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Results - A/B Doubles Tournament - Saturday April 10th, 2004 - Knickerbocker Park, Brooklyn, NY     In the finals it was Cisco "BX Monster" Aponte and partner Angel Teron matching up against John "Rookie" Wright and Giovanni "Lil Rook" Vazquez. Cisco playing strong combined with good team work led to there victories. Angel Teron hit a left hand cross court killer to seal the Final game. Aponte/Teron defeated Wright/Vazquez 25-22. 1st place prize $400/trophies, 2nd place $100  Tournament coordinator: Lefty Henry Santiago

A.B.E.H.A. "In Loving Memory of Tito" Handball Tournament - March 28th, 2004 - Jordan Park, Allentown, PA. Results & Photos

Fundraiser to help repair Handball Courts: The Pennsylvania One-Wall Handball Association (P.O.W.H.A.) will be hosting an Open Doubles & Beginner Doubles - Saturday May 1st, 2004 - 3rd & Spruce Rec, located at 3rd and Spruce Streets, Reading, PA., Directions: take 78W to 222S to Reading, PA. Once in Reading stay on 222S which turns into 5th Street, make a right on Spruce Street, then go straight and you will run into the park. (The courts are in the back) There should be balloons and signs. Ricardo Medina Pres. of the P.O.W.H.A. was asked by the President of the Roberto Clemente Foundation to participate in the Inauguration Ceremony by throwing the 1st of 4 tournaments at the park. Besides Handball there will be a Basketball, Softball, and a Dominoes tournament on this day. The Handball tournament is a fundraiser with intensions of repairing the court. There will be 2 Handball tournaments, an Open Doubles and a Beginner Doubles, 1st and 2nd place will receive trophies, 1st place also gets their entry fee back and a free meal. Entry fees are as follows, $15 for experienced players which will begin at 12:00pm and $5 for beginners which will begin at 10:00am. Please support this good cause, players from NY, NJ, CT, PA, etc. are welcomed. All funds collected will go towards the renovation of the courts. Information provided by Rick "Ricochet" Medina (484) 769-5610

Study: Stretching Doesn't Prevent Injuries.

March 14th, 2004 - H.E.S. Pro Doubles Tournament - Full Results, Articles, and Photos!!!

ACE Tour Handball Newsletter Jan/Feb 2004 - Dear Handball Enthusiast, Player, tournament promoter or spectator. Whatever your roll, handball continues to be a growing sport. We here at ATH Handball welcome you to an exciting upcoming season. We encourage your support as we under take new ventures. Please take time to read our newsletter (PDF) as we stay up to date on current handball news and please feel free to submit articles and pictures to get your news out to the handball community. Also please join our email list to receive more handball information, sign up on our website at the link below. Please enquire about our upcoming magazine SERVE. March/April issue coming soon.
Thank you and enjoy the season,
Milton Jones, Pres. ATH Handball, New York

New One-Wall Handball Website - ChinoSport.Net  - Promoting Handball in Pennsylvania. Chino Sport also runs a Handball Youth Program. Look out for the new P.O.W.H.A. Pennsylvania's One-Wall Handball Association. (Philly, Allentown, and Reading, PA) More Information coming soon!!!!

USHA Hall of Fame Induction Dinner - Thursday May 20th, 2004 - Honoring Dr. Joel Wisotsky - hosted by the New York Athletic Club "Killers Club"

Results - HES 1 Wall Doubles - Sunday March 14th, 2004, Brooklyn, NY

Rene Caraballo/Felix Zilberbrand d. Joe Heins/Nick Theodorakis 25-14
Matt Abbatiello/Joe Jacaruso d. Hugo Camacho/Stu Kirzner 25-13
Abbatiello/Jacaruso d. Caraballo/Zilberbrand 25-15


Anna Calderon/Theresa McCourt d. Veronica Figueroa/Melody Ruiz 25-10
Tracy Davis/Sydell Smith d. Barbara Jackson/Dori Ten 25-19
Calderon/McCourt d. Davis/Smith 25-23

Jonathan Lee/Tony Roberts d. Satish Jagnandan/Robert Sostre 25-16
Willie Polanco/Rookie Wright d. Kendell Lewis/Andy Rousseau 25-13
Polanco/Wright d. Lee/Roberts 25-12

Handball on TV - Looks like the Ultimate Handball Showdown will be on Fox Sports New York (FSNY)
The Ultimate Handball Showdown  #1 Sunday March 14, 2004 3:30pm, The Ultimate Handball Showdown #2 Sunday March 21, 2004 3:30pm, check your local listings for time and dates.

Flashback - "Balls To The Wall" Published in Time Out New York, November 12th-19th, 1998

Results - The Ultimate 4 Wall Handball Showdown - Sunday February 22, 2004 - Seattle, Wa. - Paul Brady from Ireland defeats David Chapman. Brady wins $50,000View Draw

Handball Tips: By Tony Lopilato

A common problem we've all had is the consistent inability to get a win with certain partners. It may not be because that partner is bad. He may even be better than you. But no matter, it just seems that you don't play well together.

I've seen it happen to 2 "A" players. They will often loose to 2 lesser skilled players who just seem to play better together. This is why most "A" players prefer singles. It doesn't have to be this way.

Role Playing:

The tip is to decide preferably before starting the game, who will play as the "strong" player. That is, the player who has the right of way to ANY ball in the middle area which he can get. This will avoid confusion and set the strategy up so that both players now know their roles in order to get the win. This may mean that the "strong" player may dominate 50, 60, or 65% of the court OR MORE!

This will now give him the freedom and confidence to position himself for the best possible offensive shot without being unsure if his partner will be jumping in front of him leaving him stuck in the middle and out of position for the opponents prevailing return. Unless and until he fatigues or often gets burned, he keeps this role. The other player now has to show extreme discipline not to cut his partner off and thus sabotage the game plan. The point is you should not be competing with your partner for shots in the middle. It isn't easy, but it works.

The "strong" side player usually, but not always, plays the left side. This is only because more of you are right handed and will have your right hand inside the court on that side. You can switch roles at any time. As you play with this partner for a while, you will fine tune this practice. Eventually, it will happen automatically, without talking about it. You will just see in your partners approach if he is going for the strong role or letting you take control. It is when it gets to this level of non-spoken communication, a GREAT TEAM is created.

Handball Fashion? Stuff Magazine, March 2004 issue. (paid circulation over 1.3 million) Stuff Style section. Title: It must be in the Jeans....These looks from leading denim brands are inspired by the street. And, apparently, by Handball. Pages 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, and 145. Full page photos of men acting like they are playing Handball, holding Big Blue Handballs with a Handball court back drop in the background. They are wearing clothes by these designers...Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's, Diesel, Ecko, Fila, Rockers NYC, Armani Exchange, Aem'Kei, Oakley, Guess, K-Swiss, Akademiks, Lacoste, and Obey. Photographs by Juan Alagrin, Styling by Kelly Rae. This is great, but how about writing an article about the sport of One-Wall Handball. They obviously used NYC Handball to promote their cool clothes. (NYC Handball combined with multi-million dollar fashion companies.) This shows the sport of Handball is very marketable. Please write or call the Editor (Mike Hammer) and submit an article about One-Wall Handball. Stuff, 1040 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018, Tel (212)302-2626, Fax (212)302-2635 Website: StuffMagazine.com

February 2004 OOHA's - Top 10 Big Blue Handball Players - Men's Ranking   and   Women's Ranking

HandballCity.com's Exclusive Interview with Pro Handball player Ervin Irizarry

February 2004 USHA One-Wall Pro Rankings

Mr. OOHA Speaks Out - Tyrone Snell (Our Own Handball Association) talks about last years NY Citywide Tournament.

Great News!!! February 1st, 2004 - As you all may know, a tournament was held at Coney Island in October 2003 for Kavon Lewis (Sydell and Kendell's 3 year old son) who was diagnosed with Liver cancer. Though the weather had already turned cold, with your help we had a really good turn out and raised over $4,000. I am happy to say Sydell and family have informed us that "through the power of prayer and faith, Kavon is now cancer FREE".  It was a very tough battle and the Lewis family will slowly be getting on with their lives. They send a many Thanks for all the support and prayers. Information provided by tournament coordinator Brenda Pares; Brenda also would like to personally thank all who helped and participated and wishes everyone Love, Peace, and Good Health.

The Handball City Chat Room is back by popular demand!!! Open 24 hours a day!!! Discuss Handball live with players and fans from around the world. Scheduled Handball Chat sessions are week days from 12:00-2:00pm eastern time and  week nights from 9:00-11:00pm eastern time. You are also welcomed to set up your own meetings to discuss the future of the sport of Handball. Look out for special appearances by Pro players and T-Shirt Models. If you visit the chat room and no one is there....hang out and stay.....wait for people to show up. Last year players from New York City, Philadelphia, and Ireland were present. More Information here!!!

The 2006 World Handball Championships will be held August 6th-13th, 2006 in Edmonton, Canada  Tell your boss now that you need to take that week off from work.   HandballCity.com fans have informed us that there is no Link to this website in their Handball Links section.....fans...you can email them at info@2006-worlds.ca  

Handball article on "The Villager" website called Handball Hotshot....cool photo of John "Rookie" Wright and John Neckov playing Handball at Carmine Park in the Village, New York City.

Results of the World Handball Championships listed in Sports Illustrated online - scroll down to Handball.

December 14th, 2003 - YMCA National 1-Wall Handball Doubles Championships - Full Results, Articles, and Photos!!!

Results - YMCA National 1-Wall Handball Doubles Championships - Sunday December 14th, 2003 - McBurney YMCA, 125 West 14th Street, NYC 

The original date was snowed out...and although it also snowed today...the tourney was played. For the $5 admission fee you  not only viewed the Pro Tournament...there were complimentary T-Shirts, free open court time after the tournament, and free YMCA day passes. The winners of the Men's Open Doubles were Satish Jagnandan/Robert Sostre defeating Cesar Sala/John "Rookie" Wright 25-19. They played great together, especially since it was their 1st time teaming up. The winners of the Women's Open Doubles were Anna Calderon/Theresa McCourt defeating Brenda Pares/Bernice Torres 25-6. Tournament coordinators were Albert Apuzzi and Karl Muchow   Special thanks to Adam Gruberger - McBurney YMCA Director

More information, articles, and photos coming soon!!!

( L-R Karl Muchow, John Wright, Cesar Sala, Satish Jagnandan, Robert Sostre, and Adam Gruberger )

View Print Men's Drawsheet

View Print Women's Drawsheet

Due to the snowstorm the December 7th, 2003 Men's & Women's National 1 Wall Open Doubles, McBurney YMCA Championship has been rescheduled for Sunday December 14th. The New McBurney YMCA is located at 125 West 14th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues, NYC. Please pass the word along and remind everyone to bring photo ID, a lock and a towel. info provided by Albert Apuzzi

Check out the USHA Referees Guide - produced by Albert Apuzzi   In order to view the guide please download Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 viewer - its FREE   These links are also located in the HandballCity.com Instructional section of the website.

Bailey Park Handball Association Awards Dinner - Coming Soon The awards dinner will be open to the handball community to celebrate the 2003 players accomplishments.  Date and place are still undetermined....more info coming soon!!!

Bailey Handball Association Awards 2003     Bailey Handball Association Awards 2002

BHA Summary 2002-2003                            BHA November 2003 Final Ranking

Bailey Park located at 234th Street & Bailey Avenue, Bronx, NY  info provided by Satish Jagnandan

Handball Article in the New York Daily News about The Obert Brothers - Thursday November 13th, 2003  page 41 in the Big Town Replay section, by David Hinckley

November 2003 USHA 1 Wall Rankings (small ball)

Results - The Stu Ertischek Memorial Invitational Handicap Doubles Tournament, Pro Men's Singles Championships, and Pro Women's Singles Championships - Sunday November 9th, 2003 - H.E.S., Brooklyn, NY

Winners of the Handicap Doubles were: 1st place Rene Caraballo/Felix Zilberbrand, 2nd place Hugo Camacho/ Kareem Wilkerson

Men's Pro winners: 1st place Cesar Sala, 2nd place Andy Rousseau

Women's Pro Winners: 1st place Anna Calderon, 2nd place Brenda Pares

More Info, Articles, Photos, and View & Print Draws


For those who could not make the tournament for "KAVON", and you would like to send a donation. You can send checks to this address: Kavon Mark Lewis, 457 Wyona Street, Brooklyn, NY  11207    Please make a note: all checks should be made out to Sydell Smith, Kavon's mom.  information provided by Brenda Pares        HandballCity.com would like to thank everyone who supported this good cause. 
Results - Our Little Cat in the Hat, is Having a Pick Out of the Hat Tournament - In Honor of KAVON "Big Blue Doubles" - Saturday, October 25th, 2003 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY The Tournament was in honor of "Kavon" Sydell Smith and Kendell Lewis's son, who has been diagnosed with Cancer. Sydell and Kendell are both accomplished Handball players and part of New York City’s close nit Handball scene.

Left to right Bernice Torres, Howie Joyner, Jeff
Davidson, Tony Roberts, Jason Samuels, and Brenda Pares

The tournament was a major success, which raised over $4,000. All entree fees went towards a donation for this good cause, other donations came from spectators and anonymous caring people throughout the city. The event was coordinated by Brenda Pares and Bernice Torres. With successful events like this it shows that the sport of One-Wall Handball is now making a positive impact on our society.

Participants came from all over New York not knowing who they were playing with, because it was not about winning today…it was about doing something good for good people.  “Kavon” who is 3 years old and his family could use support in these rough times. It was a pick your partner out of the hat tournament, with stronger teams giving weaker teams points to make things even. It was a fun tournament where people made new friends and shared lunch on this fall day. Pro players who participated today were National champion Tony Roberts, Coney Island legend Joe Durso, and National doubles champion PeeWee Castro. Some of the match ups were very interesting and competitive, with male and female players ranging from 15-60 years old.

In the finals it was Tony Roberts (Queens) and Jason Samuels (Long Island) vs. Jeff Davidson and Howie Joyner (Brooklyn) This match was very entertaining considering these players never played with each other before. Pro player Tony Roberts and Jason Samuels had their hands full going against the experience of Jeff Davidson and a diving 6’6” Howie Joyner. Jeff and Howie were playing very well taking turns killing the ball. Then Tony Roberts took over and starting making points. This match was close throughout, each hoping to take home the trophies. Tied up at 18-18 it really got interesting, and then at 20-20 Jason hit a killer which gave them the serve. Jason served and Tony Roberts hit a game winning killer in the left corner. Roberts/Samuels defeated Davidson/Joyner 21-20.

Jason Samuels from Long Island decided to enter his 1st tournament after reading the information about “Kavon” on the HandballCity.com website. When he woke up this morning he knew he was supporting a good cause, but picking the National Champion out of the hat, and winning the tournament….now that’s priceless. On a day where the NY Yankees lost the World Series…the sport of Handball shined.

More Photos

One of the great things about sports has nothing to do with winning games, hitting home runs or scoring touchdowns. It's when athletes become people and help those in need. In boxing there is an organization that helps retired fighters in need. Baseball has a similar group to assist old ball players in dire straits.

The handball community is rallying around Sydell and Kendell Lewis. They received the devastating news that there three year old son, Kavon, has cancer. A three year old is not supposed to get sick. The worse thing that should happen is that while playing he falls and a band aid needs to be applied to a scraped knee.

A tournament is being held in Coney Island to raise funds for the Lewis

We may fight and argue on the court for every point but there is a genuine camaraderie off the court. So come to Coney Island on October 25th for a worthy cause. To the Lewis family our prayers and thoughts are with you. To little Kavon, when you get through this ordeal I hope you never need more than a band aid on a skinned knee.  by Benjy

photo by Keith Thode

Our Little Cat in the Hat, is Having a Pick Out of the Hat Tournament - In Honor of KAVON "Big Blue Doubles" - Saturday, October 25th, 2003 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY  9am sharp - $20 fee will be used as a donation, trophies 1st & 2nd place, and food. This Tournament is in honor of "Kavon" Sydell Smith and Kendell Lewis's son, he has been diagnosed with Cancer. Please come and support this good cause, all donations are appreciated.  We know it's short notice but there isn't much time left.  It's getting cold and well you know the rest.  So,  it will be pick your partner out of the hat, (For those of you who were there on the 4th of July, pretty much the same thing)  Everyone should be there by 9 am.  We want to get this going before dark.  Kavon is 3 years old and I do know (times are rough) for our friends who are part of our Handball family so please start spreading the news....We hope to raise a lot of Money. You do not have to play in the tournament to make a donation. Let's help out as much as we can.  If you have any questions, please contact Brenda Pares


Results - Bailey Park "B" Singles (small ball) - Saturday October 18th, 2003 - Bailey Park, Bronx, NY      The tournament was filled with many defaults and a few major upsets, but otherwise it was great action.
If anyone is wondering:
Question:     Why was Milton Jones not seeded number 1?
Answer:       Milton arrived 45 minutes late (without calling anyone), so midway
                   through the first round I added him to the draw.
Question:     Why was Emilio Sierra not seeded?
Answer:       Although, Emilio was punctual, he did not want to play until the
                   tournament commenced.  Since, Emilio traveled such a long way, I
                   decided to honor his request and place him in the draw.
Question:     Who was the most surprising player?
Answer:       Far and away, it has to be Mike Ross.  He beat the number 1 seed,
                   Paul Angel (25-13), then conquered Alvaro Rebaza (25-9), but
                   unfortunately ran out of gas against Carlos Lopez (18-25).  Great Job,
Question:     What was the biggest upset?
Answer:       Carlos Lopez defeating the reigning National B-singles champion (25-
                   15).  Carlos showed why he is one of the best retriever's in the game
                   today by returning 98% of Milton's serves.  This force
d Milton to play  
                   defensively ultimately leading to numerous unforced errors.
In the Finals it was Jesus Ayala defeating Carlos Lopez 25-9. Jesus Ayala was unstoppable today.  His piercing serves cross court and down the right line, placed him in the proper position to shoot to either corners without much discomfort.  Wonderful effort Jesus!!!  info by Satish Jagnandan     View & Print Full Results


Results - One Wall World Handball Championships - October 17-26th, 2003 - Kilkenny City, Ireland  The USA team brought home more one-wall titles on Sunday. Herman Mendez proved the best big-blue player in the world on Sunday when he defeated fellow New Yorker and current USHA national champion Tony Roberts in the title game, 6, 11. Mendez followed that win up with a slam in winning the doubles with Willie Polanco over Tony Roberts and Dave Rojas. Anna Calderon also slammed by winning the singles over Lian Chin and then teaming up with Melody Ruiz to defeat Lian Chin and Na Liu in a tiebreaker. Victor LoPierre won the 19-and-under juniors over Damian Martin. Paul Williams won the Masters singles over John Brennan. Dennis Uffer was the first to repeat from the last World Championships, winning the 50-plus singles over Bob Winter of Australia. Brothers Vern and Chris Roberts won the Masters doubles over Kerry Wilde of Wales and Trevor Deegan of Australia. Na Liu defeated Christina Chai for the 19-and-under title. Other results of the Worlds will be posted on www.handball.ie and www.ushandball.org      Men's Open Singles Draw    Women's Open Singles Draw   Men's Open Doubles Draw    Women's Open Doubles Draw  

"Fire in the Belly" - One Wall World Handball Championship - cool article from the www.anfearrua.com website.

Online Betting...for Handball!!! Place your bets online at PaddyPower.com  - For the 2003 World Handball Championships -  Ireland's Biggest Bookmaker. The odds given on New York City one-wall player Cesar Sala winning the 4 wall world singles is 40-1. Ireland's own Tony Healy the strong favorite.....odds to win 6-1.

Results - Carmine Park "B" Singles - Saturday October 11th, 2003 - Clarkson Street, between Hudson St. & 7th Avenue, NYC      Lifeguard-Eddie Crespo defeated Giovanni "Lil Rookie" Vazquez in the Finals.

Results – Bailey Park Open Singles – Saturday October 11th, 2003 – Bailey Park, Bronx, NY   This was the 1st Open men’s singles since the USHA One-wall Nationals, where Tony Roberts captured his 1st National Championship. Early round action saw Emilio Sierra advancing by defeating the “B” National Champion Milton Jones in a close match 25-22. PeeWee Castro defeated a diving Carlos Lopez 25-16. At one point they were tied 16-16. This match showcased some unique type serves with PeeWee’s controversial power over hand serve to the left side line, and Carlos’s crosscourt underhand serve to the right side line. In the 2nd round Cesar Sala defeated an injured Emilio Sierra 25-8. In an anticipated match PeeWee Castro defeated Pedro Garcia by default. Satish Jagnandan handily defeated Alvaro Rebaza 25-4, and Tony Roberts defeated Albert Apuzzi 25-15. In the semi-finals it was Cesar Sala defeating PeeWee Castro 25-12. Cesar played PeeWee’s tough serves very well, and handed out his own ace serves. Cesar was also hooking the ball very well, which pulled PeeWee off the court several times into the crowed. In the other semi-final game it was Tony Roberts vs. Satish Jagnandan. Satish played not only to win but to send a message to the National Champion, and all who were present today. They had a heated disagreement with each other earlier in the day…..so they were ready to battle it out on the court. Satish Jagnandan had fire in his eyes and zipped Tony Roberts 25-0. The fans were stunned. Satish with home park advantage was smashing the ball all over the court. Tony gave up playing hard after it was 10-0, but showed a lot of heart by not quitting. The finals was set: Cesar Sala who plays at Coney Island, Brooklyn vs. Satish Jagnandan from Bailey Park. Although Cesar defeated Satish in this years Mayors Cup, Satish was the favorite today…Satish has not lost a singles tournament at Bailey Park in over 3 years. Satish opened this match like he did in the semi-finals, with a 17-0 lead. The fans could not believe this, would he leave another top opponent on 0? No, Cesar would not have this; he roared back and scored 10 points. Satish looked tired, but ended a key volley to stop the comeback. Satish Jagnandan defeated Cesar Sala 25-14.  The next event at Bailey Park is on Saturday October 18th, 2003, “B” Men’s Singles small ball Tournament.     View & Print the DRAW -  FULL RESULTS

Results - S.A.H.A. Women's Doubles Tournament - Saturday October 4th, 2003 - Edison Park, Queens, NY    The winners of this double elimination tournament was: 1st place Lefty Lori Acevedo and Maggie Crespo, 2nd place Taraisha "Tee Tee" Simmons and Diane, 3rd place Anna Calderon and Adrian Floyd. 2003's most improved female player Lori Acevedo from Brooklyn showing why she is considered an "A" player. Lori also won the Women's "B" singles at this years Big Blue Citywide Championships, and the Iron Maiden Doubles with Veronica Figueroa. Lori officially received her "A Player Card" this year, and plans to also become a force in the small ball Handball competitions.

Breaking News Release!!! Professional Handball Association - issued by Vern Roberts - President of the USHA  HandballCity.com 1st to get the news.....The Professional Handball Association has been formed "to bring Handball into the homes of the American public and the international community. Letting them discover the perfect sport of handball both intellectually and athletically. Bringing a brand new dimension to men's and women's professional handball." (see www.prohandball.org). First up on the agenda is the qualifier being held at the Big C in Concord, Calif., Dec. 4-7. The qualifiers will join 10 invited pros at the "Ultimate Handball Showdown" at the Washington A.C. in Seattle to compete for $135,000 in prizes -- WOW!        (This is a re-print of the news release that was sent to members of the USHA)

Handball Poem - The Greatest By Steve the Straight  The open doubles final was about to begin Crowd excitement grew by the minute For this year was special – Joe Durso was back With an excellent chance to win it The legendary Durso owns all one-wall records Leaving other “greats” behind He won the open singles 9 times And won 16 times combined Joe’s partner, PeeWee, hard hitting and fast Is an excellent player too It appeared that Joe and PeeWee Were an unbeatable crew But the opponents, Dave and Rookie, were a very strong team With experience and skill They battled and won some very tough matches And emerged atop the hill The bets were down, the match began Joe and PeeWee dominated Before long, game one was history And victory appeared to be fated The second game began much like the first For the other guys, a disaster As the point total surged, Joe’s greatness emerged It was evident who was the master The thunder and lightning followed each mighty blast To applaud Joe’s mighty display His youth was recaptured, the crowd was enraptured The opponents in disarray Then, at score 16-3, and the match almost won Their lead began to erode They could not make a shot, their opponents got hot And it seemed like their team would implode With their lead almost gone, and their victory in doubt The critical point had arrived But Joe switched to the left and asserted command And the insurrection was short-lived As Joe smashed the last killer, the victory was sealed When most other guys would be choking' Joe’s the greatest player who ever lived And his record will never be broken.

Results - West 4th A/B Doubles - October 5th, 2003 - West 4th Street courts, West 4th/6th Avenue, New York City     Oscar and Rookie were victorious. Oscar DeJesus and John "Rookie" Wright squeak by Larry and Dave Rojas 25-23 to capture the A/B Tournament at west 4th street. The biggest upset of the day came when Art and Ralphy beat Eddie Styles and Jason "the whip" Vasquez in the opening round. Giovanni and June played exceptionally well, on a controversial call that may have turned the tide in the game, they lost to Larry and Dave 21-17. Larry and Dave played well all day, beating and surprising many of us at ringside, when they knocked out the team of Fred Lynch and Pee-Wee Castro, in the opening round. I would like to thank all that showed up under pretty cool conditions. Info by Eddie "Styles" Santiago

W5th St Mix & Match Doubles Results-October 4th, 2003
Tournament ball: USHA red label handball
Tournament director: Cesar Sala

Information & Photos by Albert Apuzzi

A one-day event, with cash prizes and partners being picked, EVERY ROUND, out of the hat created an interesting event. It rained on and off
throughout the day forcing much of the quarterfinal action to be played
in a light shower. Luckily the action only need to be stopped once and
the rain held up for the remainder of the day.

Most of the matches were competitive. Drawing of new partners, after each round, was exciting. Spectators enjoyed watching new tandems compete against each other.

In the semis, Sala and Wright were too strong for Jagnandan and Sanchez
while the "sleepers" Angel and Mendez let a 19-7 lead slip away as they
finally fell 25-20 to Polanco and Sierra. In the finals, Sala and Sierra
took a commanding 7-0 lead but eventually fell 25-12 to Polanco and
Willie Polanco/Cesar Sala d. Jonathan Lee/Ed Maisonet 25-19
Peter Garcia/Tony Roberts d. Andy Rousseau/Paul Williams 25-12
Willie Polanco/Willie Sanchez d. PeeWee Castro/Dave Sheldon 25-24
Satish Jagnandan./Cesar Sala d. Pete Pelligrini/Dave Rojas 25-21
Paulie Angel/Herman Mendez d. Albert Apuzzi/Carlos Lopez 25-18
Emilio Sierra/Rookie Wright d. Peter Garcia/Tony Roberts 9-5 by default
Cesar Sala/Rookie Wright d. Satish Jagnandan/Willie Sanchez 25-14
Willie Polanco/Emilio Sierra d. Paulie Angel/Herman Mendez 25-20
Willie Polanco/Rookie Wright d. Cesar Sala/Emilio Sierra 25-12


Results - Q.B.H.A. 1st Annual Men's Open Singles - Saturday September 27th, 2003 - Liberty Park, Jamaica, Queens, NY      "Rookie's" Back on Top - 28 player entries, they looked scared when "Rookie" showed up. Everyone was waiting to see a re-match of the "King of the Courts" where Lefty George Figueroa defeated John "Rookie" Wright...this happened in the 2nd round. Today "Rookie" got his revenge and defeated "King" George Figueroa. In the Finals it was John "Rookie" Wright defeating Herman Mendez 21-18. Rookie was winning 19-10 and Herman went on an 8 point run. The ball hit Herman as it went between his legs, which ended the game. In the semi-finals "Rookie" defeated Tyrone Snell. Tyrone took 3rd place defeating John Necokov 21-11 and Joe Thompson 21-5. Prize money: $300 1st, $150 2nd, $50 3rd, $20 4th place. Tournament coordinators were Vanessa and Veronica, next event at Liberty Park - "B & C" Pyramid Singles will be held on Sunday October 5th at 10:00 weather permitting.          Information & photo provided by Tyrone Snell- OOHA President

Results - OOHA 2K3 Open/B/C/& over 45 Singles - Sunday September 21st, 2003 - Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, NY  The winner of the Open singles was Herman "El Duro" Mendez defeating Supa James Renninger. The "B" Pyramid singles winner was Christian Rivas defeating Jesus Ayala 21-12 in the finals. The winner of the "C" Pyramid singles was Chris Irons.  The "C" Pyramid singles was the most fun event to watch of them all. Rivals "Magic" vs. James "Challenger" Gordon went at it, with James beating his nemesis to make the finals. Chris Irons wins the 1st "C" Pyramid ever over James Gordon 21-17. Chris overcame a close one 21-20 in his 1st round game against Lenny who served 4 times at point game. The next "C" Pyramid will be held on October 5th at Liberty Park. In the over age 45 singles Jeff defeated Pete "Handball Kid" Rivera 21-13 in a rematch of last years finals. Jeff vowed he would be the man this year and Pete vowed a repeat. Other old timers that participated were Joe, Lenny, Tony from Long Island, Frank from 106, Row from Bklyn. Many of them also played in the "B" and "C" class, so everyone played a lot today.  Information provided by Tyrone Snell - Tournament coordinator/OOHA

Results - S.A.H.A. Iron Maiden Women's Doubles - September 20th, 2003 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

The SAHA (St. Albans Handball Association) held their Iron Maiden one-wall handball tournament in Coney Island. Originally entry fees were to be charged and cash was to be awarded. After polling the entrants, Dwight Woorley decided to eliminate the entry fee and give trophies to the top 3 teams. All matches were the best two out of three but 1 game would be played with the big blue and the other with the white ace. Dwight was wise to pronounce on the entry form that this was to be a fun event and it was. The draw was picked out of a hat.

Information and Photo's by Albert Apuzzi

Quarterfinals: Adrian Floyd/Karen McConney d. Anna Calderon/Theresa McCourt (14), 14, 6 Lori Acevedo/Veronica Figueroa d. Alethia
Mendez/Quaisha Watson 6, 2 Brenda Pares, Bernice Torres d. Barbara Canton/Dori Ten 12, (20), 1 and Tracey Davis/Sydell Smith received a bye.
Semifinals: Acevedo/Figueroa d. Floyd/McConney 15, 11 and Pares/Torres d. Davis/Smith 9, (13), 9
Finals: Acevedo/Figueroa d. Pares/Torres 17,15

Make your Reservations Soon!!! Handball World Championships - October 17-26th, 2003 - Ireland   Information on this Event.    New York One-Wall players who will be making the trip to Ireland to compete in the 2003 Worlds are as follows: Tony Roberts, Cesar Sala, David Rojas, Herman Mendez, Willie Polanco, Victor LoPierre, Dennis Uffer, Alethia Mendez, Na Liu, Lian Chin, Christina Chai, Melody Ruiz, and others. Also 4 wall superstar's John Bike and Tony Healy will be playing. Make your reservations now....Handball players and fans from around the world will be present.

2003 Rankings - One-Wall Handball (small ball)   USHA Rankings   and   BPHA Rankings

10 Seconds of Handball on TV - A special series of programming on the Discovery Channel called On The Inside: Maximum Security Prisons. This is a 1 hour program about life in a maximum security prison. There is one 10 second scene in this program which shows 4 prisoners playing a competitive game of doubles. Which brings up the popularity of One-Wall Handball behind bars. There is speculation about the quality of Handball players who play in prisons around the United States. HandballCity.com has interviewed correctional officers who work in New York State prisons; Some of the players in prison would be considered "A" top players and very competitive. They believe this is because they are able to practice so much, and they also have tournaments in prisons which the inmates coordinate. The inmates play for cartons of cigarettes and bragging rights. If anyone has more information about this topic or if you would like to share your own experience with Handball behind bars....please email Jimmy.

Results - Wanna B's -"C" player Singles/Doubles - September 6th, 2003 - Frank O'Conner Playground, 78th Street & Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens, NY     Juan Carlos of Edison Park defeated Paul Colon from the Bronx to win the singles. Emilio and George of Hoover Park defeated Juan Gomez (just back from the Marines) and Victor LoPierre to win the doubles. 16 player entries in the singles and 12 teams in the doubles. Tourney Coordinator was Michael Watson

Results - Long Island Open - September 6th, 2003 - Massapequa Park, LI, NY      The winner of the Long Island Open Singles was John "Rookie" Wright. "Rookie" blew out Christian Rivas 21-6 in the Finals. Christian Rivas made it to the Finals by upsetting Tyrone Snell in the semi-finals. Prizes: 1st place $300, 2nd place $100.

Results - 54th USHA National 3-Wall Nationals - August 30th-September 1st, 2003 - Maumee, Ohio The winner of the Men's Open Singles was Vince Munoz (CA) defeating Sean Lenning (WA) 1, 7. The winners of Open Men's Doubles was Marcos Chavez/Sean Lenning (CA/WA) defeating Adam Szatkowski/Dane Szatkowski (IL) 8, 11. The winner of the Women's Open Singles was Lisa Gilmore (Winnipeg) defeating Jennifer Schmitt (Tucson) 4, 4. The winners of  the Women's Open Doubles was Lisa Gilmore and Rosemary Billini (Can/NY) Congratulations to Sydell Smith (NYC One-Wall Player) for winning the Women's 35-Plus Singles.

2003 USHA One-Wall National Tournament - Full Results, Articles, and Photos

2003 USHA One-Wall Nationals Page 2 - Lot's of Miscellaneous Photos of the Event

2003 USHA One-Wall Nationals Page 3 - Cool Poster size Photo of the winners

Results - Brooklyn vs. Queens Handball Tournament - August 24th, 2003 - Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, NY  It's a different type of Tournament. In this tournament Handball players from Brooklyn and Queens go head to head to represent their boros. The captain of Brooklyn picks who he wants to play for Brooklyn, and the captain of Queens picks who he wants to play for Queens. The games that were played were: 1 men's singles: Lefty George Figueroa (Brooklyn) vs. Shaheem "the Dream" Nelson (Queens), Queens won. 1 women's singles: Taraisha "Tee Tee" Simmons (Brooklyn) vs.  Jennifer Peneda (Queens), Brooklyn won. 2 open men's doubles: Lefty Henry Santiago and Joe Thompson (Brooklyn) vs. Emmitt Fitzpatrick and Kenny Manbahal (Queens), Brooklyn won. Ray Lopez and Willie Polanco (Brooklyn) vs. Herman Mendez and Dave ("B" player Dave)(Queens), Brooklyn won. 2 open women's doubles: Rhonda Burchett and Adrian Floyd (Brooklyn) vs. Gladys Miranda and Cheryl Howard (Queens), Queens won. Lefy Lori Acevedo and Veronica Figueroa (Brooklyn) vs. Karen McConney and Bernice Torres (Queens), Brooklyn won. The winner is the team who wins 4 out of 7 games first. If there was a tie-breaker to be played, they would have played a mixed doubles match. Brooklyn won this tournament 4 games to 2 games.        information provided by Lori Acevedo

USHAlogos.jpg (6492 bytes)

Results - 35 Plus Invitational Masters Doubles - August 23rd, 2003 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Our first annual 35 Plus Invitational Masters Doubles were held at West 5th courts in Coney Island. The finals pitted Sal Cataudella/Joe Kessler versus Elliot Nadel/Steve Rosenberg. Elliot and Steve broke out on top 8-0, however, Sal's terrific gets and Joe's wall game allowed them to quickly tie the score. The game changed hands numerous times and was tied at 18 until Sal and Joe ran six straight points and held on for a tough 25-22 win. Cash Prizes: $240 for first place and $140 for 2nd place
View & Print the Drawsheet

Written by: Artie Fuchs

Preliminary Round
Robert Caime/ Felix Zilberbrand  d. John Alleo /Anthony D'Auria 25-13. Ron Pescatore/ Al Weinstein d. Larry Drago/ Ron Frisina  25-9. Sal Cataudella/Joe Kessler d. Jim Martini / Frank Rivera  25-8.

Quarterfinal Round
Willie Sanchez/ Gabe Vasqez d. Robert Caime/ Felix Zilberbrand 25-13. Elliot Nadel/ Steve Rosenberg d. Dwayne Sampson / Pete Stefano 25-16. Ray Clark/ Dan Danilczyk  d. Ron Pescatore/ Al Weinstein 25-18. Sal Cataudella/ Joe Kessler d. Stu Kirzner / Loe Lomangino 25-23.

Elliot Nadel/Steve Rosenberg d. Willie Sanchez/ Gabe Vasquez 25-17. Sal Cataudella/ Joe Kessler d. Ray Clark/ Dan Danilczyk 25-11.

Finals - Sal Cataudella/Joe Kessler d. Elliot Nadel/Steve Rosenberg 25-22

Results - The Broadway Fun Day Handball Tournament - August 23rd, 2003 - Broadway Park, 45th Ave., Elmhurst, Queens, NY - The Singles had 22 players. Winner of the 15 boys singles was Jose Garcia over Jay Chio 25-22. The Handicap Doubles had 10 Teams entered, and the winners were Richard Garcia and BK over Allen Sanchez and Jay Chio. 25-24. A great day was had by all. The Event was for park players only, and has been held on this weekend for the last 6 years.     info by Michael Watson

Results - Big Blue Open Doubles - August 17th, 2003 - Jordan Park, Allentown, PA   Photos & Results

ACE Tour Handball - Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 10  View & Print the Newsletter

ACE Tour Handball - August 16th, 2003 - Ace Pro Am Singles Pyramid  View & Print the Pyramid

Results - Big Blue Open Doubles - August 17th, 2003 - Jordan Park, Allentown, PA  In the first round one of the best games was between Carlos and Brian from Philly against Martin and Sandy from NYC. Carlos and Brian won 21-20 great game....Second round good game was Ricky Montalvo and Pauly Yagual from West 4th Street, NYC against Emmitt Fitzpatrick and Lefty Henry Santiago. Ricky and Pauly had them 12-2 and lost 21-13. Herman Mendez and Snuka defeated Buddha Read and John Neckov 21-14. In the next round it was John "Rookie" Wright and Fred Lynch against Herman and Snuka....great game...Herman and Rookie were all over the court, killing and spiking everything, everything happened in this game. Herman and Snuka took the match 21-16. In the next match it was Josh and Sam from Philly against Phat Kat and BJ Fludd from NYC.....it was a good game but the more experienced NYC team came up with the win 21-13.....next round Phat Kat and BJ had a bye....in the semi-finals match it was Herman and Snuka vs. Emmitt and Henry this match had a lot of drama. Emmitt and Henry won 21-18. In the Finals it was Phat Kat Soriano and BJ Fludd vs. Emmitt Fitzpatrick and Lefty Henry Santiago. The winners were Emmitt and Henry by the score of 25-12. 1st place $500 and trophies, 2nd place $150 and all participants received very nice T-shirts. Tournament coordinators Harold Morales and Hector Diaz  (Repoman) THANKS TO EVERYONE who came a long way to attend the Allentown Tournament, and special thanks to: Herman/Snuka,Buddha/John,Rookie/Fred, Emmitt/Lefty Henry, Phat Kat/B.J. from NYC, Ricochet and his crew from Reading, Mig Dog and Wally the Philly Squad..John and his Bro from Scranton and everyone else who came down to supported us it was a very good event. 1st Place: Emmitt/Lefty Henry, 2nd Place: Phat Kat/B.J., 3rd Place: Herman/Snuka    Funny play by play of the Event - The results from the Allentown tournament was in the 3rd round Herman (the MONSTER) /(SUPERFLY SNUKA(NYC)def Rookie(Mr.SPIKESTER)/Fred (NYC)21-17 it was a SPIKE-A-THON. (The LION KING)Phat Kat/B.J.(Queens)def Josh(the Green Eyed Monster)/SUPER SAM(PHILLY)21-14,In the semi's Emmitt(the KRUSHER)/(MADDHATTER)Lefty Henry def Herman the MONSTER/SUPERFLY SNUKA 21-18, So in the finals it was Emmitt(the KRUSHER)and (MADDHATTER)Lefty Henry def (the LION KING) PHAT KAT/B.J. 25-12... and thanks again to all who helped and participated in this event...REPO OUT

Results - Briarwood Open - Sunday August 17th, 2003 - Hoover Park, across from Bishop Molloy H.S., Queens, NY. 22 players participated in the Open singles, 16 players participated in the Juniors 17 & under singles. The winner of the Open singles was Darwin Lee defeating Reggie Mckeiver, and the winner of the Junior singles was John Lau defeating Richard Barucaro.   coordinator: Michael Watson

Results - Ace Open Singles - August 16th, 2003 - London Planetree Park, 80th St. & Atlantic Ave., Queens, NY The Tournament winner was Christian Rivas defeating Joe Thompson 21-20 in the Finals.  More info

Results - Lakewood Park Handball Tournament - August 9-10th, 2003 - Waterbury, CT  Photos & Results

Results - Completion of the Citywide Open Doubles Finals - August 9th, 2003 - London Planetree Park, 80th Street & Atlantic Ave., Queens, NY  Ray Lopez/Willie Polanco defeated Emmitt Fitzpatrick/PeeWee Castro, Buddha Read/Carlos Centeno defeated Robert Sostre/Ervin Irizzary. The Semi-Finals: Ray Lopez/Willie Polanco defeated Buddha Read/Carlos Centeno 21-5. George Figueroa/Joe Thompson defeated John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch 21-17. Rookie and Fred were up in this match 12-4, but George and Joe came back to take the game. The Finals: Ray Lopez/Willie Polanco defeated George Figueroa/Joe Thompson 21-9. 1st place received $700, 2nd place $200. The women's open doubles was won by Karen McConney and Cheryl Howard by double default, 2 female teams did not show up until they were already disqualified. 1st place winners received $500.  information provided by Tyrone Snell - president of OOHA

Results - Sandbagger's "B" Singles - August 9th, 2003 - Frank O'Conner Playground, 78th Street & Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens, NY  Roland Brown defeated Reggie McKeiver in the Finals 25-20.

2003 USHA 1-Wall Nationals - Full Results.....Photos coming soon!!! Congratulations to Tony Roberts - winning the Men's Pro singles championship, and Tracey Davis - Winning the Women's Pro singles Championship.

2003 King of the Courts, Queens, NY - Photos and Results

2003 Bailey Park Classic, Bronx, NY  -  Photos and Full Results

An article about Handball in New York Newsday August 3rd, 2003 "One Wall Wonders"

Results - USHA National Three wall Juniors - July 25-27th, 2003 - Venice Beach, CA  New York City one-wall player Victor LoPierre captures the 17 and under title. Sean Lenning wins the 19 and under.

USHA National 1-Wall Championships July 31st -August 3rd, 2003, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Thursday, July 31st Results....more info.

Men’s Pro Singles
First Round: Raul Retian (NY) d. Frank Rivera (NY), 20, 19; Andy Rousseau (NY) d. Keith Vassall (Wheeling, IL), (13), 18, 5; Fred Torres (NY) d. Adam Berwitz (NY), 15, 16.

Round of 16 :Pee Wee Castro (NY) d. Retian, 19, (18), 2; Tony Roberts (NY) d. David Rojas (NY), 13, 7; Satish Jagnandan (NY) d. John Wright (NY), (12), 19, 6; Robert Sostre (NY) d. Jonathan Lee (NY), 18, 12; Cesar Sala (NY), d. Rousseau, 8, 13; Kendell Lewis (NY) d. Willie Polanco (NY), 10, 9; Eddie Maisonet (NY) d. Joe Durso (NY), 14, (18), 3; Joe Kaplan (NY) d. Torres, 6, 14.

Men’s Open Doubles
First Round: Paul Williams/Andy Rousseau (NY) d. Eddie Maisonet/Herman Mendez (NY), 15, 13; David Rojas/John Wright (NY) default; Kendell Lewis/Robert Sostre (NY) default; Satish Jagnandan/Carlos Lopez (NY) d. Pete Pellegrini/Raul Retian (NY), 19, 7; Tony Roberts/Fred Torres (NY) d. Jonathan Lee/Keith Vassall, 18, 13.

B Singles:
First Round: Armando Duchesne (NY) d. Adam Gittlitz (NY), 7, 9; Eliel Torres (NY) d. Kareem Wilkerson (NY), (18), 12, 2; Phat Kat Soriano (NY) d. Abe Mantell (MY), 12, 15; Paul Angel (NY) d. Jose Davila (NY), 8, inj. def.; Victor LoPierre (NY) d. Miguel Maldonado (NY), 7, 5; Dennis Boudereau (NY) d. Gene Geminez (NY), 8, 10; Milton Jones (NY) d. Sal Coticelli (NY), 14, 15; Michael Schneider (NY) d. Vatche Dostoumian (NY), 13, 17.

 USHAlogos.jpg (6492 bytes)

Women’s Open Singles:
First Round: Na Liu (NY) d. Kim Johnson (NY), 5, 5; Sydell Smith (NY) d. Bernice Torres (NY), (16), 15, 6; Veronica Figuroa (NY) d. Alethia Mendez (NY), 4, 5.

C Singles:
First Round: John Roca (NY) d. Miguel Cano (NY), 2, 15; Anthony Grimm (NY) d. Chris Dudin (NY), 10, 9; Larry Tse (NY) d. Dave Gurman (Brentwood, CA), 5, 7; Jason Lee (NY) d. Frankie Rivera (Bayonne, NY), 15, (14), 6; Richard Barquero (NY) d. Kevin Ryan (NY), 16, 11; Leo Dudin (NY) d. Adam Gittlitz (NY), 13, (14), 5; Aaron Rodriguez (NY) d. Paul Crittenden (Staatsburg, NY), 3, 5; Robert Caime (NY) d. Ronald Derrick (NY), 2, 3; Han-Ching Lin (NY) d. Charlie Girkin (Houston), 13, 6; Shermund St. John (NY) d. Carlos Vazquez (Cleveland), 8, 15.
Round of 16: Phat Kat Soriano (NY) d. Roca, 0, 2; Grimm d. Tse, 9, 12; Patrick Chiu (NY) d. Jason Lee, 1, 13; John Iglesias (NY) d. Barquero, 13, 6; Dennis Boudereau (NY) d. L. Dudin, 10, 3; Rodriguez d. Aaron Velez (NY), 20, 15; Lin d. Caime, 3, 10; John Lau (NY) d. St. John, 4, 9.

40 Singles:
First Round: Abe Mantell (NY) d. Joe Brusca (NY), 13, 12; Stu Kirzner (NY) d. Bo Bauer (Dayton, OH), 6, 14; Angel Maldonado (Bergenfield, NJ) d. Phil Simmons (NY), 13, 5; Mike Angley (NY) d. Juan Maldonado (Harrisburg, PA), (16), 12, 1; George Brandeburg (Fishkill, NY) d. Frankie Rivera (Bayonne, NJ), 10, 8.

2003 ICHA Mayor's Cup Tournament - winners and photos

Results - Juniper Valley Park "B" Doubles - July 27th, 2003 - 80th St. & Juniper Blvd. N., Queens, NY  Tournament had a great turn out. It probably was the Tournament of the year, no one would have expected over 32 teams. 34 teams including 3 buy backs. In the semi-finals first bracket Little Carlos Figueroa from Queens and his partner Carlos Centeno defeated Paulie Yagual and Jaime Rivera 21-14. Carlos Figueroa/Carlos Centeno went to the finals. In the second bracket Shiraan and Lucho ( Louis ) from Maple Park defeated Jason Vasquez the Whip and his partner Eddie the Hurricane 21-15. Shiraan and Lucho went to the finals. In the finals...Little Eddie from West 4th St. refed the game. Little Carlos Figueroa had no more juice to end the finals, Carlos was frustrated and trying....but it was impossible for him to take the victory, Shiraan and Lucho had the game in control all the way. Shiraan and Lucho ended the game 21-14 and went home happy with $650 for first place and $250 for Second place. Next tourney if I host it will be $50 per team and the prizes will be bigger, and please guys when I say be on time I mean it, for some that came in late I did charged them late fees....so fellas next be on time. Thank You for coming down and I hope all of you enjoyed the tournament. information provided by Margo Lazaro - Tournament Coordinator

Citywide Big Blue Finals - will be completed on Saturday August 9th, 2003, rain date Aug. 10th at London Planetree Park, 80th Street & Atlantic Ave., Queens, NY  Starting 9:00am Mixed Doubles will follow 12:00pm

USHA National 1-Wall Championships July 31st -August 3rd, 2003 Player Start times Coney Island, Brooklyn,NY

Results - The King of the Courts (Singles) - July 26th, 2003 - Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, NY

King George back on top....puts an end to Rookie's "Shock and Awe"

Lefy George Figueroa defeats last years champ John "Rookie" Wright in the Finals 25-16. Rookie's "Shock and Awe" comes to an end, Rookie left all of his opponents under 6 points all day, until he faced George Figueroa. Unlike the Citywide tournament where Rookie took a huge early lead, this game went back and forth and stayed close. Then Rookie took off his shirt, and finally the crowed started getting loud. Then George took off his hat and threw it....and the crowd really went nuts. They were now ready to do battle. George Figueroa started to take control....with a couple of ace serves to Rookie's left hand, that landed on the side line. Rookie started to look nervous, as George was hitting key shots with his weak hand. Rookie was relying on his power today.....and George...he brought out the whole bag of magic tricks today.

The Tournament was run very well by the St. Albans Handball Association, which was Co Sponsored by Robert Taylor construction.

More info, ranking, and photos coming soon!!!

20030726KingGeorge1.jpg (10672 bytes)

(photo)George Figueroa crowned by Dwight

3rd round action: PeeWee Castro d. Emmitt Fitzpatrick 21-13, Herman Mendez d. Tyrone Snell, Dave Rojas d. Cisco Aponte 21-6, Roland Brown d. Dennis Beadreau, Rookie d. Billy "the kid Hau, George Figueroa d. Shaheem "the dream" Nelson, Ray Lopez d. Willie Polanco, Wally Amaro d. ???. Quarter-finals action:  John "Rookie" Wright d. Roland Brown 21-4, Dave Rojas d. Herman Mendez 21-19, Wally Amaro (Philly) d. PeeWee Castro 21-20, George Figueroa d. Ray Lopez 21-6 Semi-finals: Figueroa d. Amaro 21-6, Wright d. Rojas 21-5 The Finals Figueroa d. Wright 25-16

Results - Jack Lynch's National Capital Tournament Singles/Doubles - July 19-20th, 2003 - Wheaton Regional Park, Wheaton, Maryland. The tournament had 32 players from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Although they papered New York with entry forms, they didn't get a single entry from the Big Apple. Maybe next year. The Tourney did conflict with the Bailey Park handicap event in New York.  Results: Open/Masters Singles:  Dan Zimet d. Alan Frank, 21-8, 21-13. Open/Masters Doubles:   Dan Zimet/Brett Nelson d. Alan Frank/Tony Winter, 21-2, 15-21, 11-4. Golden Singles:  John Egnor d. Dan Ho, 21-9, 21-17. Golden Doubles:  Dan Ramsdell/Tom Howard d. Rick Anderson/Skeeter Blizzard, 21-12, 21-10. Super Singles:  Larry Shankweiler d. Roy Weinstock, 21-8, 21-5. Super Doubles (Round Robin):  Roy Weinstock/Carley Stedman d. Elliott Greenwald/Charlie Tiplitz and Howard Kolodny/Bill Bohr. Diamond Singles:  Larry Shankweiler d. Tony Merlene, 21-2, 21-9. Novice/Junior Singles:  Skeeter Blizzard d. Tom Huntt, 21-14, 17-21, 11-9. Tournament coordinator: Howard Kolodny

Handball players make their case for court improvements....Reading, PA (Reading Eagle Newspaper)   Rick Medina, Reading, PA. (wearing a HandballCity.com T-shirt) wasting no time after receiving the NYC Parks Department plans from HandballCity.com. More individuals like Rick should get more involved in other locations...and help spread the word of our great sport of one-wall Handball. Get courts built, locate sponsors, expose new players, etc. ( Please ignore the tournament dates in this article the reporter made a mistake...the correct tourney dates are listed on HandballCity.com's Tournaments Calendar.)

Results - Bailey Park Classic - July 19-20th, 2003 - Bailey Park, Bronx, NY

Top Pro-Players do battle, singles and doubles....points were spotted to non-open players.

Satish Jagnandan captures his 3rd Bailey Park Classic singles Championship, and for the 3rd year in a row he defeated Kendell Lewis in the Finals. Jagnandan defeated Lewis 25-13. (cash prizes 1st place $500, 2nd place $250)

In the Doubles it was PeeWee Castro and Emilio Sierra defeating Joe Durso and Cesar Sala in the Finals (25-18) (cash prizes 1st $350, 2nd $200) PeeWee Castro is on a roll. Since slamming at the USHA  Nationals last year....he has won the last 3 small ball doubles tournaments with 3 different partners. HandballCity.com has received breaking news that PeeWee will be playing with Joe Durso in the 2003 Nationals. Durso needs one more title win to break the titles record.....and PeeWee is just the person to help him win. PeeWee will be looking to Slam again this year.

The Bailey Park Handball Association provided great hospitality, with free food and drinks for all players. They also had received some sponsorship from RED BULL, free Red Bull energy drinks to all players and spectators. News 12 (the Bronx) interviewed and recorded some of the action, which was aired on News 12 later in the day. A Latin recording artist was also present, she played  the flute while Pete Garcia read a speech in tribute to Marty O'Maly a Bailey Park Player for 40 years who passed away at the courts this spring. Tournament coordinator Pete Garcia.

Photos, Articles, and Full results coming soon!!!!

20030719Satish.jpg (19863 bytes)

Satish Jagnandan wins the men's singles for the 3rd year in a row.

20030720Winnerss.jpg (14898 bytes)

pictured left to right: PeeWee Castro, Emilio Sierra, Pete Garcia, Joe Durso, and Cesar Sala

Women's round robin singles first place $75 and second place $25 (no entry fee was charged)
1. Tracey Davis 3-0
2. Dori Ten 2-1
3. Sydell Smith 1-2
4. Barbara Canton-Jackson 0-3


Results - Master Killer "B" Doubles - Sunday July 20th, 2003 - West 4th Street Courts, W. 4th/6th Avenue, NYC The winners were 1st place: Lifeguard Eddie Crespo & Pauly Yagual, 2nd place: Snuka (Bronx) & Jay Yagual, 3rd place: BJ Fludd & Jason Vasquez (whip) In the Finals: Crespo/P.Yagual defeated Snuka/J. Yagual 21-20. The "opposites only" open doubles did not happen due to the small number of entries. They did play one Opposites only game: John "Rookie" Wright and Lefty Henry Santiago defeated Oscar DeJesus and Lefty Jerry (Bronx) 21-18. More info coming Soon!!!!

Results - "Graduation Day" USHA "B" Singles and Doubles - July 19th, 2003 - Frank D. O'Conner Playground, 78th St. & Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens, NY The winners of the "B" Singles were 1st place: Jesus Ayala, 2nd place: Jaime Rivera. In the Finals Ayala defeated Rivera 21-8. Jesus Ayala's path to victory: he defeated Lifeguard Eddie Crespo 21-13, Jason Parks 21-8, and John Necov in the Semi's 21-17. Jaime Rivera got to the Finals by defeating: Chris Irons 21-4, Christian Rivas 21-20, Dennis Beadreau 21-8. The winners of the "B" Doubles were Jaime Rivera and Pauly Yagual beat Mario and Victor LoPierre 21-17 and then defeated Dennis Beadreau and urkle in the last game. Cash Prizes were handed out and Food given to the players. Tournament coordinator: Michael Watson - Elmhurst Handball Club

Results - QBHA Open Diva Women's Singles - July 19th, 2003 - Liberty Park, Jamaica, Queens, NY The winners were 1st place: Taraisha "Tee Tee" Simmons, 2nd place: Brenda Pares, 3rd place: Veronica Figueroa, 4th place: Erica Cane 5th place: Gladys Miranda. Semi-finals: Brenda Pares defeated Veronica figueroa 21-10. In the Finals it was "TeeTee" defeating Brenda Pares 21-8. View action clip of TeeTee Cash prizes and trophies (1st $300, 2nd $150) Tournament Coordinators: Vanessa and Veronica

Results - Wildman Rick's 1st Open Doubles - July 19th, 2003 - Arthur Park, 176th St./Arthur Ave., Bronx, NY Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, Free T-Shirts and food for all players. Sponsored by: Brook Medical Plaza The winners were 1st place: Herman Mendez & Dave Rojas, 2nd place: Lefty Henry Santiago & Buddy Gantt, 3rd place: Oscar DeJesus & Ernest Otero. The Semi-Finals: Mendez/Rojas defeated Billy "the kid" Hau/Cisco Aponte 21-10 and in the other semi-final match it was Santiago/Gantt defeating DeJesus/Otero 21-13. In the Finals it was Mendez/Rojas defeating Santiago/Gantt 25-14. Tournament coordinator: Wildman Rick Montalvo

Results - USHA National Junior Championships - June 21-22nd, 2003 -  Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY.

The 2003 1 Wall Junior Nationals Tournament Winners are:

19 & Under Boys Singles - Final Score: (21-13, 21-11, 11-4)
First Place: Michael Schneider - Richmond Hill
Second Place: Paul Angel-Brooklyn
Semi Final: Nicky Roman- Manhattan
Semi Final: Victor Lopierre -Forest Hills

17 & Under Boys Singles- Final Score: (21-3, 21-6)
First Place: Victor Lopierre -Forest Hills
Second Place: William O’Donnell-Bayside
Semi Final: Jonathan Iglesias -Elmhurst
Semi Final: John Lau -Flushing

Contenders – Final Score: (21-20, 21-13)
First Place: Richard Barquero-Jackson Heights
Second Place: Lorent Santos-Brooklyn
Semi Final: Brett Arsenault-Daytona Beach
Semi Final: Miguel Cano-Jackson Heights

15 & Under Boys Singles - Final Score: (21-5, 21-5)
First Place: William O’Donnell-Forest Hills
Second Place: Stan Zavoyskiy-Brooklyn
Semi Final: Josue Kure-New York
Semi Final: John Roca-Brooklyn

13 & Under Singles - Final Score: (21-9, 21-17)
First Place: Jay Choi-Elmhurst
Second Place: Kevin Ward Jr.-Brooklyn
Semi Final: Nick Garvey-Brooklyn
Semi Final: Ugene Turgil-Staten Island

19 & Under Girls Singles - Final Score: (21-5, 21-9)
First Place: Na Liu - Brooklyn
Second Place: Sonya Marcus -Forest Hills
Semi Final: Tali Elfassy- Forest Hills
Semi Final: Alethia Mendez -Sunnyside

17 & Under Girls Singles - Final Score: (Default)
First Place: Na Liu -Brooklyn
Second Place: Christina Chai-Jamaica
Semi-final: Zora Sze-Fresh Meadows
Semi-final: Catherine Lam-Fresh Meadows

19 & Under Girls Doubles – Final Score: (21-17, 21-15, 11-7)
First Place: Tali Elfassy/Sonya Marcus- Forest Hills
Second Place: Zora Sze/Catherine Lam -Fresh Meadows
Semi Final: Rosemary Cua/Christina Chai -W. Hempstead/Jamaica
Semi Final: Bernadette Cruz/Alethia Mendez -Bayside/Sunnyside

19 & Under Boys Doubles - Final Score: (21-13, 21-16, 11-4)
First Place: Paul Angel/MichaelSchneider- Brooklyn/Forest Hills
Second Place: Adrian Granite/Nicky Roman-Rego Park/Manhattan
Semi Final: Ivan Wong/Marco Xiang-Little Neck/Brooklyn
Semi Final: William O’Donnell/Lorent Santos-Forest Hills/Brooklyn

17 & Under Boys Doubles - Final Score: (21-7, 21-9)
First Place: John Lau/Jonathan Iglesias -Flushing/Elmhurst
Second Place: Miguel Cano/Richard Barquero -Jackson Heights
Semi Final: John Westbay/Nick Garvey -Brooklyn
Semi Final: Kevin Ward Jr./John Roca -Brooklyn

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