain Date Sept 1, 2002 A-players $20.00. B-players $15.00 per player Sign up time 10:30 am - 11:40 am $5.00 late fee after 11:45 am
All Tournaments held at Liberty Park in Jamaica Queens, 173rd St and Liberty Ave. Directions: take the E train to last stop. Take Q5 or Q 85 Bus to Merrick Blvd and Liberty Ave. Walk to 173rd St.
All Tournaments sponsored by Queen Bee Handball Association. Director: Vanessa. check streetplay.com for more information.       Contributed by Milton Jones

YMCA 1-Wall Handball Championship - March 10th, 2002   Flatbush, Brooklyn.  UPDATE 3/13/02

The tournament had some fierce competition with the likes of national champion Cesar Sala, Joe Kaplan, Robert Sostre, Kendell Lewis, Satish Jagnandan, Albert Apuzzi, Joe Durso, Pee Wee Castro, and Eric Cruz. Junior champion Alvaro Rebaza also played. Albert Apuzzi defeated Alvaro Rebaza in a nail biting 25-24 victory. Apuzzi's experience prevailed against the younger player.  Joe Kaplan and Robert Sostre seemed very impressive early on too. The 1st great match of the day was Eric Cruz vs. Pee Wee.   This game had some awesome kill shots. Eric Cruz had an early lead, but Pee Wee battled back and defeated Cruz. This match show cased two young and up and coming talents. Both of these players have unique exciting styles, and they will probably meet in the finals in future tournaments. Kendell Lewis lost to Joe Durso. Spectators mentioned Kendell Lewis was playing 4 wall Handball all winter. This might be why he looked a little off today.  The match of the day was Robert Sostre vs. Satish Jagnandan. I thought this would be the finals game, but they ended up meeting in the second round. This game alone was worth coming to the tournament. Lot's of ace's, kill's and dive's. Sostre was up early in the game. Then it was time for Satish to serve, he served several ace's and was back in the game. This game went back and forth and stayed close, until some questionable calls by the ref. Satish lost his concentration and was defeated by Robert Sostre. The upset of the day was Pee Wee defeating Cesar Sala 25-24. The semifinals ended with these results, Kaplan defeated Durso and Sostre defeated Pee Wee. Joe Kaplan's serve was on and Robert Sostre's left was on. The final was set Kaplan vs. Sostre. This was some match up, two players with great athletic skills. It was a close battle through out the whole match. Just when you thought one player was going to take over, the other made a great shot to end the volley. Robert Sostre was victorious 25-23. Sostre was just in a zone all day. He was relaxed and focused and deserved to win today.              by Jimmy Russo