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Results - Killers of Handball "Open Doubles" Tournament - Photos, Article, and Full Results. 

Results - NYC Mayor's Cup - July 12-13th, 2003 - Orchard Beach, Bronx, NY

Men's Open Singles:
3rd round:
Satish Jagnandan d. Tony Roberts 21-9, 21-12
Cesar Sala d. PeeWee Castro 21-4, 21-16
Joe Kaplan d. Andy Rousseau 21-12, 21-5
Kendell Lewis d. Ed Maisonet (17),21-17, 11-6

Sala d. Jagnandan (15-21), 21-11, 11-2
Kaplan d. Lewis 21-5, (16-21), 11-5

Sala d. Kaplan 11-8 (in tie-breaker)

Men's Open Doubles:
Casto/Durso d. Jagnandan/Lopez 21-11, 21-8
Apuzzi/Polanco d. Roberts/Rousseau 21-20, (9-21), 11-6
Kaplan/Sala d. Maisonet/Rodriguez 21-12, 21-13
Lewis/Sostre d. Irizzary/Wright 21-19, 21-19

Castro/Durso d. Apuzzi/Polanco 21-18, 21-19
Lewis/Sostre d. Kaplan/Sala 21-13, (10-21) 11-7

Castro/Durso d. Lewis/Sostre 10, 14

20030713tracys.jpg (7933 bytes)<Tracy Davis

20030713kapSals.jpg (7643 bytes)<Kaplan & Sala

20030713durswees.jpg (5182 bytes)<Durso & Castro

Women's Open Singles: Tracy Davis d. Theresa McCourt 21-12, 21-13 Men's "B" Singles: Armando Duchese d. Paul Angel 21-17, 21-6 Men's "C" Singles: Phat Kat Soriano d. Hong Qu 21-1, 21-5

More information and photos coming soon!!!

20030706arthur.jpg (12389 bytes) Bucky's 2nd "C/D" Doubles Tournament - July 6th, 2003 - Arthur Park, Bronx, NY

1st place: Scott and Fred, 2nd place: Nelson and Junior, 3rd place: Ben and Jose   

info and photo by Sara

Results - "Killers of Handball" Open Doubles Tournament - Sponsored by SKECHERS - Sunday July 6th, 2003 - 4th Street/4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY Great Handball, nice weather, a BBQ, cold drinks, Free T-shirts and Hats....what else can you ask for at a tournament. The Tournament had 32 doubles teams, with players of all levels. Besides all of the top players present.....there were some surprises, in which you will find out soon. Semi-finals action: John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch defeated Buddha Reed/Eddie Styles 21-19, and in the other Semi-final match it was Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas defeating Buddy Gantt/Emmitt Fitzpatrick 21-6. In the Finals it was Mendez and Rojas winning by forfeit over Rookie/Lynch. Mendez/Rojas were leading 10-8 when it started getting too dark to play. Fred Lynch just could not see the ball anymore and decided to forfeit the match. 1st place Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas received $500 and 2nd Place John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch received $300. The tournament coordinators were Danny and Nick Sanchez. HandballCity.com would like to thank Skechers for their sponsorship of this event, and hopefully more sponsors will get involved in NYC Handball in the future.   Lookout for the "Killers of Handball" page, with full results, articles, and photos of this event Coming Soon!!!

Results - 2003 Bailey Park Pro-Doubles, Bronx, NY - Photos and more info of event

Results - 2003 NYC Big Blue Citywide Handball Tournament - Super Heroes of Handball

Results-Sunnyside Open - June 29th, 2003 - Sunnyside Park, Queens, NY Herman Mendez tops Tyrone Snell 21-18 in the dark, in an unbelievable night game. They finished at 9:18pm with no lights. No one wanted to stop. They wanted to see a win regardless. Every serve there was silence cause no one could make a call of short or long cause you couldn't see it. It was crazy.

Lefty Henry Santiago lost to Herman 21-7 in the quarterfinals. John Necokov who won the SAHA tournament played Christian Rivas who also came in 2nd in that tournament, again first round in Sunnyside. John showed him it was no Fluke winning 21-6. Carlos Davis beat Miller Flores (homepark player) Then Tyrone beat Carlos, then John 21-9. Herman beat Dennis Beadreau also.
Jesus Ayala won the B's over an amazing new kid named Luis Cruz 21-18
    information & photo by Tyrone Snell

2003-Sunnyside.jpg (15137 bytes)
20030629Bailey1s.jpg (14953 bytes) Results-Bailey Park Open Doubles - Sunday June 29th, 2003 - Bailey Park, Bronx, NY

Willie Polanco and PeeWee Castro defeated Satish Jagnandan and Carlos Lopez in the Finals. ( Cash prize's 1st place $400, 2nd place $200 )

More info and photos coming Soon!!!

Results-Bronx Park East "C" Singles - Sunday June 29th, 2003 - Bronx Park East, Bronx, NY

1st place: Anthony, 2nd place: Ardy, 3rd place: Scotty, 4th place: Sara

20030629bxpktournment1.jpg (12963 bytes)
2003citywideAs.jpg (14614 bytes)

quarters: Herman Mendez d. Robert Sostre, Tyrone Snell d. Ray Lopez (didn't show due to an injured hamstring), "Rookie' Wright d. Shaheem Nelson, George Figueroa d. PeeWee Castro
semis: Mendez d. Snell 21-17, Wright d. Figueroa 21-15
finals: Wright d. Mendez 21-11(?)

Results-NYC Big Blue Citywide-Open Singles-June 28th, 2003-Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

The semifinal between Rookie and George was exciting. Rookie jumped out to an 8-0 lead. George made a run of his own and was leading at 14-9 at one point. Rookie took a 18-15 lead. At this point Rookie missed a kill attempt, off George's return of serve. When Rookie noticed George standing in the service box, with his eyeguards atop his head, Rookie insisted that George hadn't been wearing them during the previous rally. The match was delayed while a ruling was made. Rookie won this match 21-15.
More info and photos Coming Soon!!!                    information and photo by Albert Apuzzi

Results- SAHA "B" Singles - June 28th, 2003 - Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, NY    The winners of the St. Albans Handball Association "B" Singles was John Necokov defeating Christian Rivas. 1st place: John Necokov, 2nd Christian Rivas

Bailey Park, Bronx, NY - Men's Pro-Doubles Rescheduled!!! Dear Players, As a result of the rescheduling of the City Wide Big Blue tournament to Saturday, June 28, 2003, the Bailey Avenue Men's Pro Doubles (small ball) will be held on Sunday, June 29, 2003.  This date will allow more players (big blue & small ball) to compete thus enhancing the integrity and prestige of this tournament.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at satishjag@aol.com.Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

The NYC Big Blue Citywide Handball Tournament Finals with be held on Saturday, June 28th at 8:00am at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY Men's Open Singles, Men's Open Doubles, Men's "B" Doubles, and Women's Open Doubles. The News Media was called to cover this event.  info by Tyrone Snell

Results - NYC Big Blue Citywide Handball Tournament - finals - Sunday June 15th, 2003 - Central Park, NYC Players from all over New York City, Long Island, and Philadelphia participated in this huge Handball event. The Event was coordinated by Tyrone Snell and his organization (OOHA) Our Own Handball Association. The Event was sponsored by the (USHA) United States Handball Association, White Castle, and Ridgewood Savings Bank. On Saturday June 14th they held preliminary rounds at 8 park locations in 5 boroughs. The locations were Coney Island and Lincoln Terrace Park in Brooklyn, Van Cortlandt Park and Orchard Beach in the Bronx, Far Rockaway and London Planetree in Queens, Central Park in Manhattan, and Midland Beach in Staten Island. On Sunday June 15th at Central Park the winners from Saturday's Borough Playoffs competed against each other to see who will be crowned NYC's BigBlue Champion's of the city. Due to the rain storm on Saturday many preliminary matches were not completed, and had to be played on Sunday. With so many entries this event could not be completed on Sunday either......and will resume on Sunday June 22nd at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. Results of completed events!!! 2003 Citywide BigBlue

Women's "Open" singles Champion: Taraisha "Tee Tee" Simmons, 2nd place: Karen McConney (final score 21-2)

Women's "B" singles Champion: Lori Acevedo, 2nd place: Tracia Burton (final score 21-1)

Women's "C" singles Champion: Christina Bunch, 2nd place: Quasia Watson (final score 21-11)

Women's "B" doubles Champions: Yvette Amador & Ana ?, 2nd place: Jennifer Peneda & Christina Bunch (21-19)

Men's "B" singles Champion: Wally Amaro (Philly), 2nd place: Christian Rivas (final score 21-8)

Men's "C" singles Champion: Tony "sniper" Santiago, 2nd place: James "Challenger" Gordon (final score 21-15)

More info, articles, and photos coming soon!!! Anyone with photos are welcomed to submit them.

photos by Albert Apuzzi

2003citywide44.jpg (41227 bytes)      nycparkslogo.jpg (7592 bytes)      2003citywide33.jpg (32133 bytes) 2003citywide22.jpg (29607 bytes)      nycparkslogo.jpg (7592 bytes)      2003citywide11.jpg (35510 bytes)

New York City-Wide Start Times - June 14, 2003 Good Luck from HandballCity.com to all participants - Finals Sunday June 15th, 2003 at Central Park, NYC.....be there.

Results - 2003 PSAL Handball Individuals Championship - June 9-10th, 2003 - Central Park, NYC. Top Borough Winners represent their individual schools. The winner of the NYC Boys 2003 Individuals Title was Victor LoPierre of Forest Hills HS. Victor LoPierre defeated Mehdi Majumber of Bowne HS. 21-15. Victor ended the match with a priceless roller, he will be playing next fall at Lake Forest College in Illinois. The winner of the NYC Girls 2003 Individuals Title was Na Lui of Midwood HS. Na Lui defeated Ebony Johnson of Park West HS. 21-8. Lui also is the winner of the PSAL Heisman/Athletic Award and Most Outstanding Female Athlete for 2003. More info here!!!

ACE Pro Singles Handball Tournament - June 8th, 2003

20030608ace.jpg (14836 bytes)

(Herman Mendez and #1 ranked "Rookie", pictured)

#1 Seed and Ranked Players....Win the First Open Singles of The Season.

John “Rookie” Wright battled some tuff opponents to win the first Open Singles of the season. The June 8th ACE Open Singles is the warm up to the Big Blue Citywide on June 14th and 15th and Rookie proved that he is more than ready to take the open singles title. Rookie defeated Herman Mendez Jr in the finals 25-9 in his usual monster form. Herman actually played very well after defeating Christian U. in the semis, Bobby Bird in the qtrs and a dramatic 21-20 third round win over #2 seed Emmitt F. Herman lead Emmitt in that match 4-3, just killing everything. But Emmitt made a commanding come back and was on serve two times with match point but could not close it out. Herman claimed the win 21-20. Rookie defeated Shaheem 21-15 in the semis and actually gave Rookie the toughest match of the day and looked as if he was going to pull it out hitting Rookie with some big angles, but a controversial call caused Shaheem to loose his concentration for a split second and Rookie grabbed a hold of the opportunity and did not look back. But still great playing from Shaheem. Rookie also defeated Tyrone S. in the qtrs and Wally in the second round. Shaheem dismantled Billy the kid 21-12. But congrats to Billy for great play throughout. I give him a few more weeks....by the King of The Courts, look for some more great play from Billy.



Players and The Pro Ranks

26 players pressed their way to Liberty to compete for this title. Due to the rain date of the small ball event at Coney Island, Rob Sostre, Yuber Pee Wee Castro and a few others were already committed to play. But a few other seeds for whatever reason could not make it, but all in all still a good turn out and a great tournament. The ACE Open singles event puts into action the Big Blue Pro Rankings that include all the open players on the circuit. Pro Am (B) players also receive points that go toward the pro am ranks. Pro Am players must play in 4 open events for their pro am points to be converted to ACE pro points. This event is also the opener for pro players to qualify for the ACE season ending championships that will take place in September. The top ranked 8 open players and top 16 Pro am players will compete for top prizes so stay tuned for updates.


The Pro Pyramid is as follows. 1. John (Rookie) Wright, 2. Herman Mendez, 3. Shaheem Nelson, 4. Christian U, 5. Pauly Yagual, 6. Billy Hau, 7. Tyrone Snell, 8. Bobby Bird, 9. Emmitt Fitzpatrick, 10. Carlos Figueroa, 11. Ernest Otero, 12. Carlos D, 13. Lucho, 14. Wally A, 15. John Necokov, 16. Milton Jones.


We congratulate all these players for reaching the June 8th Pro Pyramid. A big thanks to all the players that showed up to play, it was a good tournament and we look forward to the next events. June 28th: SAHA B Singles, June 29th: OOHA Sunnyside Open, July 12th-13th ICHA Mayors Cup

by Milton Jones

ACE Tour Handball.


Results- 53rd USHA National Four-Wall Championships - June 2-8th, 2003 - MAC in East Lansing, Michigan   The Pro Singles winner was John Bike (Hesperia, CA) defeating Tony Healy (Co. Cork, IRE), 20, (20), 3. The Men's Open Singles winner was Ryan Grossenbacher (Portland) defeating NYC one-waller Kendell Lewis, 17, (16), 6. The Men's Open Doubles winners were Norm Dunne/Marcos Chavez (CA) defeating John Bike/Kendell Lewis (CA/NY), 6, 19. The Women's Open Singles winner was Lisa Gilmore (Winnipeg) defeating Fiona Shannon (Belfast, IRE), 13, 9. The Women's Open Doubles winners were Gawley/Gilmore d. Martin/Christoff, 8, 3. For Full Results of this Event visit ushandball.org

PSAL- NYC Public Schools Athletic League - 2003 Borough Winners.     Victor LoPierre Leads Forest Hills to it's first PSAL title with a 3-2 win over John Bowne at the World’s Fair Playground in Queens. Midwood wins the Girls 2003 NYC Team Championship defeating FDR.

Results- Ace Tour Open Singles - Sunday June 8th, 2003 - Liberty Park, Jamaica, NY    This was the first Ace Tour Open Singles held by the new Big Blue Handball organization. The winner was John "Rookie" Wright. The Semi-finals matches were John "Rookie" Wright defeating Shaheem Nelson and Herman Mendez defeating Christian. In the Finals it was John "Rookie" Wright defeating Herman Mendez 25-9.

2003 Butterhup Handicap Doubles and Birthday Celebration - Photos and Article View - Draw Sheet

Results-Butterhup Doubles-Sunday June 8th,2003 Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

20030608ab.jpg (10519 bytes) Photo:Durso, Sala, Jagnandan, and Lopez   information-and-photo by Albert Apuzzi

PRELIMINARY ROUND: Paulie Angel/Kareem Wilkerson d. Adam Zimet Dan Zimet 25-18
QUARTERFINALS: Albert Apuzzi/Willie Polanco d. Angel/Wilkerson 25-18 (gave a 7 point spot), Satish Jagnandan/Carlos Lopez d. Raul Retian/Andy Rousseau 25-9, Joe Durso/Cesar Sala d. Jonathan Lee/Dwayne Sampson 25-19 (gave a 7 point spot), PeeWee Castro/Robert Sostre d. Pete Pelligrini/Al Torres 25-17
SEMIFINALS: Jagnandan/Lopez d. Apuzzi/Polanco 25-15, Durso/Sala d. Castro/Sostre 25-18
FINALS: Durso/Sala d. Jagnandan/Lopez 25-15

Winners split $300, runners-up split $200

The Butterhup Doubles was rained out AGAIN and has been rescheduled for tomorrow Sunday June 8th starting at 10AM.   (Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY)

Results-"We'll Be There" a Tournament for Rhonda -Saturday May 31st, 2003 at Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, NY.  The Men's winners were Joe Thompson & George Figueroa defeating Phat Kat & Jason, the Women's winners were Cinda Yordan & Evette Amador defeating Bernice Torres & Theresa McCourt. 1st and 2nd place winners received trophies.  Check out www.nychandball.com for more information and photos of this event.

PSAL Handball Championships to Resume Friday June 6th, 2003 at World's Fair Playground in Flushing Meadows, NY.   Check out the article from NY Newsday

Results-Sunday June 1st, 2003 The Sy Merrill Memorial Masters Doubles Tournament was held indoors at the College of Staten Island, SI, NY... The finals pitted Artie Fuchs/Mike Grabowski versus Hugo Camacho/Stu Kirzner...The game changed hands numerous times early in the match. However, Grabowski's drives and kill shots to the left corner  and the wily Fuchs consistency proved to much as they won handily 25-12. The remaining results were as follows:
20030601SI.jpg (7521 bytes)

This tournament was played in tribute to Sy Merrill a long time handball player and friend who passed away on Saturday, May 31st.

Written by: Artie Fuchs    photo by Albert Apuzzi

Preliminary Round:
D.Danilcyzk/J.Jacaruso d. A. Grimm/E.Sanders 25-16.
J.Amacio/R.Pescatore d. J. DeAngelis/J.LoNano25-24.
H.Camacho/S.Kirzner d. S.Cautadella/R.Montes25-22.
R.Caime/D.Sampson d. J.Martini/D.Veldeman 25-11.
A.Fuchs/M.Grabowski d. T.O'Sullivan/R.Robertson 25-9. P.Angel/A.D'Auria d. J.Costanzo/R. Frisina 25-19. R.Clark/F.Zilberbrand d.G.Hofman/A.Weinstein 25-10. E.Nadel/F.Rivera d. P.Stefano/T.Vitale 25-17.
D.Danilcyzk/J.Jacaruso d. J.Amacio/R. Pescatore 25-18. H.Camacho/S.Kirzner d. R.Caime/D.Sampson 25--13. A.Fuchs/M.Grabowski d. P.Angel/A.D'Auria 25-2. E.Nadel/F.Rivera d.R.Clark/F.Zilberbrand 25-24.
H.Camacho/S.Kirzner d. D. Danilcyzk/J.Jacaruso 25-14.
A. Fuchs/M.Grabowski d. E. Nadel/F.Rivera 25-9.

20030525Rhonda.jpg (14261 bytes)   photo by Tyrone Snell "We'll Be There" a Tournament for Rhonda -Sunday May 25th, 2003 at Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, NY.  Due to the rain the Tournament will be completed on Saturday May 31st, 2003 The men advanced as far as the quarter's and the women were awaiting one match before the start of the quarters. The Tournament was a success!!! $1500 was raised. Rhonda would like to thank everyone involved. The game of note was Cisco Aponte and Wildman Rick Montalvo defeating PeeWee Castro and Pauly Yagual 21-20, each team served at point game three or more times.  Sydell Smith was also very pleased with the turnout and sportsmanship of all in attendance.

The ACE "B" Pyramid May 17th Results - View the PYRAMID  Please note: The Sunday June 8th ACE Tour Pro Singles Tournament is back on Schedule. Players will receive ACE ranking points for the Big Blue Citywide, SAHA "B" Singles and the OOHA Sunnyside Tournament. Please refer to the ACE Tour  website for updates.  info by Milton Jones

HandballCity.com - listed in "The World's Best Web Sites" ( The Internet Atlas of Web Sites ), a publication by WebBound. May - October 2003 issue, Sports & Recreation / Handball section, Page 544

Results-C & D Bucksters "Doubles" - Sunday May 18th, 2003 - Arther Ave. Park, Bronx, NY - Sponsored by "Movie Cuts" 1st place: Lefty Lori Acevedo and Wild Man Ricky Montalvo, $240 & 6ft tall trophies, 2nd place: China and Mellow, $140 & 5ft tall trophies, and 3rd place: Mario and Ray, $100 & 4ft tall trophies, tourney had 26 teams, nice fans, great BBQ.    Tournament coordinator was Bucky

(photo L to R, 1st place winners Lori & Ricky, the sponsors holding 1st place 6ft trophies, China, Mellow, Ray, and Mario)

05182003.jpg (30415 bytes)

Results - Knickerbocker Park Open & "B" Doubles - May 18th, 2003 - Knickerbocker Park, Brooklyn, NY The winners of the Open Doubles were John "Rookie" Wright and Lefty Henry Santiago defeating Herman Mendez and Dave Rojas 25-24. The winners of the "B" Doubles were Lefty Jose and Jay Yagual defeating Carlos Figueroa and Lucho.

Results of the ICHA/USHA Mayor's Cup Junior Championships - May 17-18th, 2003 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

The 2003 Junior Mayor's Cup winners are:

19 & Under Boys Singles - Final Score: (21-20, 21-18)
First Place Michael Schneider Richmond Hill
Second Place Victor Lopierre Forest Hills
Semi-finalist Adrian Granite Rego Park
Semi-finalist Paul Angel Brooklyn

17 & Under Boys Singles- Final Score: (21-5, 21-0)
First Place Victor Lopierre Forest Hills
Second Place Peter Mark Manhattan
Semi-finalist William O'Donnell Bayside
Semi-finalist Shermund St. John Brooklyn

B Singles - Final Score: (21-16, 21-9)
First Place John Lau Flushing
Second Place Juned Khan Brooklyn
Semi-finalist Patrick Chiu Fresh Meadows
Semi-finalist Vadim Albinsky Brooklyn

15 & Under Boys Singles - Final Score: (21-1, 21-3)
First Place William O'Donnell Forest Hills
Second Place John Roca Brooklyn
Semi-finalist Stan Zavoyskiy Brooklyn
Semi-finalist Kevin Ward Jr. Brooklyn

13 & Under Singles - Final Score: (21-11, 21-13, 11-7)
First Place Michael Tsepukh Brooklyn
Second Place Kevin Ward Jr. Brooklyn

19 & Under Girls Singles - Final Score: (21-14, 21-15)
First Place Na Liu Brooklyn
Second Place Christina Chai Jamaica
Semi-finalist Annie Huang Forest Hills
Semi-finalist Tali Elfassy Forest Hills

19 & Under Girls Doubles - Final Score: (21-12, 21-5)
First Place Tali Elfassy / Lina Teltelbaum Forest Hills
Second Place Annie Huang / Anna Fiero Forest Hills / Brooklyn
Semi-finalist Catherine Lam / Zora Sze Forest Hills

19 & Under B Doubles - Final Score: (21-17)
First Place Patrick Chiu / Vadim Albinsky Fresh Meadows / Brooklyn
Second Place John Lau / Nicky Roman Flushing / Manhattan
Semi-finalist Shermund St. John / Gregory Turner Brooklyn
Semi-finalist Edwin Lee / Larry Tse Brooklyn / Jamaica

17 & Under Girls Singles - Final Score: (21-10, 21-19)
First Place Na Liu Brooklyn
Second Place Quasia Watson Brooklyn
Semi-finalist Christina Chai Jamaica
Semi-finalist Ebony Johnson Brooklyn

17 & Under Girls Doubles - Final Score: (21-16, 21-12)
First Place Alison Williams / Quasia Watson Brooklyn
Second Place Catherine Lam / Zora Sze Fresh Meadows
Semi-finalist Rosemary Cua / Lilly Gao West Hempstead / New York


Results-Ace "B" Singles - May 17th, 2003 - Liberty Park, Queens, NY                                                                     The winner was Pauly Yagual defeating Jaime Rivera in the finals. 1st place: Pauly Yagual, 2nd place: Jaime Rivera More Info. coming soon!!!


Rankings-Juniors (small ball) after 2 events-1. Mike Schneider, 2.Victor LoPierre, 3. Kareem Wilkerson, 4. Paul Angel, 5. Sammy N, 6. Gary Liang, 7. Shermund St John, 8. John Iglesias, 9. Nicky Roman, 10. John Lau, 11. Ronald Flores, 12. Kunal Oak, 13. Jason Ho, 14. Adrian Granite, 15. Gregory Turner, 16. Mike Ortiz, 17. Josue Kure,18. Genciano Clotter, 19. Alex Shvartsband, 20. Alan Sanchez        info by Michael Watson

Results-Handball Gear's 1st A/B Tournament-May 11th,2003-West 4th Street courts, NYC - The winners were Yuber "PeeWee" Castro and Angel "Pebbles" Cintron


Results-QBHA 1st Men's "B" Singles-May 10th,2003-Liberty Park, Jamaica, Queens, NY - Congratulations to Shiraan  who was the winner of this tournament. Shiraan plays at Maple Park, Queens.

QBHA 1st Men's "B" Singles hosted by Vanessa and Veronica. The tournament was a success with 51 participants. Congratulations to Shiraan, David his first tournament, Larry the comeback kid, and Jaime the trooper. Thank you all for participating. 1st place Shiraan (Flushing), 2nd David (Lincoln Terrace), 3rd Larry (West 4th), 4th Jaime Rivera(106 Park)   Games: Shiraan vs. David 21-6, David vs. Larry 21-19, Larry vs. Criston 21-19, Shiraan vs. Jaime 21-11

05102003.jpg (24766 bytes)

wpe282.jpg (5552 bytes)   wpe2.jpg (5953 bytes)     


"We'll Be There" a Tournament for Rhonda -Sunday May 25th, 2003 at Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, NY. Rhonda has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is one of our best Female players of the decade. She is also in financial distress. If you choose to play in this tournament, your entry fee will be used as a donation. Come out and Support her. Start time:12noon Events: Men's A/B Doubles & Women's A/B Doubles, Entry Fee/Donation $20 plus Food, Drink, and Prizes, Trophies will be Awarded. Sign up/pledge will be on site 11:00-12:00 can't be here make a donation to the Breast Cancer Society in Rhonda Burchett's name.
Results-Coney Island Big Blue Doubles-May 10th, 2003 Ray Lopez/Willie Polanco d. Tony Roberts/Cesar Sala 21-20, Ervin Irizarry/Robert Sostre d. PeeWee Castro/Eddie Styles 21-19, Pete Pelligrini/Eddie Petrizzi d. Rico/partner? 21-17, Receiving Bye's were Billy Hau/Cisco Aponte, Dave Lipschutz/Mike Testa, Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas. 2nd round: Lopez/Polanco d. Irizarry/Sostre 21-19, Hau/Aponte d. Pelligrini/Petrizzi 21-14,   Semi-finals: Lopez/Polanco d. Hau/Aponte 21-14, Mendez/Rojas d. Lipschutz/Testa 21-19. The Finals: Mendez/Rojas defeating Lopez/Polanco 21-14. 1st place $320 info by Albert Apuzzi hermdave003.jpg (9872 bytes)
Results-1st ever Long Island "Random Team" Double Elimination, Open Invitational, Doubles Tournament - Sunday May 5th, 2003 - Marjorie Post Park, Massapequa L.I., NY 16 players of all rankings were invited to participate in this event. Just prior to starting time, all 16 names were dropped into a box, shaken (not stirred), and picked one at a time. The 8 random teams were now set. Their usual strategies had to be adjusted now to suit their NEW partners and their unique NEW opponents too. It gets better: They now had to endure the  double elimination format which is proven to show not only who has the best SKILL. But who has the best STAMINA. WINNERS: In the finals, it showed that Willy (red hat) and Bobby (blue hat) had both. Beating Lefty Pete and Rob in the Finals shown here. Lionel and Mick (not pictured) took third. info by Tony   DCP_0223.jpg (49120 bytes)

Results-A/B Doubles Tournament - Sunday May 4th, 2003 - Knickerbocker Park, Brooklyn, NY Herman Mendez and Anthony defeat Eddie Styles and Larry from West 4th Street to claim first place. 1st place. Herman Mendez and Anthony, 2nd place, Eddie Styles and Larry, a beautiful day, a good turnout, a good representation of handball players from Queens, Brooklyn, and the boogie down Bronx, made this tournament very successful. Lefty Henry Santiago gave out good money to 1st and 2nd place, Henry did right by all the players, so definitely play in the rest of his tournaments coming soon. More info when it becomes available. information provided by Eddie Styles

Results-"Buckster's Open" Handball Mania Part 1 - "Battle of the Monsters" at Castle Hill Park/PS 127 - Saturday May 3rd, 2003. 1st round: Lefty Henry Santiago/Eddie Styles d. Mehdi/Johnathen 21-8, Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas d. Luis aka. Lucho/Shieaan 21-7, Robert Sostre/Ervin Irizarry d. Roland Brown/Jerry 21-15, John "Rookie" Wright/John Necokov d. Ardy/Mellow 21-10, Tyrone Snell/Carlos Figueroa d. Lenny/Rock 21-16, Bucky/Ricky Montalvo d. Bernie/Mario 21-13, Cisco Aponte/Billy "the Kid" Hau d. Robert Ortiz/Snukka 21-12, Joey "Spiderman"/Pete d. Izzy Rivera/Kenny Glover 21-16. The 2nd round: Mendez/Rojas d. Santiago/Styles 21-8, Sostre/Irizarry d. Wright/Necokov 21-15, Snell/Figueroa d. Bucky/Montalvo 21-12, Aponte/Hau d. Spider/Pete 21-13. The Semi-Finals: Mendez/Rojas d. Sostre/Irizarry 21-11 and Aponte/Hau d. Snell/Figueroa 21-15. The Finals: Aponte/Hau d. Mendez/Rojas 21-18.   The Highlights: 2nd round action: Bucky/Montalvo had around a 10 point lead on Snell/Figueroa, then Carlos Figueroa got angry and starting powering and killing everything. Carlos Figueroa scored like 10 points in a row himself, and Tyrone Snell followed up with some key shots to take this game away from the hottest doubles team of 2003, Bucky and Wildman Rick. Tyrone was so happy about defeating the Bronx team 21-12 that he did a break dance for the crowed. (it was priceless) Robert Sostre and Ervin Irizzary played their game, and knocked off "Rookie" and John Necokov 21-15. Sostre was hitting cross court angle kills with his left hand at Necokov's corner, and Irizarry played without mistakes. They also took turns on wearing down the players, they went at John early, then hit everything to Rookie, then ended the game at John. The Semi-Finals: Herman Mendez was a "Dragon Slayer" his hands were like magnets today, every shot he touched was a flat line killer. Mendez/Rojas were unstoppable and defeated Sostre/Irizarry 21-11. The other semi-final game was a blow out 21-5.....Aponte/Hau used a full arsenal against Snell/Figueroa, Tyrone Snell did play with a fractured left wrist today, but him and his partner never got going in this game. The finals: Money was on the team that was warmed up, Aponte/Hau had just played their game and Mendez/Rojas were sitting a while as the temperature cooled. Mendez was not on fire like his previous game. This match had lots of action, many killers, and rollers, but Cisco Aponte made 3 diving kills and showed he was destined to win this game. Billy "the Kid" Hau played steady and he was able to move Mendez which left the middle open. Aponte ended the game with a kill shot with his right hand. This was Cisco Aponte's 1st Open Doubles Tournament win. The final score was 21-18. Prize money was 1st Place $400 and 2nd place $150.  The tournament coordinator was Bucky.

Results-Danny's 3rd Annual "B" Doubles Tournament - Sunday April 27th, 2003 - 4th Street & 4th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY   The winners were 1st place Bucky and "Wildman" Ricky Montalvo, and 2nd place Jaime Rivera and Dennis Beadreau, 3rd place Pebbles and BJ Fludd. More Info Coming Soom!!!

Check out the ACE TOUR HANDBALL Newsletter - Volume 2 Issue No. 1 April 2003

Danny's 3rd Annual "B" Doubles Tournament - Saturday April 26th, 2003 - 4th Street & 4th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY Time: 11:00am Start, $15 per person / $30 per team, 1st and 2nd place trophies and CA$H prizes, 3rd place prizes depend on amount of entries. Danny Sanchez - coordinator - Danny would like players to represent their boro's and parks...lets see who's the best. RAIN DATE: SUNDAY APRIL 27TH.

A/B Tournament "Doubles" - Sunday April 27th, 2003 - Knickerbocker Park, Brooklyn, NY   "A" Players $25, "B" Players $15, tournament coordinator Lefty Henry Santiago

Results - A/B Tournament Doubles - Saturday April 19, 2003 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY (OOHA Event) The winners were: 1st place Eddie Styles and Lifeguard Eddie Crespo, 2nd place Herman Mendez and Ernest Otero. Cash prizes 1st place $300, and 2nd place $150, Refs were also paid. Early action was Bucky/Ricky Montalvo d. Dave Rojas/Dennis Beadreau, Herman Mendez/Ernest Otero d. Robert Sostre/Oscar DeJesus, Henry Santiago/Anthony d. Buddy Gantt/Shaheem Nelson, Eddie Styles/Eddie Crespo d. Billy "the kid" Hau/Carlos Figueroa, Styles/Crespo d. Tony Roberts/Paulie Yagual. In the semi-finals Styles/Crespo d. Bucky/Montalvo and Mendez/Otero d. Angel Teron/Cisco Aponte (Angel injured his arm early in the game). In the Finals Styles/Crespo defeated Mendez/Otero 21-14. (The 2 Eddie's were unstoppable today) info by coordinator Tyrone Snell

Results - USHA/Pyramid Junior #1 (small ball) Tournament - April 13th, 2003 - Frank D. O'Conner Playground, 78th St. & Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens NY. The winter was very cold. Nobody could wait for spring to arrive. And what better way to welcome spring than with a great day of handball. On April 13, the first ever USHA one-wall junior pyramid, hosted by the Queens Junior Handball Club, was held in Elmhurst New York. 16 juniors participated in the event. Two of those players were new to the tournament scene. Players would get points awarded to them for passing each round and placing in the top 8. Since this was the first pyramid, no one was seeded. Players picked numbers out of a hat. This gave everyone some exciting games to watch. One of the most exciting of the day pitted Ronald Flores against Nicky Roman. Both players never quit hustling and are great all around players. The game was tight all the way through. Ronald took the lead at 20-19 but failed to close it out. After 5 service changes, Nicky tied the game and hit an incredible serve out of Ronald's reach for the winning point. Another great game had Adrian Granite playing Paul Angel. The last time these two played, Granite was victorious. This time Paul showed why he is a top junior. Angel was able to exploit Granite's weak left hand to take the game 21-15. John Lau rushed back from a 12-0 deficit to beat to Allan Sanchez 21-18. In the quarterfinals, Victor LoPierre was almost upset by rising star Jonathan Iglesias. Iglesias played a strong serve shoot game which worked well against Victor. LoPierre pulled out the 21-19 victory. Paul Angel was jus too much for John Lau as showed by his 21-3 win. Mike Schneider didn't have much difficulty with Shermund St John. St John was only able to tally 7 points against Mike. Nicky Roman had another tough game as he faced Kareem Wilkerson. This time Wilkerson cam out on top 21-19. In the semis Lopierre beat Angel 21-15 and Schneider beat a cramped Wilkerson 21-12. The finals was a great game to watch. Victor took an 8-0 lead only to have Mike come back and take the lead 13-8. At 14-14 Mike broke away and started scoring point after point. Lopierre made it to 19 before hitting the ball out by just a few inches to lose the game. In the consolation Adrian Granite came back from a 17-5 deficit against Ronald Flores. At 17-19 Ronald walked off the court and refused to continue play. Flores was forfeited. Although newcomers Mike ortiz and Josue Kure did not win a single game, they both enjoyed playing in the tournament and are planning to play in all the tournaments ahead. Thanks to all who helped make this tournament a success. Vern and Matt at USHA HQ, Mike Watson and Bob Hickmen.
*Round of 16:* Nicky Roman d. Ronald Flores 20, Kareem Wilkerson d. Gregory Turner 4, Shermund St John d. Mike Ortiz 3, Mike Schneider d. Josue Kure 12, Jonathan Iglesias d. Alex Shvartsband 8, Victor LoPierre d. Genciano Clotter 9, John Lau d. Allan Sanchez 18, Paul Angel d. Adrian Granite 15
*Quarters: *Wilkerson d. Roman 19, Schneider d. St John 7, LoPierre d. Iglesias 19, Angel d. Lau 3
*Semis: *Schneider d. Wilkerson 12, LoPierre d. Angel 15
*Finals: *Schneider d. LoPierre 19
*Consolation Final: *Granite d. Flores 17-19, default

1. Mike Schneider 120
2. Victor LoPierre 65
3. Kareem Wilkerson 30
4. Paul Angel 30
5. Shermund St John 15
6. Jonathan Iglesias 15
7. Nicky Roman 15
8. John Lau 15
9. Adrian Granite 10
10. Ronald Flores 5
11. Gregory Turner
12. Mike Ortiz
13. Josue Kure
14. Genciano Clotter
15. Alex Shvartsband
16. Alan Sanchez

story by Victor LoPierre

Results - 2003 Men's Singles Championships - Sunday April 13th, 2003  (small ball)   PLAYING SITE: Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. This is a USHA sanctioned event!!! Cesar Sala back on top. Cesar Sala defeats Robert Sostre 25-21 to win the YMCA Championship. The road to the finals were, Sala defeating Willie Polanco 25-4 and Sostre defeating National Champion "PeeWee" Castro 25-17. Articles, photos, and full results.     View the Drawsheet.

Results - USHA/Pyramid Junior #1 (small ball) Tournament - April 13th, 2003 - Frank D. O'Conner Playground, 78th St. & Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens NY.   Michael Schneider defeated Victor LoPierre 21-19 in the Finals, the semi-finals were Michael Schneider d. Kareem Wilkerson and Victor LoPierre d. Paul Angel. A total of 16 players participated in the event. 1# Michael Schneider, #2 Victor LoPierre, #3 Kareem Wilkerson, #4 Paul Angel  Coordinator-Michael F. Watson (Queens Junior Handball Club)

Results - "B" Pyramid Singles - April 13th, 2003 - Liberty Park, Jamaica, Queens - OOHA (Our Own Handball Assoc.) Wally from Philly wins over John Necokov 21-20, after John trash talked at point game and lost serve twice. Mellow upset Carlos Figueroa to make it to #3, and Sean Pearlman was fourth losing to Wally in the other semi final. John took out Angel Teron earlier and then beat Mellow to make it to the finals.   info provided by coordinator Tyrone Snell

Results - Ervin's Spring Warm-Ups Doubles "Big Blue Handball Tournament" - Saturday April 12th, 2003 - West 4th Street, The Village, NYC The winners were 1st place Buddha and Eddie Styles, 2nd place Bucky and Ricky Montalvo. The semi-finals were Buddha/Styles defeating Sostre/Irizarry and Bucky/Montalvo defeating "Rookie"/Lynch. More info coming soon!!! 20030412bs.jpg (13721 bytes)

photo by Albert Apuzzi

NEW DATE - 2003 Men's & Women's Singles Championships - Sunday April 13th, 2003  (small ball)   PLAYING SITE: Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. This is a USHA sanctioned event!!! Be ready to play at 10:00am sharp!!! TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Artie Fuchs 718-332-4251 or e-mail artief@ushandball.org

"LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON" at Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY!!! The information that has been gathered so far is that...the lights were shut off due to a request made by the commanding officer of the 50th Pct. There will be a meeting to iron out the final details, the date and location have not been determined as of yet. This meeting will include community board #8, the Police Dept., the Parks Dept., friends of Van Cortlandt Park, and anyone who wants to attend. The goal is to flood the Parks Dept. with complaints to let them know how the community really feels. If you need more information that we cannot provide, please contact Paul Sawyer with Friends of Van Cortlandt Park. (718) 601-1460 Please be professional when making your complaints. The main issue is that the lights in the past would be on until the next morning, which made it possible to play Handball 24hours a day. Now they are being shut off at 12:00 midnight. Here are 2 contacts to voice your opinions to, Bronx - Park Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski (718) 430-1801 EMAIL: dorothy.lewandowski@parks.nyc.gov   and  Van Cortlandt Park Manager Larry Kalman (718) 430-1803    information provided by Serg (concerned Handball player)

Results - West 4th Street - MASTER KILLER "B" PLUS DOUBLES Tournament - Sunday April 6th, 2003 - West 4th Street & 6th Avenue, NYC.  Coordinator: Eric Styles Santiago (Eddie from JHS 111/W.4th) First of all I would like to thank all the players for coming out, I know it was hard considering the weather was Alaska like in the hours preceding the start time. 16 came, 16saw, 1 conquered as Lifeguard Eddie and Paulie upend Bucky the Legend and Wildman Rick to become the master killers,but considering the weather you can accurately refer to them as the master chillers. The day started off brisk to say the least, but as the sun shined closer to the courts, the temperature heated up, so did the action.  The first game saw Lefty Joe from W 4th street make his first appearance in a tournament in years and disappoint he did not.  He teamed up with Paul an up and comer, to take on Anthony and Anthony from 49 park. Joe’s aggressive play as well as his partners enabled them to squeak out a victory over the favored duo of Anthony and Anthony 21-18.  Defense was not the order of the day as teams throughout the day racked up points faster than I could keep track of them. Lifeguard Eddie and Paulie managed to survive all day and the finals was no exception. Bucky kept encouraging Rick all day as rick made shots. Eddie and Paul were stuck at point game for a couple of serves which allowed rick and bucky to mount a furious comeback. Down 20-14 they clawed and scratched their way to 18. Eddie and Paulie seemingly on the verge of a collapse gathered their inner chi power to prevail 21-18.  1st round results.  Eddie-Paulie def Margo-Mel 21-16,Donell-Armando def. John-Eddie 21-16, Lefty Joe-Paul def. Anthony-Anthony 21-18, Anthony-Danny def. Victor-Allen 21-15, Milton-Angel def. Jerry-Don 21-7, Bucky-Rick def. Larry-Phat Kat 21-5, Pebbles-Giovanni def. Jason-Eddie 21-7, Angel-Carlos(Maple Park) def. Wally-Sammy(Philly boys) 21-12. 2nd round results. Eddie-Paulie def. Donell-Armando 21-13, Anthony-Danny(4th avenue,Bklyn) def. Lefty Joe-Paul 21-7, Bucky-Rick def. Angel-Milton 21-13, Angel-Carlos def. Pebbles-Giovanni 21-16. 3rd round results. Eddie-Paulie def. Anthony-Danny Sanchez 21-18, Bucky-Rick def. Angel-Carlos 21-16, Finals. Eddie-Paulie def. Wildman Rick-Bucky 21-18. 1st place- Eddie Crespo-Paulie Yagual, 2nd place. Rick Montalvo-Bucky respectively. Again thanks to all the players, see you on the courts until next time, peace.  Info. by Eddie Styles MORE INFO

Danny's 3rd Annual "B" Doubles Tournament - Saturday April 26th, 2003 - 4th Street & 4th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY Time: 11:00am Start, $15 per person / $30 per team, 1st and 2nd place trophies and CA$H prizes, 3rd place prizes depend on amount of entries. Danny Sanchez - coordinator - Danny would like players to represent their boro's and parks...lets see who's the best.

Results - West 4th Street - MASTER KILLER "B" PLUS DOUBLES Tournament - Sunday April 6th, 2003 - West 4th Street & 6th Avenue, NYC. The winners were: 1st place Paulie Yagual and Lifeguard Eddie Crespo, and coming in 2nd place Bucky and killer Ricky Montalvo. In the finals Yagual/Crespo defeated Bucky/Montalvo 21-18. More info coming soon!!!

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