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Handball Article: New York Times - Sunday October 24th, 2004 - "For A Rough and Tumble Sport, A Surprisingly Soft Spoken King" by Peter Duffy The article is about Satish Jagnandan's rise to Handball stardom. You can read the article by logging into New York Times Online....and type Handball in the websites search box.

1-Wall Mens Doubles Stop #2

By Ben Brighton


Sports are in competition with other forms of entertainment for the ticket buying public. Should I take my hard earned money and go to a movie, restaurant, or Broadway show? Bill Veeck. Owner of the Chicago White Sox, understood this 50 years ago. He came up with a series of promotions (such as firework displays and adding a midget into the lineup) to attract fans to his ballpark. The Yankees started give away days (free bats or balls), old-timers day and other events to fill the stands.


Well the promotion idea has hit handball. Tournament promoters have always offered food, drinks and t-shirts to attract players. PeeWee Castro and Willie Polanco came up with the unique and novel idea to induce players into participating in their tournament. A cash incentive of $100 to the team that beats them. In effect they placed a bounty or target on themselves.


The field of eight teams included a mix of up and coming youngsters as well as veterans and current stars. In the quarters, Robert Smallwood and Stan Zavoyskiy lost to PeeWee and Willie 25-14, Paulie Angel and Kareem Wilkerson gave a good accounting of themselves but went down 25-15 to Dave Rojas and Rookie Wright, Herman Mendez and "Snuka" Rodriguez made Cesar Sala and  Robert Sostre earn their 25-14 victory and Albert Apuzzi and Tony Roberts defeated Jon Lee and Alvaro Rebaza 25-14. Albert filled in for Joe Kaplan who had to drop out due to work.


In the semis, Apuzzi and Roberts lost a competitive 25-12 game to Castro and Polanco, while Sala and Sostre left Rojas and Wright on 14.


The finals was action packed. Cesar and Rob were on a mission as they defeated the 2004 USHA National Champions 25-15. The game was closer than the score indicated as there were many long rallies ending with a crowd pleasing killshot or miscue that brought groans from the crowd. Sala played tremendous and flawlessly. I've been critical of his play in the past; only because I expect greatness which he has only shown occasionally. Robert was steady as an anchor on the right side. Congratulations to Sala and Sostre as well as all those who made donations.


***NOTE - The results of this USHA sanctioned tournament will be used, instead of the Mayor's Cup (which did not meet the guidelines) in the USHA rankings.

Results - A/B Doubles - Saturday October 9th, 2004 - Knickerbocker Park, Brooklyn, NY    In the Finals it was the 2004 Big Blue Citywide Doubles Champion's Jaime Rivera and Pauly Yagual defeating Ervin Irizarry and Oscar DeJesus.

ONE THE COURT - SERVE Magazine's supplement/Newsletter - VOL. 2 Issue NO.3 Sept/Oct 2004 - Published by: Ace Tour Handball

Handball Article!!! Courier Post Online - Tuesday October 5th, 2004 - (South Jersey) Handball: City game gains in popularity elsewhere!!!

Results - Ace Tour Championships - Saturday October 2nd, 2004 - Liberty Park, Queens, NY   This was the 2nd Pro Singles small ball event hosted at Liberty Park this year. Spectators were wowed with some of the spectacular playing. In the semi-finals: Satish Jagnandan d. Tyrone Snell, and Cesar Sala d. Jonathan Iglesias. In the Finals it was Satish Jagnandan defeating Cesar Sala 21-9, 21-17. Rumors were circulating that many of the Pro players did not play in this event due to Jagnandan and Sala's domination in recent tournaments. Many of the younger players are taking advantage of any chance they get to play the top players...Lookout they will soon be the pro's of the future as they gain vital tournament experience.  Tourney coordinated by Milton Jones

(photo L-R  Snell, Sala, Jagnandan, and Iglesias)


PeeWee Castro & Willie Polanco

Results - Open Doubles & "B" Doubles - Saturday September 25th, 2004 - Edison Park, Queens, NY. This event was coordinated by Fred Lynch from West 4th Street, with no web coverage, and promoted by word of mouth....he had a huge turnout (only a $5 entry fee and had a $500 prize.) In the Open event: semi-finals PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco d. John "Rookie" Wright/Emmitt Fitzpatrick 21-19, and Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas d. Jamie Rivera/Paulie Yagual. In the Finals it was Castro/Polanco d. Mendez/Rojas 21-4. In the "B" Doubles it was an all Bronx Finals...the match never finished due to darkness, but 1st place was awarded to Oscar DeJesus/Lenny (Human Racquet) d. Jerry Afaro/Pete Rivera. Players from the Bronx were criticized in the past for not traveling to tournaments...not this year, they are representing in Big Blue and small ball Handball.

Oscar DeJesus & Lenny


Results - Marty O'Malley Classic, Pro Open Singles - Saturday September 25th, 2004 - Bailey Park, Bronx, NY   13 players participated in the rescheduled event due to rain the week before, the low turnout was also due to other tournaments running at the same time. Those who did come to watch were not disappointed. A rising star was born, 17 year old Emmanuel "E" Fuentes defeated Open players Jesus Ayala and Milton Jones to get to the Semi-Finals. Emmanuel is a one of Satish Jagnandan's Handball students. All who attended were treated to high level Handball and FREE FOOD!!! In the Semi-Finals it was Cesar Sala defeating Raul Retian, and Satish Jagnandan defeating Emmanuel Fuentes. In the Finals it was the match everyone was waiting for...Satish Jagnandan from Bailey Park who has won this tournament  3 years in a row vs. Cesar Sala...who some feel is the best player from Coney Island since Durso and Apuzzi. Today belonged to Sala though.....Satish jumped out to an 8-1 lead and looked comfortable on his home court; but Cesar with no pressure on him roared past Satish, and never looked back winning 25-14. Hail Cesar!!!  (photo left-right Retian, Sala, Garcia, Jagnandan, and Fuentes.)


Results - Marty O'Malley Classic, Pro Open Doubles - Sunday September 19th, 2004 - Bailey Park, Bronx, NY  With the threat of rain only 8 teams showed up to do battle in this small ball event. The hottest Doubles team of the year did show up...and they took home another Championship. In the Finals PeeWee Castro and Willie Polanco defeated Tony Roberts and Joe Kaplan. The next event at Bailey Park will be a Pro Singles on Saturday September 25th, 2004.   (photo L-R Castro, Kaplan, Garcia, Roberts, and Polanco)

USHA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Sunday November 14th, 2004 - Honoring Al Torres. Al Torres winner of 11 Open National Handball Titles, and 35+ National Handball Titles.

Al Torres By Ben Brighton

Athletes used to be the heroes and role models for our youth.  We all collected bubblegum cards of our favorite ballplayers. Memorizing the statistics on the back, saying we were Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays when we came up to bat during our stickball games.


But times have changed, where athletes once graced the boxes of Wheaties their pictures today might be in a police album. A player out of the line-up could be serving time for a crime. Athletes spend as much time in court as on the court. The debate still rages on whether Pete Rose belongs in the Baseball hall of fame. Fans are willing to overlook character, leadership, upstanding citizenship when discussing their favorite player.


Into the sea of troubled waters we have Al Torres, who is being inducted into the USHA Handball Hall of fame. Al's 4 decade long (60s-90s) career of excellence including multiple titles in singles and doubles speaks for itself. But it is the man behind the titles that deserves our praise and recognition. He has always carried himself in a quiet and dignified manner. When he enters the park, and you greet him "Hi Al", it is almost like you're saying "Hi Mr. Torres". In sports where bad manners, bad behavior and showboating are the norm, Al has always been about class and dignity, respecting himself and the sport.



*QuJHO Awards for 2004 *   *Junior Players of the Year for 2004*

*Male* – Victor LoPierre – Winning three National Junior Titles (19 &
Under Four Wall, and the 19 three wall at Venice & Toledo) and Coming in
Second in the Collegiate Pyramid. Winner the Mayors Cup B singles and
getting to the Semis in the Utopia Open.

----Michael Schneider jr. - Winning the Mayor's Cup Juniors and Slammed at the Junior one-wall Nationals.

*Female* --- Alethia Mendez – Winning the B's at the Women's Classic and
Nationals in 4 Wall.

*Most Improved* – Richard Barquero – General Play and winning the C in
Four Wall and placing very high at the High School Pyramid and Also
leading his Team St Francis Prep to the Catholic Championships.

*Comeback Player* – Ference Dominguez -- For his Dominating performance
in Winning the Collegiate pyramid. Also his win with Victor LoPierre in
the John Sabo Doubles.

*Best Newcomer* – Tyree Bastidas. --- For his Dominating performance in
Winning every 13 and under event he entered in one wall. Also reaching
the semis in Venice Beach and Finals in Toledo.


*Volunteer* -- Michael F Watson – For his tireless efforts on be haft of

*Booster Award* --- Joe Cassidy, Albert Apuzzi Jr.

*Adult Players of the Year for 2004*

*Male* – John Wright – For Winning the King of the Courts and City Wide.

*Male* – Satish Jagnandan – for Winning both the Mayors Cup and One Wall
Nationals, and Overall play in every event entered.

*Female* – Brenda Pares – For Winning the Queen of the Courts and The
One Wall Nationals and Consultations in Toledo.

*Female* – Sydell Smith – For Winning the Women's 35 Singles and Open
Doubles with Tracy Davis in Toledo.

Results - A/B Doubles - Sunday September 12th, 2004 - West 4th Street Courts, West 4th/6th Avenue, NYC      The winners of the West 4th Street A/B Doubles were Herman Mendez and Snuka ("BX Beast").

Results - Park Side A/B Doubles - September 11th, 2004 - Park Side Houses, Bronx, NY    In the Finals Herman Mendez and Giovanni "Lil Rookie" Vasquez defeated Lenny the "Human Raquet" and Pete Rivera (University). Coming in 3rd place was Cisco Aponte and Jerry (Park side).

Results - Wildman Rick's 2nd Annual Open Doubles & Women's singles - September 5th, 2004 - Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY  The tournament had a "King of the Courts" atmosphere....with 25 teams and over 100 spectators. The semi-finals winners were John "Rookie" Wright/Gio "Lil Rook" Vasquez defeating Ray Lopez/Ervin Irizarry 21-7 and in the other semi-final match it was PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco defeating Darnell Sutton/Rich(Bronx) 21-13.  In the Finals PeeWee Castro and Willie Polanco pulled out the win against "Rookie" and Lil "Rook" 25-23. PeeWee and Willie were losing at one point, but PeeWee's quickness and Willie's strong playing was the difference. Rookie and Lil Rook played great but seemed to lose steam towards the end. Prizes: 1st place $400/trophies, 2nd place $200/trophies. The Women's singles winners were 1st place Jackie (Van Cortlandt Park, BX), and 2nd place Regina (St. Mary's Park, BX). Tournament coordinator Ricky Montalvo

Results - OOHA-2K4 Doubles Tournament - September 4th, 2004 - John Burns Park, Massapequa, L.I., NY   The tournament was partially sponsored by White Castle (T-shirts & coupons were distributed) to players and refs. 14 team participated in the event. The winners were Tyrone Snell and Karen McConney, they defeated Darwin Lee and Marcell by default. (Both players got injured due to cramping)  The score was 16-10. Tourney coordinator was Lenny Salvo

Results - Open Doubles Tournament - August 29th, 2004, PS. 127, Castle Hill, Bronx, NY  The tournaments original date of August 21st was rained out, 10 teams did show up for the unofficial rescheduled date.  In the Finals it was the "BX Beast" Snuka and Robert Ortiz defeating Herman Mendez and Dave Rojas by default. Herman had to leave due to a family emergency, Snuka and Rob were leading by the score of 12-9.  Tourney coordinated by Tony "Sniper"

East Coast 3 Wall Handball is Alive in New Jersey!!! HandballCity will start to cover select 3 Wall Handball Events.

Is it true? Rumor has it that video game developer Rock Star Games has begun production on a one-wall Handball video game.  Early August at West 4th Street, New York City. Spectators said that players were wearing sensors on their bodies to record movement while they were playing handball. If anyone has more information, please forward to: Jimmy  This can be a major step forward with promoting Handball to kids across the world.

Results - ABEHA $1,000 Annual Open Doubles - August 15th, 2004 - Jordan Park, Allentown, PA

The official results of the Allentown Big East Open Doubles Tournament are as follows;
1st Place- Peewee Castro/Willie Polanco  (Brooklyn)
2nd Place- John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch (West $th St Nyc)
3rd Place- Bucky/Paulie Yagual  (Atwn/Nyc)
4th Place- Harold Morales/Squiggy (Atwn/Brooklyn)
5th Place- Herman "El Duro" Mendez/ Snuka  (Nyc/Bronx)
It was a great handball weather, not to hot or to cold it was just right. I know the East Coastal shores like NY area was raining like heck! but in Allentown, Pa it wasn't. In the 1st round the game to watch was Rookie/Fred vs Allentown's own Skinny/BMX Lou, it was Bmx Lou's 1st tournament and the Kidd was a real eye opener crushing some good killers in Rookie's left corner in which rookie couldn't even touch, the team of Skinny/Bmx Lou got of to a great start but despite Lou's hard playing was no match for the over-powering skills of Rookie, which was taking them too lightly at first and then turned it on and it was over...Rookie/Fred won 21-12. The other 1st round game to see was Herman "El Duro'/Snuka vs Rob/Superman Dave from Staten Island. The game was tight at first and Herman/Snuka weren't playing as good at all, when Herman comes up to serve and blasted 3 aces down the middle and started heating up and finished the game...Herman/Snuka won 21-13. In The 2nd round it was Bucky/Paulie Yagual vs Wally/M&M, Now with new arrival of Bucky a part of the Allentown Big East Handball Association is representing Allentown now!!! He and Paulie were out to prove something against Wally/M&M it was an exciting game to watch, hard fought throughout, you name it they did it killers, spikes, hustle, diving killers, 360 degrees turnaround angle shots, behind the back and between the legs ...man it's as good as it can get but Bucky's savvy experience and court presence and his snake drop shot that did them in. Bucky/paulie won 21-19 then came the slaughter Peewee/Willie vs Herman/Snuka right away Peewee/Willie came out swinging scoring a lot of points and Herman/Snuka were digging a hole for themselves, Peewee provided the knockout punch an took them out 21-10. now, in the Semifinals it was Rookie/Fred vs Harold/Squiggy they got demolished. Rookie/Fred  won 21-5, in the other Semifinal game it was Bucky/Paulie vs Peewee/Willie. It was a very good game, Bucky/Paulie were playing very good together they were picking shots up like crazy and putting a lot of pressure on Willie but he was holding his own and Peewee had Buck diving all over the place. Peewee/Willie can run the NYC Marathon and still compete in a tournament like nothing, there endurance is very high, and with Bucky's degenaritive knees they had him tired and Paulie was just playing too safe just keeping the ball on the wall wasn't good enough, there were a lot of hard fought volleys, there was even one volley that went on forever, at least 20 returns. Peewee/Willie weren't even breaking a sweat (freaking mustangs), they put on a awesome display of stamina, endurance and team experience...they knew exactly where the other was going to be at. It enabled them to surpass Bucky/Paulie, Peewee/Willie won 21-16.Now, in the Finals the team of Rookie/Fred vs. Peewee/Willie forget about it, it was over as it started Peewee/Willie took a 13-2 lead and never looked back. The play of the game was when Rookie spiked it twice in the left corner and Peewee picked up the 1st one and returned it high on the wall and Rookie retrieved it and smacked another hard spike and again Peewee just barely picks that one up, you could've seen the frustration on Rookie face, Man, he picked that one up!! Oh! well now pick this one up!! An Rookie spiked so hard it propelled right into the sky right over Peewee head, everyone was astonished and the crowd went wild!!!! we had to wait 5 minutes for the ball to come back to Earth, but  after that it was all Peewee/Willie, Rookie/Fred started a mini comeback 19-9 then 21-12. Peewee had Fred's corner lit up, it was fire!!!!!,  they isolated Fred and Peewee was shooting everything to Fred's right corner and closing out the game 25-14. Congratulations to the winners Peewee/Willie and thanks to all who participated in the tournament, everyone that down from Philly, Reading, Staten Island and New York. I heard it was pouring over there but over here we were fortunate enough to have good. Special thanks to Migdog and his crew from Philly, Rookie and his West 4th St crew, Herman & Snuka, Peewee Castro & Willie Polanco and Zeav with Staten Island crew Superman Dave & Rob.    information provided by Hector Diaz - tournament coordinator

2004 Pro Handball Small Ball Summary - Check out all the action so far...      USHA Rankings coming soon!!!

Results - Professional Small Ball Championships - Saturday August 14th, 2004 - Utopia Parkway & 73rd Ave., Queens, NY - Sponsored by Leecon Construction Inc.

1st place $1,000
2nd place $250
Semis $100

Cesar Sala -->

More info Coming Soon!!!








Top Row, Left to Right-
1st Place, Henry Santiago (Brooklyn, NY)
2nd Place, Carlos Figueroa (Brooklyn, NY)
3rd Place, Wally Amaro (Philadelphia, PA)
4th Place, Izzy Alvarado (Waterbury, CT)


With players from Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx. Hartford, New Britain, and Waterbury: We had a very exciting weekend of handball, at a high competitive level.

Next year there should be an increase in prize money and ESPN Coverage!


Results - Lakewood Park Annual Tournament Singles & Doubles - August 7-8th, 2004 - Lakewood Park, Waterbury, CT

Singles Results:
Winning two matches to none in best of three by the scores of,15-

1st Place, Henry Santiago (Brooklyn, NY)
2nd Place, Carlos Figueroa (Brooklyn, NY)

Winning two matches to none in best of three by the scores of, 15-
3rd Place, Wally Amaro (Philadelphia, PA)
4th Place, Izzy Alvarado (Waterbury, CT)


Dr. Gonzalez-Associated Spine and Rehab.
Ektelon Sports Gear
Space Age Copy


Doubles Results:

Winning two matches to none in best of three by the scores of, 21-

1st Place, Henry Santiago and Damian (Brooklyn, NY)
2nd Place, Wally Amaro and Carlo Velez (Philadelphia, PA)

Winning two matches to one by the scores of 15-10/20-22/21-19.

3rd Place, Hector Lugo and Danny (Hartford, CT)
4th Place, Miguel Torres and Tito (Philadelphia, PA)


information provided by Felix Osorio - Director L.P.H.A.



Skybounce Ball Co., Inc.
Berties-Jamaican and West Indian Restaurant
La Borinquena Restaurant
The City of Waterbury - Dept. of Parks and Recreation
The Lakewood Park Handball Association

Top Row, Left to Right-
1st Place, Henry Santiago and Damian (Brooklyn NY)
2nd Place, Wally Amaro and Carlo Velez (Philadelphia, PA)
Second Row, Left to Right-
4th Place, Tito and Miguel Torres (Philadelphia, PA)
3rd Place, Hector Lugo and Danny (Hartford, CT)









Results - U.S.H.A. One-Wall Nationals - August 5-8th, 2004 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY   Satish Jagnandan wins the men's open singles by defeating John "Rookie" Wright, Brenda Pares wins the women's open singles by defeating Veronica Figueroa...both matches went to tie-breakers. The men's open doubles winners were PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco defeating John "Rookie" Wright/Dave Rojas. The women's open doubles winners were Anna Calderon/Theresa McCourt defeating Karen McConney/Adrian Floyd. FULL RESULTS, ARTICLES,  and PHOTOS.....COMING SOON!!!

Satish holding $1,000 check, & Brenda holding the hardware with the Hickman's.

Results - USHA Nationals - Thursday, August 5th, 2004  - 1st Day Results

USHA one-wall Nationals, August 5-8th, 2004, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY  drawsheets, including playing times.  David Chapman 4 -Wall Pro Superstar will be playing in this years one-wall Nationals.

Results - S.A.H.A. The King of the Courts - Saturday July 31st, 2004, Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, NY    The 2004 King of the Courts was by far the best tournament of the year so far...it had lived up to all the hype prior to the event. The original date was cancelled due to rain. The King of the Courts singles tournament is where stars are born and reputations are made. If you defeat a top player it is just as big as winning the whole tournament...and we had many upsets this year. The tournament had 64 entrees and was coordinated very well by Dwight Worley - president of the St. Albans Handball Association. Why such a success?? Large prize money and trophies for 1st place through 8th place, the tournament had huge fan support, food (BBQ), drinks, and T-shirts were for sale, high energy drama game after game, and most of the best one-wall Handball players in the world played. The winner of 2004 KOTC was John "Rookie Wright (ranks #1) defeating Lefty George Figueroa (ranks #2) 25-20. Lefty Henry Santiago captures 3rd place. (ranks #3) Comeback of the year was "Tyrone Snell". (ranks #4) The star that was born was named "Justin". (ranks #5) Reggie Mckeiver shows he is still a top player (ranks #6) The Prince Emmitt Fitzpatrick lost to the winner. (ranks #7)  Rejuvenating his Handball career was "Ervin Irizarry". (ranks #8)    Full Results, Articles, and Photos Coming Soon!!!!

Results - Continuation of the ICHA Mayor's Cup Championships - Sunday July 25th, 2004 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY    Winning the women's open singles was Brenda Pares defeating Anna Calderon 21-11, 21-15. The women's open doubles winners were Anna Calderon/Theresa McCourt defeating Tracy Davis/Sydell Smith 21-14, 21-12. The men's open doubles winners were PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco defeating John "Rookie" Wright/Dave Rojas (21-17), 21-14, 11-4.  info provided by Albert Apuzzi  More Info coming soon!!

Results - Jack Lynch National Capital Tournament - July 17-18th, 2004 - Wheaton Regional Park, Wheaton, MD     
Wheaton Regional Park, Wheaton, Maryland was again the scene of the revived Jack Lynch's National Capital One-Wall Tournament.  Although the draw was smaller than last year, those who did turn out played enthusiastically and well, and everyone enjoyed the action, Gatorade and pizzas.  The tournament was also graced by the unique appearances of two father-son teams in the Open/Masters Doubles, Dan and Eli Zimet and Alan and Mort Frank.  Special thanks to Doug Katz (who designed the tournament shirts), Tony Merlene (who set up the courts and kept the Gatorade flowing), Bob Abrams and Linda Edwards (who created the foam core boards for the draw sheets and helped with other logistics), Alan Frank (who set up the draw), and Dan Zimet (our hard working Maryland State Chairman).
Open/Masters Singles:
    Semi-Finals:  Dan Zimet(Md) d. John Egnor(Va), 21-3, 21-9; David Sheldon(NY) d. Alan Frank(Md), 21-3, 21-9.
    Finals:  Sheldon d. Zimet, 15-21, 21-18, 11-4.
Open/Masters Doubles: 
    Semi-Finals:  Dan Zimet/Eli Zimet(Md) d. Rick Anderson(Md)/ Skeeter Blizzard(Pa), 21-3, 21-5; David Sheldon/Bob Dyke(Va) d. Alan Frank/Mort Frank(Md), 15-21, 21-18, 11-9.
    Finals:  Zimet/Zimet d. Sheldon/Dyke, 21-12, 21-20.
Golden Singles:
    Semi-Finals:  John Egnor d. Mike Gabel(Md), 21-5, 21-15; Bob Dyke d. Louis Fidel(Va), 21-9, 21-4.
    Finals:  Egnor d. Dyke, 15-21, 21-2, 11-8.
Golden Doubles:
    Semi-Finals:  Mike Gabel/Steve Estrada(Md) d. Charlie Tiplitz(Md)/Jack Teller(Md), 21-5, 21-11; Bob Abrams(Md)/Phil Shapiro(Md) d. Elliott Greenwald(Md)/ Roy Weinstock(Va), 21-13, 21-13.
    Finals:  Abrams/Shapiro d. Greenwald/Weinstock, 21-8, 21-10.
Super/Diamond Singles:
    Semi-Finals:  Roy Weinstock d. Tony Merlene(Md), 21-4, 21-3; Mort Frank d. Lew Buckingham(Pa), 21-13, 21-2.
    Finals:  Frank d. Weinstock, 17-21, 21-15, 11-9.
    To make this tournament practical for the future, we need to have at least 25-30 players.  In 2003, we had 32; this year we had only 23.  So we're on the edge as far as being able to continue this event.  Despite all, a $100 contribution was made in memory of Jack Lynch to the USHA's Joe Ardito Junior Travel Fund.  It's a good cause.



Partial Results - ICHA Mayor's Cup Championships - July 18th, 2004 - Orchard Beach, Bronx, NY   Due to rain the tournament was not completed.

Satish Jagnandan serving to Cesar Sala in the Finals.


Semis – Cesar Sala d. Robert Sostre, Satish Jagnandan d. Joe Kaplan

Finals – Jagnandan d. Sala (18),5,9


Semis – PeeWee Castro/William Polanco d. Satish Jagnandan/Robert Sostre

Dave Rojas/Rookie Wright d. Joe Kaplan/Cesar Sala

Finals – Rojas/Wright are leading 18-10 in the first game




Semis – Brenda Pares d. Karen McConney 11,9, Anna Calderon d. Dori Ten 14,19

Finals – Brenda Pares won the first game 21-11 and is losing the second game 7-4. Anna injured her left ankle while attempting to play Brenda’s return of serve and was using an injury time out when it started to rain. The rain worsened and play was halted for the day.


Semis – Anna Caderon/Theresa McCourt d. Barbara Jackson/Dori Ten

Tracy Davis/Sydell Smith d. Adrian Floyd/Karen McConney

Finals – Must be rescheduled due to rain.



Semis – Dan Vera d. Armando Duchense, Lin Fernandez d. Paul Williams default

Finals – Vera d. Fernandez 16,13


Semis – Mike Angley/ Dan Vera d. Grim/O’Donnell 1,0, George Brandberg/ Paul Williams d. Mike Testa/Rob Weissbard

Finals – Angley/Vera d. Brandberg/Williams 1,13


Semis – Dioniglio/Vignola bye, Sal Catuadella/Mike Grabowski d. Carl Cohen/Steve Rosenberg 8,7

Finals – Catuadella/Grabowski d. Dioniglio/Vignola (5),7,7



Semis – Carlos Espinal d. Iglesias (11),12,10, Victor LoPierre d. Eliel Torres 15,17

Finals –


Semis – Paul Angel/Kareem Wilkerson d. Carlos Espinal/Phat Kat Soriano (19),18,3, Caleb Torres/Eliel Torres d. Ference Domiguez/Victor LoPierre 17,(13,8

Finals – Torres/Torres d. Angel/Wilkerson



Semis – Alethia Mendez d. Nabia 19,2, Cynthia Johnson d. Talia Elfassy 19,9

Finals – Mendez d. Johnson 6,3


Semis - Aaron Velez d. Wand Jr. 7,0, Juned Khan d. Roman Ramdas 17,2

Finals – Velez d. Khan (10),14,9



Semis – Dennis Uffer bye, Ron Eaton d. Tom Adams 0,8

Finals – Uffer 7,(14),10


Finals – Steve Kraft/Dennis Uffer d. Ron Eaton/Reyes (19),12,2


Today July 19th is the deadline for the USHA 1-wall Nationals. Payment by credit card can be done by calling 520-795-0434

Results - USHA/ICHA Junior One-Wall Nationals - July 10-11th, 2004 - Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY    Michael Schneider -  Slams!!!

Boy’s 19&Under Singles
First Round: Adrian Granite (Rego Park, NY) d. Emmanuel Fuentes (Bronx, NY), 19, (4), 8; Michael Lopez (Bronx, NY) d. Peter Mark (New York, NY), 8, 5; Ivan Wong (Little Neck, NY) d. Matthew Thomas (Brooklyn, NY), forfeit; Victor LoPierre (Forest Hills, NY) d. Tiankan Li (Brooklyn, NY), 17, 8; Jonathan Iglesias (Elmhurst, NY) d. Johnny Fernandez (Richmond Hill, NY), 6, 5; Patrick Chiu (Fresh Meadows, NY) d. William O’Donnell (Bayside, NY), (19), 8, 4; Juned Khan (New York, NY) d. Nicky Roman (New York, NY), 16, (10), 10.
Quarterfinals: Michael Schneider Jr. (Richmond Hill, NY) d. Granite, 6, 11; Lopez d. Wong, 9, 9; Iglesias d. LoPierre, (12), 17, 3; Khan d. Chiu, 20, (17), 10.
Semifinal: Schneider d. Lopez, 9, 16; Iglesias d. Khan, 5, 13.
Final: Schneider d. Iglesias, 15, 19.
Consolation Winner: Emmanuel Fuentes

Boy’s 19&Under Doubles
First Round: Michael Schneider/ Johnny Fernandez (NY) d. Peter Mark/ Ngai (NY), 14, 8; Patrick Chiu/ Tiankan Li (NY) d. Jonathan Iglesias/ Jurell Bastidas (NY), (19), 8, 9; Sammy Nguyen/ Juned Khan (NY) d. Nicky Roman/ Ivan Wong (NY), (14), 11, 10; Victor LoPierre/ Adrian Granite (NY) d. Robert Smallwood/ Michael Lopez (NY), 13, 12.
Semifinals: Schneider/ Fernandez d. Chiu/ Li, 9, 20; LoPierre/ Granite d. Nguyen/ Khan, 10, 11.
Final: Schneider/ Fernandez d. LoPierre/ Granite, 5, (18), 10.


Girl’s 19&Under Doubles
Final: Na Liu/ Tali Elfassy (NY) d. Dawn Lau/ Eileen Tsai (NY), 2, 13.

Girl’s 19&Under Singles – Round Robin
1st Place: Tali Elfassy d. Na Liu, (20), 6, 6; Dawn Lau, 9, 5; Eileen Tsai, 11, 9.
2nd Place: Na Liu d. Eileen Tsai, 12, 14; Dawn Lau, 1, 0.

Boy’s 17&Under Singles
Preliminary Round: Anderson Pelaez (Jackson Hts., NY) d. Quang Zhang (New York, NY), forfeit; Jurrell Bastidas (New York, NY) d. Eric Tan (Brooklyn, NY), 4, 2.
First Round: Stan Zavoyskiy (Brookyn, NY) d. Pelaez, 9, 20; Richard Barquero (Jackson Hts., NY) d. Robert Smallwood (Bronx, NY), 14, 19; Emmanuel Fuentes (Bronx, NY) d. Sammy Nguyen (Brooklyn, NY), 18, 13; William O’Donnell (Bayside, NY) d. Bastidas, 19, 15.
Semifinals: Zavoyskiy d. Barquero, 14, 12; O'Donnell d. Fuentes, 19, 14.
Final: O'Donnell d. Zavoyskiy, 17, 11.
Consolation Winner: Anderson Pelaez

Boy’s 13&Under Singles
First Round: Aaron Hedley (Owl’s Head, ME) d. Adam Hall (Rockland, ME), 10, 6; Michael Olarte (Elmhurst, NY) d. Ben Ward (Rockland, ME), 6, 11.
Semifinals: Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn, NY) d. Hedley, 3, 13; Olarte d. Cody Colby (Owl’s Head, ME), 10, 14.
Final: Bastidas d. Olarte, 17, 14.

Boy’s 15&Under Singles
First Round: James Flaherty (Flushing, NY) d. Nick Garvey (Brooklyn, NY), 15, 8; Kevin Ward (Brooklyn, NY) d. Billy Gialas (Little Neck, NY), (14), 18, 6; Eric Tan (Brooklyn, NY) d. Alden Shelly (Owl’s Head, ME), 14, 13.
Quarterfinals: Stan Zavoyskiy (Brooklyn, NY) d. Flaherty, 13, (19), 2; Michael Leung (Brooklyn, NY) d. Michael Zhuang (New York, NY), forfeit; Gary Chang (Brooklyn, NY) d. Ward, 11, 6; Alex Gavryushenko (New York, NY) d. Tan, 4, 11.
Semifinals: Zavoyskiy d. Leung, 10, 4; Gavryushenko d. Chang, (17), 18, 1.
Finals: Zavoyskiy d. Gavryushenko, 11, 8.
Consolation Winner: Alden Shelly

Boy’s 15&Under Doubles
First Round: James Flaherty/ Billy Gialas (NY) d. Aaron Hedley/ Ben Ward (ME), 1, 3; Nick Garvey/ Kevin Ward (NY) d. Danny Stosic/ James Lizzul (NY), 20, 17.
Semifinals: Alex Gavryushenko/ Gary Chang (NY) d. Flaherty/ Gialas, 8, 18; Garvey/ Ward d. Alden Shelly/ Cody Colby (ME), 12, 9.
Final: Gavryushenko/ Chang d. Garvey/ Ward, 6, 4.

Results - "B" Doubles - Sunday July 11th, 2004 - Juniper Valley Park, 80th St. & Juniper Blvd., Queens, NY    
In the semi-finals it was Christian Rivas (Elmurst) /Fabian defeated Wally Amaro and Brian (Philly) 21-19; Jamie Rivera/Paulie Yagual defeated Allen Sanchez (Elmurst) and B.J (West 4th St.) 21-7. In the Finals Jamie and Paulie defeated Christian and Fabian 21-5 1st prize $400; 2nd Prize $150  info provided by Margo

Results - SAHA Queen of the Courts - Women's Singles - Saturday July 10th, 2004 - Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, NY 

semis: Karen McConney d. Maggie Crespo 21-10, Brenda Pares d. Lori Acevedo 21-17
finals: Pares d. McConney 25-21

"Brenda Pares" the brunette with a Volleyball player build...far from the Anna Kournikova of Handball. Anna Kournikova at her best was only ranked #17th in the world in Tennis. After winning the Queen of the Courts Brenda is now one of the #1 female Big Blue players in the world. She is also seeking a National Championship title with the small ball in a couple of weeks.  If this was another sport Brenda would have landed a modeling contract promoting women's sportswear or sports drinks. Brenda has shown with determination you can become a great player. She entered numerous tournaments to gain experience, played against male players, and practiced in the off season. This shows if you try hard enough you can be anything you want to be. Look out for the Brenda Pares exclusive HandballCity.com interview!!!

Brenda Pares serving.

Results - Allentown "Sportsfest" Annual Small-ball Handball Tournament - Saturday July 10th, 2004 - Jordan Park, Allentown, PA.   Touranament coordinators - Neil Leiby & Larry Shankweiler. You couldn't pick a more perfect day to play in a tournament, the competition was  ruff & rugged but after some very good matches, the team of Hector "Repoman" Diaz and his partner George Negrete pulled it off to win the tournament, it was a real handicapper literally speaking... 1st place: Hector "Repoman" Diaz / George Negrete, 2nd place: Johnny Jimenez / Bob Kester, 3rd place: Tommy Howard Jr. / Dick Keiper, 4th place: Joe Gritter / John Stevens.     Thanks to everyone who helped and supported; Leo Todd, Randy (Reading), Frank Zuercker, Frank Jelensitz.     "Sports Fest" - Handball Champions  info by Hector Diaz

Results - OOHA "B" Doubles - Saturday July 3rd, 2004 - Edison Park, 164th St./Grand Central Pkwy, Queens, NY.  This was the 1st "B" Doubles tournament where "A" players can play...but only with a female player. The tournament was advertised as the White Castle Open, but due to the holiday weekend which caused a poor turnout...it was cancelled. Everyone kept asking where the White Castle cheeseburgers were? Those who did come were treated to some high caliber Handball...especially since the #1 Big Blue Handball player in the world was present (John "Rookie" Wright). Rookie teamed up with Gladys Miranda. "The Wildman was on the loose again" who left his cage open?? In 2nd round action it was Oscar DeJesus and Gio "Lil Rook" Vasquez defeating Rookie/Miranda 21-20. Rookie missed a murderous kill shot with point game, this gave DeJesus/Vasquez the serve and they ended the match. Then Herman Mendez and Julie defeated Lefty Henry Santiago & Tamika Pearson, and Jamie Rivera and Dennis Beadreau defeated Emmitt Fitzpatrick and Bernice Torres.  (They did not allow Jamie and Pauly Yagual to play together after winning the "Open doubles Citywide") Wildman Rick Montalvo and Larry Dubois also advanced by defeating Rivera/Beadreau in the the most exciting game of the day. With Larry hooking the ball and Rick in a Killing Zone all day...they were just to strong. In the Semi-Finals it was Montalvo/Dubois defeating DeJesus/Vasquez in a very hard fought game where Lil Rook Vasquez went flying in the air and rolled the ball out twice. Herman Mendez and Julie got a bye to get into the Finals. In the Finals Wildman and Larry got off to a fast start with a 10-0 lead, many felt the match was over...then Herman gets up to serve and scores 11 straight points. Herman was hitting the ball so hard they could not even touch it, let alone put it back on the wall. Finally with the score 11-10 Rick and Larry got their composure back and pulled out the win by picking on the weaker player.   Wildman Rick talks!!!  HBC Exclusive!!!

Results - $1,000 A/B Doubles - Sunday June 27th, 2004 - West 4th Street Courts, West 4th/6th Avenue, NYC    In the Finals it was John "Rookie" Wright and Gio "Lil Rookie" Vasquez defeating Oscar DeJesus and Robert Sostre 21-2.

Results - A.B.E.H.A. "B" Doubles - Saturday June 26th, 2004 - Jordan Park, Allentown, PA.   1st place Mello & Bucky ($200) Bronx, 2nd place Zeav & Superman Frankie ($100) Staten Island, 3rd place Skinny & Junior     info by Big Hec  A.B.E.H.A.

Results - A/B Doubles - Saturday June 19th, 2004 - West 4th Street Courts, West 4th/6th Avenue, NYC    In the Finals Herman Mendez and Snuka defeated Emmitt Fitzpatrick and Paulie Yagual.  info by B.J.

Results - L.T.H.A. Diva - Women's Open singles - Saturday June 19th, 2004 - Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, NY    The winners were 1st place Karen McConney, 2nd place TeeTee Simmons, 3rd place Veronica Figueroa, 4th place Brenda Pares       info by Brenda Pares

Results - Graduation Day "B" Singles & Doubles - Saturday June 19th, 2004 - Frank D. O'Conner Playground, 78th St.& Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens, NY   Allen Sanchez won the Graduation Day Tournament by defeating Sean Pearlman 21-19. In the Doubles the winners were Darnell and Armando from West 4th over Shiron and Jose from Maple Park 21-12 info by Michael Watson - Elmhurst Handball Club

Results - 2004 Big Blue Citywide Handball Championships - Sunday June 13th, 2004 - London Plantree Park, Queens, NY  Results, Photos, and Articles.    >  >  >    Feedback is welcomed.  

Results - Sy Merrill Invitational Handicap "B" Doubles - June 6th, 2004 - College of Staten Island, S.I., NY   

The second annual Sy Merrill Invitational Doubles were held at the College of Staten Island. Sy Merill was an avid one wall B player who passed away late last May. The finals were played between Steve Kraft/Ray Clark and Jim LoNano/Rob Robertson. The game changed hands numerous times but Ray's off the wall game and right side kill shots and Steve's steadiness and experience proved to much for the new slim looking LoNano and the tenacious Robertson who played hard and lost 25-18.   BY Artie Fuchs 

Preliminary Round
Pete Stefano/Nick Thedarakis d. John Murdoch/Ray Montes 12.
Sal Cataudella/Anthony D'Auria d. Joe Costanzo/Jose Cabaa  10.
Tim O'Sullivan/ Dwayne Sampson d. Steve Rosenberg/ Felix Zilberbrand 13
Jim LoNano/Rob Robertson d. Mike Grabowski/George Hofman 15.
Ray Clark/Steve Kraft d. Jose DeJesus/Stan Zavoyskiy 16.
Vinny Guglietta/Stu Kirzner d. Joe Amacio/Bob Caime 14.
Paul Angel/Max Forcht d. Dan Danilcyzk/Mike Schneider Sr. 4.
Ron Pescatore/Al Weinstein d. Jim Martini/Zev Roberts 12.

Sal Cataudella/Anthony D'Auria d. Pete Stefano/Nick Thedarakis 23.
Jim LoNano/Rob Robertson d. Tim O'Sullivan/Dwayne Sampson 21.
Ray Clark/Steve Kraft d. Vinny Guglietta/Stu Kirzner  19.
Paul Angel/Max Forcht d. Ron Pescatore/Al Weinstein 18.
Jim LoNano/Rob Robertson d. Sal Cataudella/Anthony D'Auria 9.
Ray Clark/Steve Kraft d. Paul Angel/Max Forcht 24

Finals: Ray Clark/Steve Kraft d. Jim LoNano/Rob Robertson 25-18

photo by Ron Pescatore L-R Jim LoNano, Rob Robertson, Steve Kraft and Ray Clark

Results - $1,000 A/B Doubles - Sunday June 6th, 2004 - West 4th St. Courts, W. 4th & 6th Ave., the Village, NYC  In the Finals Dave Rojas and Cesar Sala defeated Herman Mendez and Snuka 21-18  Coordinated by Fred Lynch, West 4th Street Association.

Results - New York State High School Team Championships - May 29-30th, 2004 - Frank D. O'Conner Playground, 78th St.& Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens, NY

*Elmhurst Queens – Memorial Day Weekend*
*New York State High School Championships.*

Another great day for handball with 70 entrants in the New York State High School Championships.
"Rangers won the boys event and the girls from the Bronx won their event".

Jurell Bastidas of Midwood wins the individuals Varsity and Alex Gavryushenko Brooklyn Tech wins the JV. Dawn Lau takes the Varsity Girls.

Victor Lopierre, the junior phoneme gives an explosive performance and proves why he is at the top of the collegiate Pyramid. Perhaps the absence of Paul Angel is why this outcome happened. Michael Schneider always First or second gives a gutsy performance in losing to Victor 21–12. The First two weeks of July are looking very Big for these two
young men.

Although H.S. player and college-bound Richard Barquero does not pull off an upset in the semi-finals of the collegiate division against Michael Schneider, loosing 21-20, He betters the feat in the H.S. division. He beats top High School Star, Jonathan Iglesias, 21-4 and missed Jurell Bastidas by two points, loosing 19-21. In the end,
Jurell Bastidas tops the two players, winning the State individuals and keeping his place at the top of the small ball H.S. Pyramid and giving him overall First Place.


In the girl’s collegiate division, Alethia Mendez and Na Liu finally cross paths and have their long awaited grudge match. Last year, former Jr. National Champ, Alethia Mendez was set to play top H.S. player, Na Liu. Due to an unfortunate injury, Alethia could not play. Na then went on to Win the National Title. Finally, they meet and Alethia Mendez shows Na Liu why she was number one seed last year. Great Game Na! It’s about time I had some competition.

The best part of the day though came at the end of the tournament when Coach and Mentor to the QuJHO Minions, Michael Watson plays Murell (Mini Jurell), Tyree Bastidas for his 13 & under win. It was great to see this interaction and play between the future of handball and Mr. Watson. He has such a way with young people and a gift that many gravitate towards. Not many can say that they have that type of aptitude.

Thanks again to the tournament crew: Kareem, Alethia, and Victor.

Written By: Alethia Mendez


Results - "Woman-Up" Women's Singles - Sunday May 30th, 2004 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

In the Finals it was Karen McConney defeating Veronica Figueroa 25-17.  The tournament coordinators were B & B Brenda Pares and Bernice Torres.

(photo L-R) Brenda Pares, Karen McConney, Veronica Figueroa, and Bernice Torres.

Results - Bucky's Open Doubles - Saturday May 29th, 2004 - Tremont Park, Bronx, NY  In the Finals it was Herman Mendez and Dave Rojas defeating Bucky and Ervin Irizarry.  The upset of the day came in the 1st round when the team from Philly (Wally Amaro & Little Sammy) defeated the NYC dream team (John "Rookie" Wright & Cisco "Bx Monster" Aponte) 21-18. Wally hit a back hand roller to end the game. Cash prizes: 1st place $800 & 2nd place $200     info provided by Mellow

Results - Junior Pyramid (Big Blue) - May 23rd, 2004 - Frank D. O'Conner Playground, 78th St.& Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens, NY   Allan Sanchez manages to win the first Big Blue Junior Pyramid in the collegiate division despite the fine play of veteran youngster, now a young man, Victor Lopierre, after defeating Kareem Wilkerson in the semi-finals. It was a battle to be won and Allan came out on top. It was great to see such a game with such energetic and adept collegiate players. Victors showing gains him the overall lead with both balls.  Also, to my astonishment, two young females other than myself, showed up to the Big Blue Junior Pyramid, Michelle Leon and Rebecca Ang, Michelle being a young age of twelve. Unfortunately, there were not enough girls to play in each division, but this may be the beginning of a new age for young women. These two females, the other being 16, battled against the guys and gave a strong showing. Keep up the good work ladies! In our High School division, there was yet another great finals game between Richard Barquero and Jonathan Iglesias. Richard Barquero really showed his skills on this great day, giving Mr. Iglesias a run for his money. Stunned, the slightly more experienced Jonathan shines through winning 21-20. Who’s the best at crunch time? We’ll see at the next Junior Pyramid To finish off, we had a group, ranging from age eleven to thirteen, to make up the 13 & under division. For some it was their first time. Tyree Bastidas, (or little Jurell as we call him) played to his potential and showed the rest that the Bastidas family doesn’t lose in Elmhurst, Queens, seeing that his older brother Jurell Bastidas, from Midwood H.S. won the first small ball Pyramid game of the year. Tyree won in the finals, being our new 13 & Under Champion! Who will win the battle of the Finest? Who’ll be at the top of the pyramid…    (Special Thanks to our QuJHO Board Members: Victor Lopierre, Alethia Mendez, and Kareem Wilkerson for running the tournament desk.)    Written By: Alethia Mendez

Results - Open Doubles - Sunday May 23rd, 2004 - Knickerbocker Park, Brooklyn, NY   In the Finals it was Emmitt Fitzpatrick and Lefty Henry Santiago defeating Dave Rojas and Herman Mendez 25-18. Coming in 3rd place was Ray Lopez and Willie Polanco.

Results - 2004 PSAL Handball Team Championships - Saturday May 22nd, 2004 - Central Park, Manhattan, NY    Forest Hills defeated Midwood to win the Boys Championship, and Fort Hamilton defeated Boys & Girls to win the Girls Championship.

Results - Long Island Open Doubles - Saturday May 22nd, 2004 - John Burns Park, Massapequa, L.I., NY

photo by Tyrone Snell

The Battle in Massapequa!!! 30 entries, strong competition, and some shock and awe from the NYC players. The sport of Handball is becoming very popular on Long Island, and hopefully will soon spread to other areas out of NYC. The match of the day happened early when Herman Mendez and Dave Rojas played against PeeWee Castro and Willie Polanco. Castro/Polanco jumped out to a big lead....and were cruising to an easy win. Then Mendez/Rojas started playing with a lot of energy and made a miraculous comeback to tie the game at 19-19. Mendez was hitting the ball so hard that it sounded like it was going to explode off the wall. Today belonged to Castro/Polanco. Even when it looked like PeeWee could not get to the ball, he somehow dove and not only picked it up...but rolled it out every time. Willie Polanco played to a higher level...and showed why his lefty skills are in demand by many players. This match alone was worth the trip...and the fans were in awe. Castro/Polanco defeated Mendez/Rojas 21-19 (there was a controversial play to end the match)  Long Island's own Will Garcia also continued his strong playing by capturing 2nd place with his partner John. Will Garcia is also an up and coming young singles phenom. In The Finals Castro/Polanco defeated Garcia/John.  1st place $360, 2nd $120, 3rd $60 The other impressive players were, Rob, Ron, Jose, and Lenny and Partner?   Tournament coordinator was Tyrone Snell - Mr. OOHA.   Please send full results and articles.


USHA Hall of Fame Induction Dinner - Thursday May 20th, 2004 - Honoring Dr. Joel Wisotsky - hosted by the New York Athletic Club "Killers Club" It was a night paying tribute to one of Handball's greatest players. Those who attended were able to mingle with and luckily get some Handball tips from many Hall of Fame players. You can just stand quiet and listen to these players talk about some classic Handball games. Many young players do not realize just how much history the sport of Handball has.

More information and photos

Photo ( L to R- Dr. Joel Wisotsky, Howie Eisenberg, Ruby Obert, Lou Russo, Oscar Obert, and Carl Obert )

photo by Albert Apuzzi


Results - St. Francis Prep wins the 2004 CHSAA Handball Championships, May 17th, 2004 - Marine Park, Brooklyn, NY  It was a cloudy and gloomy day. Nothing much happening at the W5th St handball courts. I was invited to watch some high school players competing for the Catholic High School Athletic Association Championships (CHSAA) at Marine Park in Brooklyn. I was hesitant at first, but I needed my daily dose of handball so I went. Well, I was glad I went. Both the quality of play and the enthusiasm of these young people impressed me. Where sports has become a reflection of society with greed, boorish behavior, and lack of sportsmanship prevalent it was uplifting to see young people playing for the love of the game. St Francis recaptured it's past glory by defeating a game but undermanned Christ the King. Billy O'Donnell, who plays first singles for St Francis, was injured but came down to support his teammates. Watching Billy warm up, with a cast on his left hand, I pictured Willis Reed limping onto the court to rally the Knicks over the Lakers. But safety rules prevented his participation. First singles went to Rich Barquero (SF) over Rich Koster (CTK). Second singles Pete Foglio (SF) defeated Lester Aquilera (CTK). A gutsy Lester injured his right elbow but finished the match. Third singles went to Christian Valcarcel (SF); runner-up Jose Rivera (CTK). First doubles Kenny Maldonado and Daryl Lumaban (SF) defeated Gabriel Figueroa and Joe Abreu (CTK). Second doubles Anthony Pereira and Erica Sztangret (SF) over Jonathan Velez and Kenny Moncada (CTK). That was not a misprint. That was Erica not Eric anchoring the right side. Comparisons to high school phenom Anna Calderon in the 1980s came to mind watching Erica play. Players on both teams were well coached in the fundamentals. There were long sustained rallies, good footwork, and a court sense and strategy that comes with good coaching. Credit goes to St Francis Prep's coach Tony Grimm and assistant Ed O'Donnell and Christ the King coaches Paul Brower. CHSAA Handball League Coordinator, Joe Sciame, presided over the awards ceremony. In any sport the future lies in its young people. Champion players, who leave their imprint on the game would like to feel the game is in good hands. From what I witnessed, the future of handball is bright. Perhaps in this group are some future adult champions. Congratulations to St Francis Prep who won it's second straight Championship and to Christ the King for bringing its defunct team to the Championship Game after only two years back. Saint Francis has not only won two in a row but did it in style by going undefeated  for both seasons. When I go back to the W5th St handball courts, the one thing I'll remember and try to put back in my own game is the simple joy of  hitting the ball. Thanks for the lesson kids. After the victory Tony's players poured Gatorade over his head in appreciation for his hard work and dedication in bringing them to the championship.     Written by Ben Brighton

Results - Wanna B's - "C" Singles & Doubles - Sunday May 16th, 2004 - Frank D. O'Conner Playground, 78th St.& Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens, NY Hosted by EHA and QuJHO. What to do when stupidness runs rampant? 64 players entered the C singles, 64 came to battle and two brought along people who should have stayed home. 18 Teams in the B- Doubles. 100 entries, 85 players 2 events,4 Courts.  Results 38 new members for USHA & QuJHO/EHA. An amazing amount of players combined to create the Largest Local Big Blue tournament held in over ten years. The ages ranged from 13 to 50, the skill level C.  Hearts and minds, guts and Focus.  Rich Fabre proves his way into the B's with a thrilling Victory over Johnathan Villgeros by outlasting all others. Either player could have won and both were extremely tired. Handball booster Adam Gitlitz had a vary strong showing. Long Island Rep Tony Lopilito came down to support showing very smart play. Many of the names here are going to become well known in a few years. The winner of the singles was Rich Fabre over Jonathan Villegos 21-15 Oh, the stupidness you ask? An unfortunate incident happened about haft into the fourth round. Two family members of Players got  into an altercation with each other. Both players were already eliminated by the time of the fight and were in the unfortunate position of having childish family members along for the Day. The incident escalating on the Basketball courts marred what was otherwise a great day for Handball. A stupid  thing started the fight and the day ended with the people involved dealing with the Police. Both players have been banned from future QuJHO events. This cost the Singles event an Hour of Court time and held up the start of the Doubles a similar amount. The Doubles were won with the fabulous run of Emilio Molina and George Barcia from Hoover Park. Defeating Ference Dominguez and Victor LoPierre (21-19)  right after  Allen and Kareem (21-20) to set the stage for a 21-20 Final win. Unfortunately the Doubles games were all rushed due to the lose of court time and I apologize to the players for it. We finished in the Dark. One Last note: It was great to see both Ference and Victor playing in the doubles as they were set to play in the NYAC 4 wall event over the weekend.  The boys were free due to the NYAC's restriction that they could play but could not have their coach with them. The Young men both then declined to participate. Special Thanks go to. Alethia Mendez , Victor LoPierre, Kareem Wilkerson for Running the Desk. All are members of QuJHO's Board.  Info provided by Mike Watson - Tournament coordinator

Results - LTHA "Player Player" Men's "B" Singles - Saturday May 15th, 2004 - Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, NY   In the Finals it was Christian Rivas defeating Pauly Yagual.

Results - Handball Gear Open Doubles - Saturday May 15th, 2004 - Gravesend Park in Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY     In the Finals it was Herman Mendez and Dave Rojas defeating John "Rookie" Wright and Fred Lynch 25-22.

Results - Ace Tour Pro Singles - Saturday May 15th, 2004 - Liberty Park, Jamaica, Queens, NY

In the Finals Satish Jagnandan defeated Robert Sostre 21-4 and 21-4. The upset of the day was Carlos (the giant killer) Lopez defeating Cesar Sala 25-23.    View & Print Full Results     Semi-finals and finals were the best 2 out of 3 twenty one point games with an 11 point tie-breaker. The earlier rounds were one 25 point game.
(Photo L to R Robert Sostre, PeeWee Castro, Satish Jagnandan, and Tournament coordinator Milton Jones)                  Information and Photo by Albert Apuzzi


HandballCity.com is not responsible for tournament cancellations or changes of locations. It is the coordinators responsibility to make sure the information of their events are correct. Any event changes will be updated as soon as possible, so please check the tournament schedule often for updates. Have fun, play Handball.

Results - S.A.H.A. Open Mixed Doubles Tournament - Saturday May 8th, 2004 - Roy Wilkins Park, St. Albans, Queens, NY   This was by far the best tournament of the year, and reminded me why I became interested in the sport of Handball. This tournament had a lot of drama with a King of the Courts atmosphere. You hear mixed doubles and you would think that the male players of each team would attack the female players of the other team. All the women played like superstars, and held there own against the top male players today. The play that said it all was seeing Lefty Lori Acevedo dive cross court and roll out a shot with her opposite hand. Then Jumping off the ground with her elbow bleeding and not even acknowledging her injury. I do not think it was the high prize money, but the competitive nature of all the players that made this a very exciting event. In the Finals it was John "Rookie" Wright and Gladys Miranda vs. Emmitt Fitzpatrick and Tanya Brown. This match was close all the way to the end. Rookie and Emmitt would try to pick on there opponents female partners; but it did not work...They hit key shots to end volleys. So the guys went at each other. Rookie hit a spike shot in the left corner in which Emmitt went diving into the crowd almost threw the fence like a superhero. The score was 24-23 and Rookie went for a game winning killer in which he setup with his deep serve...but he hit it under. It's now Emmitt and Tanya's turn to serve and they score 1 point, then Emmitt went for a game winning killer and hit it under. It was like a replay of Rookie's attempt to win the game. John "Rookie" Wright and Gladys Miranda finally won the 25-24. Trophies & Cash Prizes: 1st place $1,000 Rookie/Gladys, 2nd place $400 Emmitt/Tanya, 3rd place $200 Karen McConney/Giovanni "Lil Rook" Vasquez, 4th place $100 Lori Acevedo/Snuka da "BX Beast"  The Tournament had 16 teams and was coordinated by Dwight Worley President of the St. Albans Handball Assoc.   Please submit Articles and full results of this event.

NEW - Handball website L.T.H.A - Lincoln Terrace Handball Association is an athletic association, which, targets all handball players of the New York City area. Our goal is to teach and encourage an athletic sociable environment that is cost effective and readily accessible. Our long term goals are: 1) To Provide athletic, Charitable, health and educational services. 2 ) To become the largest handball organization in the NYC area. President - Veronica Figueroa, Vice President - Joseph Thompson, and Secretary/Treasurer - George Figueroa   Well Good Luck with your assoc. and keep promoting the sport of One-Wall Handball.

Results - P.O.W.H.A. Fundraiser Open doubles & Beginners Doubles - Saturday May 1st, 2004 - 3rd & Spruce Rec., Reading PA.  It was a beautiful day for handball and the turnout was even better. There were about fifty participants for the beginners and the more experienced players. For the beginners tourney we had about twenty kids ranging from 8 years old (the youngest being my son, Lil Rick) to 17. The kids had a great day and played their hearts out. I decided to have a singles match for them so they could get a feel of the game, which they enjoyed. 1st place went to Chris K.; 2nd place went to Gab D.; and 3rd place went to Daren W.   There were 16 teams in the open doubles match. Games went to 16 and in the trophy rounds games went to 21. Players from Allentown, Philly, NY, and Reading came down to support a great cause. The last game prior to the finals were two teams from Reading that really didn’t want to face each other who were, Kyle A/ Eddie and Richy/Juan. Juan and Eddie were up 13-2, then Kyle and Eddie had an incredible comeback and won 16-14. In the trophy rounds were Kyle/Eddie facing Wally Amaro and Andre Diez. Wally and Dre won 21-14 while Kyle and Eddie took 3rd place. Wally and Dre then faced the undefeated team Jose “Skinny” Perez and Johnny “Billy” Faust. Wally and Dre came away with the match winning 21-17 but had to face Skinny and Billy again-being that they were undefeated-. This game was tight but Billy took charge as he killed the last two shots on the right side winning 21-18. All the games were well match and everyone had fun. There were well over 200 spectators and many of them were in awe by the hustle of the wonderful sport. POWHA raised about $500 and will use this money to make more money in order to repair our courts. Special thanks goes out to Hector “Repoman” Diez @ ABEHA; Sam @ chinosport; Miguel “MigDog” @MDPHA; All the players from A-town, Philly, Reading, Zev and Jimmy from NY; Duane Cecil from Summit Quest; and Many more that helped in this event. One more thing I just had to comment on is: This day is officially dedicated to the players that love this wonderful sport and just wanted to come down and play for competition and for fun.   Info and photos provided by Ricardo Medina - President of  POWHA


May 1st, 2004 USHA Pro-Singles at Coney Island, NY    Full Results, Articles, and Photos!!!

View & Print USHA Pro Handball Rankings (updated for May 2004)

Results - YMCA Pro Singles - May 1st, 2004 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.




Thanks to site director Artie Fuchs.                  
More Info. and Photos coming soon!!!
This tournament ran at a loss of $250-300.


Results - of the First 2004 USHA/QuJHO New York City Junior Pyramid - Saturday April 24th, 2004 -Frank D. O'Conner Playground, 78th St.& Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens, NY

The Largest Junior HANDBALL tournament so Far in NEW YORK 2004
Small Ball Events Total players 45 - one event

Collegiate event (Men) - 11 Players

preliminary round
Miguel Cano def Kamran Syed 21-1, Joseph Gonzalez def Horace Yu 21 – 17,
Genciano Cotter def George 21 – 7

Mike Schneider def Cano 21 -15, Sal Cotticelli Def Kareem Wilkerson
21-8, Paul Angel def Cotter 21-5, Victor LoPierre def Gonzalez 21-7

Schneider def Cotticelli 21-16, Angel Def LoPierre 21-16

Final round
Angel def Schneider 21-12

3rd place LoPierre def Coticelli 21-15
(Womens not held no entry's)

High School Varsity (Boys) – 16 Players

Round of 16
John Iglesias def Henry Chavez 21-2, Pablo Fajardo def Marcello Quiroga 21-12, Sammy Nguyen def Matthew Thomas 21-1, Sherman St John def Fabian
Mendoza 21-0, Stan Zavoyskiy def Anthony Pereira 21-3, Richard Barquero
def Rudy Legros, Anderson Palaez def Jose Delgado 21-12, Jurell Bastidas
def Peter Foglio21-17.

Iglesias Def Fajardo 21-1, St John def Nguyen 21 – 14, Batiste def Palaez 21-9 Zavoyskiy def Barquero 21-9

Iglesias def St John 21-4 , Bastidas def Zavoyskiy 21-7

Bastidas def Iglesias 21-19
3rd place Zavoyskiy def St John 21-16

(Girls) 4 players
Christina Chai def Jennifer Reynoso 21 – 7, Catherine Lam def Mercy
Leviste 21-1

Chai def Lam 21 – 14

3rd place Reynoso def Leviste 21-3
High School Junior Varsity (Boys)– 14 Players

Round of 16
John Amen def Jose Garcia 21-9, Jay Choi def Victor Santana 21 -12,
Michael Amen def Brian Jawahir 21-7, Sebastian Porre def Daniel Stosic
21-15, Chistian Valcarcel def Kelvin Guillen 21 – 14, Gary Chang def
Kevin Franco 21-12

Alex Gavryushenko def Jimmy Chan 21-9, J Amen def Choi 21-7, M Amen def Porre 21-15, Valcarcel def Chang 21-16

J Amen def Gavryushenko 21-8, M Amen def Valcarcel 21-15

J Amen def M Amen 21-3

Third Place Game Not PLAYED

Intermediates were not held due to lack of entrys

Info & photos provided by Mike Watson - tournament coordinator


Buddha Reed, Eddie Petrizzi, Cesar Sala, and Giovanni Vasquez

Results - OOHA A/B Doubles - Saturday April 24th, 2004 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY    The tournament had 16 strong teams with a large crowd of fans in attendance. Buddha Reed and Giovanni "Lil Rookie" Vasquez defeated Eddie Petrizzi and Cesar Sala in the finals 25-20. Buddha and Gio played great throughout beating several strong teams. Buddha hit a slew of rollers, and Gio one of the most improved players stepped up with great support playing today. 

Results - ICHA/USHA High School/College Spring meet - April 17-18th, 2004 - Central Park, NYC    FULL RESULTS

The future of the sport of Handball has a lot to do with New York City's young players. Many of these young players play for High School Handball teams across the city. Lookout for the future King and Queen of the Courts. Who will be the future National Champions? Many of the current Champions started by playing in HS competitions.



For full coverage of New York City High School Handball, please visit the PSAL - Public Schools Athletic League's website

John F. Kennedy Girls Handball Team at Bailey Park, Bronx, NY.

Results - Open Doubles - Sunday April 18th, 2004 - West 4th Street Courts, West 4th/6th Avenue, NYC  In the Finals it was John "Rookie" Wright and Lefty Henry Santiago vs. Herman "El Duro" Mendez and Super Dave Rojas. The Final was not completed due to darkness, so cash prizes were split.

Results - Bucky's "C/D" Singles - Sunday April 18th, 2004 - Tremont Park, Bronx, NY   The winners were 1st place Fonze (BX), 2nd place Brasil (BX), and 3rd place Sal Coticelli (Bklyn) (They must have cancelled the "C/D" tournament??? All of these players are very good "B" players, and you must have no knowledge of the sport of Handball not to realize these players are by far not "C" players. A "C" class player is a beginner and can barely keep the ball on the wall. These players should keep practicing and enter a "B" tournament. HandballCity will no longer promote "C" events).

Results - "B" Pyramid Singles - Saturday April 17th, 2004 - Liberty Park, Jamaica, Queens, NY   With nice weather in the 70's the 1st "B" singles tournament of the year had 16 player entries. The voice of Streetplay discussions the "Magic Man" also participated in the event. Unfortunately he forgot to bring his Magic; as he was defeated in the 1st round by Tony Lopilato from Long Island. In the semi-finals Sean Pearlman defeated Ozzy and Will Garcia defeated Angel Teron. In the Finals Sean Pearlman (Queens) defeated Will Garcia (Long Island) 21-12. Cash prizes were 1st place $150, 2nd $75, 3rd $50, 4th $25  Tournament coordinator: Tyrone Snell OOHA

Sean Pearlman & Will Garcia

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