January 13th,  2008
New Feature - HandballCity Discussion Boards - You are welcomed to post Handball information, Feedback about the HandballCity members website, and upcoming tournaments. Now you can stay logged in HandballCity throughout the day...instead of posting on other discussion boards. You must sign up for this service separately...it is FREE. You can also find the link on the members website. Since we are in the Holiday Season we launched it with a Holiday theme.
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December 10th,  2007
RAY was phenomenal and probably has not played this good since he won the citywide 7 or eight years ago. He ran the last four or five points by himself rolling the ball out four or five in a row. Rookie's power could not stop Ray nor DAVE today who also played phenomenal but it was all RAY playing the left. The final game took maybe 15, 20 mins tops. I believe final score was 25-8. Ray was on another planet today.
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November 30th,  2007
HandballCity will be asking for a donation of $10 per event...to have your tournament listed on the 2007 schedule. All proceeds will go to promoting the sport of Handball, and to help with costs of the NEW MEMBERS WEBSITE. Your support is much appreciated. Handball City has promoted over 400 Tournaments over the last couple of years...at no charge. Also promoted fundraisers for people in need. Now the tournament coordinators can show their support for the sport of Handball by helping Handball City at this time. More information will be available soon. Thanks in advance for your support.
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The third time was the charm for Jonathan Iglesias. Jonathan has been competing in the 19 and under for 3 years and this year not only made it to the championships but slammed in both the singles and the doubles. After pulling away from his regular partner Ron Flores in the singles finals Jonathan and partner Jurell Bastidas defeated Flores and his new partner Anderson Pelaez. Game one was very tight with Flores and Pelaez serving at 19-17. However
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1. Satish Jagnandan
2. John "Rookie" Wright
3. PeeWee Castro
4. Robert Sostre
5. Milton Jones
6. Stan Zavoyskiy
7. Alvaro Rebaza
8. Cesar Sala
9. Tony Roberts
10. Willie Polanco
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1. Brenda Pares
2. Tracy Davis
3. Theresa McCourt
4. Lori Acevedo
5. Dori Ten
6. Anna Calderon
7. Bernice Torres
8. Quasia Watson
9. Karen McConney
10. Alethia Mendez
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1. Pee Wee Castro
2. John “Rookie” Wright
3. Cesar Sala
4. Tony Roberts
5. David Rojas
6. Robert Sostre
7. Albert Apuzzi
8. Victor LoPierre
9. Willie Polanco
10. Michael Schneider
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New - HandballCity Presents HandballSpace.com "a new Social Network for the sport of Handball"-NYC News, "Social Networking at it's best"-Internet Times, "Connect with other Handball Fanatics 24/7"-Streetsport Times. Members are able to upload photos and create profiles of themselves. Members also have their own Blogs that they can share information about themselves...and the ability to post comments on other members pages. Make friends with Handball players from around the world. The largest selection of Handball Videos...
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From the beginning “Rookie” seemed in control. Cesar’s shot selection early seemed to be the problem, several missed punch shots cannot happen early against a player like “Rookie”. Although Cesar made up for his mistakes by tracking down nearly impossible balls…”Rookie” was waiting for the ball to come back to the wall…so he can “CRUSH IT”. The match went back in forth with lots of dives and kill shots. In the Finals it was a rematch of this year’s 2004 USHA One-Wall Nationals. 
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HandballCity.com goes corporate!! HandballCity is now a division of Handball Innovations, LLC. Handball Innovations will be taking the sport of Handball to new levels in the future.  "Handball Innovations"TM is comprised of several divisions. The "National Handball Association" TM- Pro one-wall Handball, "Xtreme Handball"TM- Pumped up Big Blue Handball league, "Monsters of Handball"TM-video game/comic book, "Handball City"TM- Media outlet with 20,000 visitors a month, "HBC" -clothing, video, photos, cool Handball products.
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